WE WILL ROCK RIO  The Legendary Broadcasts

 4 CD

Label: Coda Records
Country: Europe
Released: December 2017
Recorded: CD 1: Rio 12th January 1985. Sound from officially VHS video.
CD 2: Houston, Texas USA 11th December 1977. (Queen convention video)
CD 3:
Buenos Aires, Argentina 28th February 1981. (Television broadcast)
CD 4: Morumbi Stadium, São Paulo, Brazil 20th March 1981. (TV broadcast)
Sound: Pro-recording from video or television broadcasts.
Comments:  This is a collection of pro-recording taken from professional filmed concerts.
All of this shows has been previously released on bootlegs in many titles and formats. DVD's, cd's and vinyl bootlegs.
Well, Houston are not yet on vinyl as far as I know.
All shows on this 4cd bootleg, are incomplete shows. Anyway a bit nice release on silver pressed cd's.
I'm not sure which sound sources the producer has used on this discs. I mean from other bootlegs, or other better sources.
Roots: Basically sound from professional filmed concerts.

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1. Tie Your Mother Down

2. Seven Seas Of Rhye

3. Keep Yourself Alive

4. Liar

5. It's A Hard Life

6. Now I'm Here

7. Is This The World We Created?

8. Love Of My Life

9. Brighton Rock

10. Hammer To Fall

11. Bohemian Rhapsody

12. Radio Ga Ga

13. I Want To Break Free

14. We Will Rock You

15. We Are The Champions

16. God Save The Queen


1. We Will Rock You - Fast

2. Brighton Rock

3. Somebody To Love

4. Death On Two Legs

5. Killer Queen

6. Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

7. I'm In Love With My Car

8. Get Down Make Love

9. The Millionaire Waltz

10. You're My Best Friend

11. Love Of My Life

12. 39

13. My Melancholy Blues

14. White Man

15. Now I'm Here

16. Stone Cold Crazy

17. Bohemian Rhapsody

18. Keep Yourself Alive

19. Tie Your Mother Down

20. We Will Rock You

21. We Are The Champions

22. Sheer Heart Attack

23. Jailhouse Rock

24. God Save The Queen


1. We Will Rock You

2. Let Me Entertain You

3. Play The Game

4. Mustapha

5. Death On Two Legs

6. Killer Queen

7. I'm In Love With My Car

8. Need Your Loving Tonight

9. Rock It (Prime Jive)

10. Save Me

11. Now I'm Here

12. Dragon Attack

13. Keep Yourself Alive

14. Flash's Theme

15. The Hero

16. Crazy Little Thing Called Love

17. Bohemian Rhapsody

18. Tie Your Mother Down

19. Another One Bites The Dust

20. Sheer Heart Attack

21. We Will Rock You

22. We Are The Champions


1. We Will Rock You

2. Let Me Entertain You

3. Play The Game

4. Somebody To Love

5. I'm In Love with My Car

6. Get Down, Make Love

7. Need Your Loving Tonight

8. Save Me

9. Now I'm Here

10. Dragon Attack

11. Now I'm Here (reprise)

12. Fat Bottomed Girls
 - - - - - - Bonus tracks - - - - - -
13. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
14. Under Pressure
('Saturday Night' US TV live show Sept. '82)

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