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Label: -Not On Label-
Country: Europe
Released: April 2014
Recorded: 1971 demos
Sound: Excellent stereo studio recordings.
Cover: Color cover.
Comments:  A cheap vinyl release of well known track. I'm not sure from which previously released cd's the demos are taken from. I'll guess from the officially 2011, 're-released' back catalogue of all Queen studio with bonus cd with bonus tracks. 
QUEEN I bonus disc included this great first QUEEN demos + "Mad The Swine", which is an old un-released track (until it saw daylight as the b-side on the "Headlong" single in '91).
Track 'Great King Rat' on side two, is listed as Preliminary Mix (5:42), what that suppose to be?.
All in all, you can call this a pirate LP. All tracks available on officially records.
Roots: Other cd's.

Front cover

 Keep Yourself Alive  (demo '71)
 The Night Comes Down  (demo '71)
 Great King Rat  (demo '71)
 Jesus  (demo '71)

 Liar  (demo '71)
 Great King Rat  ( mix)
 Mad The Swine  (b-side of '91 single)
 Liar  (Hollywood Records remix)

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Back cover