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Label: -Not On Label-
Country: Europe
Released: April 2014
Recorded: 1971 demos
Sound: Excellent stereo studio recordings.
Cover: Color cover.
Comments:  A bit rare LP, which contains a collection of well known track from Queen's early sessions, when they work on their first album.
I'm not sure from which previously released cd's the demos these tracks are taken from. I'll guess from the officially 2011, 're-released' back catalogue of all Queen studio albums with bonus cd, with bonus tracks. But not sure yet.

QUEEN I (re-released in 2011) bonus cd included this great first QUEEN demos + "Mad The Swine", which is an old un-released track, until it saw daylight on the b-side of the "Headlong" single in '91.
The track 'Great King Rat' on side two, is listed as Preliminary Mix (5:42), what that suppose to be?. This version might not be on a officially record.
This LP has sticker telling limited release of 150 numbered copies on BLUE virgin vinyl. I guess available on other color vinyl's to.

All in all, you can call this a pirate LP. All tracks available on officially records.
Roots: Other cd's. The demos are might been taken from the bonus CD with the re-release of Queen's catalogue in 2011 on Island records. Bonus cd with the first album QUEEN.

Front cover

 Keep Yourself Alive  (demo '71)
 The Night Comes Down  (demo '71)
 Great King Rat  (demo '71)
 Jesus  (demo '71)

 Liar  (demo '71)
 Great King Rat  ( mix)
 Mad The Swine  (b-side of '91 single)
 Liar  (Hollywood Records remix)

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Back cover