1 LP

Label: SLA 00006  Rodan Records BBR 006
Country: USA
Released: 1979
Recorded: Budokan Hall, Tokyo  Japan  May 1st. 1975.  
Sound: Good audience recording.
Cover: Carton cover.
Comments:  Copy of a Japanese bootleg. A bit loss in the sound quality.
Also available as insert version. Not sure if pressed at the same time as the cover version. Insert has same look as cover version. But the cover version has NO "BBR Snake" on the cover.
But, cover with "BRR 006 Snake" printed, might excist.

'Shag Out' is listed as a track before 'Hangman', but this is just a intro to 'Hangman'. 
'Hangman' is a un-released QUEEN song. So far, only available as a live track on bootleg records.
You can get this concert complete on a 2CD called 'First Live Attack', and other titles to. CD versions has better quality. A good one is 'Young Nobles Of Rock' 2CD.
But a lot of bootlegs has been released with this concert over the years.
Roots:  "Kimono My Place Live" 1LP (MARC-TQ 75122 ) 

Front cover

 Intro: Procession  (tape)
 Now I'm Here
 Great King Rat
 Killer Queen
 Seven Seas Of Rhye 
 In The Lap Of The Gods....revisited
 See What A Fool I've Been
 God Save The Queen......

    Insert version, I'm not sure when released. Various labels. Various label versions are used on insert pressings over the years.

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Info from Karl G.
Copies with Rodan logo only are most probably Vicki Vinyl pressings. The people behind BRR were the same as behind K&S and Hot Wacks and connected to Vicki Vinyl.

Back cover