1 LP

Label: Miles Away Records MAR 002
Country: Italy, I think.
Released: October 2019.
Recorded: Uris Theater, New York City, New York, USA  May 7th. 1974.
Sound: Audience recording.
Cover: Insert front cover.
Comments:  I've been told this is a Italian production.
Recording might be taken from 'Dear Friend Goodbye' 1LP.
I have a strong suspicion that this is a 'recordable' vinyl production. Technology over the years, has now make it possible to buy a recordable vinyl recorder. They are still expensive machines, but in the last years, I have come over handful of these 'recordable' vinyl Queen 'bootlegs'.
It works like a cassette recording. You make, or cut out an LP, at the same speed as you play the tape.
I will believe not so many copies made out.
Front insert cover included. Look's like a bootleg made in the seventies, but made around 2019 I guess.

A friend of me have this LP, and I took photos of the cover and label/ disc.
Roots: I guess 'Dear Friend Goodbye'

Insert cover
 Intro: Procession  (tape)
 Father To Son
 Ogre Battle
 Son And Daughter

 Keep Yourself Alive
 Modern Times Rock'n Roll

 Medley: Big Spender ~
                 Jailhouse Rock ~
                 Stupid Cupid ~
                 Be Bop A Lula

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