TOKYO 1985 
The Classic Japanese Broadcast  Volume One

  2 LP

Label: Round Records 3
Country: Europe.
Released: April 12th 2023.
Recorded: Tokyo, Japan  May 1985. Probably May 11th.
Sound: Excellent professional recording, from officially released DVD/ Blu-Ray in Japan only.
Cover: Color cover.
Comments:  This concert was professional recorded & filmed. Officially released in Japan ONLY.
Released first on VHS tape, and later on laser disc and DVD + Blu-Ray in later years. NO vinyl or CD release was done. It was also radio broadcasted on a radio station. Not direct I think.
I will guess this vinyl 2lp contains sound from the later DVD/ Blu-Ray release.
This 2LP includes the first half of the concert. Sale price when new was UK 20,83

Released on RED vinyl. Limited edition.

Front cover
 Intro: Machines (Back To Humans)  (tape) ~
 Tear It Up  (3:55)
 Tie Your Mother Down  (3:33)
 Under Pressure  (3:35)

 Somebody To Love  (4:13)
 Killer Queen  (2:08)
 Seven Seas Of Rhye  (1:12)
 Keep Yourself Alive  (2:38)
  SIDE 3
 Liar  ~
 Instrumental Jam  (2:51)
 It's A Hard Life  (8:38)
 Impromptu Sing Along  (1:48)
  SIDE 4
 Dragon Attack  (4:01)
 Now I'm Here  (4:18)
 Is This The World We Created ?  (4:17)
 Love Of My Life  (4:38)

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Back cover