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GREAT review page of bootleg releasing. Click here.
Great page with info about Queen concerts. Really a GREAT PAGE. Here you find info on known audience recorded and filmed concerts.
Known Pro-filmed and recorded concerts is also listed. Recommended page. 
This is a page for information of bootlegs. Various artists are included. You can buy the book
from this page. Canadian production.
 One of the best page for concert information. Full information about live tape recordings. GREAT PAGE. 
  Great fan page with downloads etc.
  Queen collectors page. Many cdr recordings

 Officially homepage of Queen production. All NEWS about the band, releasing, tour etc. Also DOWNLOADS and sale page.
 Home page of QUEEN + Paul Rodgers  Info of all you need to know. DOWNLOADS and sale page.
 All and everything happen around BRIAN MAY
 The Officially & International FAN CLUB. Info about band & conventions. + much more.
 QUEENZONE  Meeting place for fans. Downloads + much more. Interested page. Updated info.
A GREAT album called "Queen Guitar Rhapsodies" by Carlos Bonell who is a world renowned classical guitarist and who is currently working with Paul McCartney on his guitar concerto
Carlos has recorded 17 Queen songs, mainly from the 70's era along with the Lara Symphony Orchestra and choir  from Venezuela although we are based in London.
The cd is available on the official Queen website and from
The album also carries an endorsement from Brian May for the track "Love of My Life" which he described as "absolutely exquisite".
"Carlos Bonell is a guitarist of superb poetic gifts…." - New York Times

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