1 LP

Label: TMOQ Europe.
Country: Spain.
Released: September 2020. (Might be August).
Recorded: BBC radio session 1974 & 1977.
Sound: Very good ~  excellent studio recordings.
Cover: Black & white insert.
Comments:  Spanish bootleg with b/w insert. Pressed on splatted vinyl.
"Get Down Make Love" is listed after "It's Late", but this is only some vocal bits from Freddie.

Insert sleeve say's limited to 100 copies. Seems to be numbered.
This label has made this recording on other vinyl pressing's to. So to me, it's just another pressing with a new title & sleeve + another color vinyl.
Made out to make money.
Beware that Queen Production has released all 6 BBC session Queen has done, on a 2cd & 3 LP in 2016.
I will recommended the officially release, instead of all this bootlegs of the BBC recordings.
Roots: BBC radio session 1974 & 1977.
All 6 BBC session's Queen did, was released officially on 2 cd's & 3lp vinyl discs on November 2016.

Front cover

 Now I'm Here
 Stone Cold Crazy
 Flick Of The Wrist
 Tenement Funster

 Spread Your Wings
 It's Late
 My Melancholy Blues
 We Will Rock You  (slow) ~
 We Will Rock You  (fast)

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Back cover

Splatted vinyl disc.