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Updated info on ZOOM 2lp


QUEEN + Adam Lambert: LIVE 2017

QUEEN + Adam Lambert are going back out on the road in North America this summer.
25 gigs will be done.
 Click below for full tour dates and ticket details!

Tour 2017


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The Norwegian 'We Will Rock You" musical was on stage in OSLO for some years ago.
The theme did a live promo 'on stage' performance outdoor in the Oslo town. It was broadcasted on Norwegian NRK television.
Queen songs was performed by the actors. You can watch it all here

Check out QUEENONLINE for latest officially news on the Queen front.

QUEEN + Adam Lambert released officially in JAPAN ONLY on Dec. 20th. 2016, a special limited edition multi-format release
from the concert at Marine Stadium, Chiba; Japan 17th August 2014.

Release formats:

DVD /Blu-ray / DVD+Live CD / Blu-ray+Live CD / DVD or Blu-ray, Live CD +T-shirt / Super Deluxe Box set (including DVD or Blu-ray, Live CD, 2LP, Tshirt, Tote Bag+Photo Book)

You can find more info here on QUEEN's officially page.

Last released QUEEN bootlegs 

Japanese 'Breakdown' cdr label
has released a 'never before released' concert on a 2cdr.
The gig in Detroit on Nov. 18th. has just been out for first time. I've read the quality is ok.
Japanese label 'Tarantura' has re-released Young Nobles of Rock 2CD for 3rd. time. Released first time
in 2007. Re-released 3 times thereafter in 09, 13 & 17.

Updated bootlegs March 2017

- Detroit 1977 First Night 
2cdr (Uxbridge 646) Live At Cobo Arena, Detroit, Michihan November 18th 1977
- Detroit Rock You 
2cdr  (Breakdown 681))  Live At Cobo Arena, Detroit, Michihan November 18th 1977
- Young Nobles Of Rock 
2cd  (Tarantura)  4th. release. Live Bodokan Hall, Tokyo  Japan  May 1st. 1975

Updated bootlegs Februar 2017
-Knebwort Park 1986  3lp  Knebwort Park, Stevenage
UK  August 9th 1986
- Live In Japan 1dvd + 2cdr  Live Japan Nov. 3rd. 1982. (2cdr bonus disc, enclosed with some of the dvd's)
- Live In Rio 1dvd (+ 2dvdr bonus disc's, enclosed with some of the dvd's)

Updated bootlegs
December 2016

- Last Live In Japan 1985 
2cdr (WR 922) Live in Tokyo, Japan  May 11th. 1985 

Updated bootlegs November 2016

- Queen II 'Expanded Collectors Edition' 2cd  Ordinary & remixed track
- A Night At The Opera 'Expanded Collectors Edition' 2cd  Ordinary & remixed track
- Wembley Stadium Complete  4cd  Numbered Stickered Edition Only. Live Wembley Stadium July 11th & 12th 1986.
- Grugahalle, Essen, Germany  2lp  (TBP 045/046)  Live 29 November '80.  Limited edition of total 145 numbered copies made out on color vinyl.
- Yattokame 2cd  (Shakuntala) Live in Nagoya, Japan April 28th. 1979.

Updated bootlegs September ~ October 2016

- Frenzy At The Bodokan And The Bootleg Failure 
2cd + 1cd bonus  (Tarentura)  Live Bodokan, April 24th & 13th (bonus) 1979
Magnificent Budokan Part-1  2cd  (Xavel 095)  Bodokan, Tokyo Sept. 21st. 2016
-QAL  Magnificent Budokan Part-2  2cd  (Xavel 096)  Bodokan, Tokyo Sept. 22nd. 2016
-QAL  Magnificent Budokan Part-3  2cd  (Xavel 097)  Bodokan, Tokyo Sept. 23rd. 2016 

- Piece De Resistance  2cd  (Eat The Peach) Live Montreal, Canada Dec. 1st 1978
-QAL  Bodokan 2016  1st Night 
2cd  (Wardour)  Bodokan, Tokyo, Japan Sept. 21st. 2016
-QAL  Bodokan 2016 Final Night 
2cd  (Wardour)  Bodokan, Tokyo, Japan Sept. 23rd. 2016
- QAL  Rock The Bodokan 2016 
2cdr (not on label) Bodokan, Tokyo, Japan Sept. 21st. 2016
- QAL  Bodokan 2016 
bluray r/ dvdr  (Nemo)  Bodokan, Tokyo, Japan Sept. 22nd. + 23rd. (part) 2016
- QAL Bodokan 3 Days Complete 
6cdr  (Xavel) Bodokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan Sept. 21st., 22nd. & 23rd. 2016

Updated bootlegs
August 2016

- Sun City 1984  2lp  Live Sun City, Bophuthatswana, South Africa 19 October 1984.
- Tokyo You Got A Beautiful Smile  1lp  Live Bunka Taikukan, Yokohama, Japan  April 30th. 1975.
- Bohemian Rhapsody Live  1lp Pic Disc  Live at the Hammersmith Odeon 24th December 1975.

Updated bootlegs June 2016

-Barcelona 1986  2cd  Live at Mini Estadi de FC Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain 1st August 1986  Wardour 192
-Berlin 1986  2cd  Live at Walbuhne, Berlin, Germany 26th June 1986  Wardour 191
Q+AL Rock In Rio Lisboa 2016 1blu-ray R Live in Portugal May 20, 2016. HDTV Broadcast. Full show.
Also available in other titles & labels. Downloads as well.

Updated bootlegs May 2016

-Vienna 1982 4cd (Wardour 187) Vienna Austria, May 12th. & 13th. 1982. Audience rec.
- Frankfurt 1982  2cd (Wardour 188)  Frankfurt, Germany  April 28th. 1982. Audience rec.
- King Of The Impossible  2cdr (not on label) Re-release/ pirate of original 'Uxbridge' release from 2011.
- Hottest Leeds  2cdr  (not on label) Re-release/ pirate of original 'Uxbridge' release from 2010.

Updated bootlegs April 2016

A new European QUEEN 2LP vinyl bootleg has just seen daylight. The title is 'Boston Music Hall 1976'.
Available in 3 versions. Black & color vinyl as well. Various picture on cover also made out. Total 145 copies made.
- Boston Music Hall 1976  2lp  (TBP 028/ 029) Boston January 30th. 1976.
If you want to buy this vinyl album, send me a mail to: e-har-la@...   (, and I can put you in contact. But, remember this album is only for interested
 to 'blood' fans & collectors.

Updated bootlegs March 2016

- The First Of Five Shows  2cd  (Tarantura)  Bodokan Hall, Tokyo  Feb. 12th. 1981
- Stockholm 1986  2cd  (Wardour 180) Råsunda Stadium, Stockholm Sweden, June 7th. 1986.
- Vienna 1984 1st Night  2cd  (Wardour 179)  Stadthalle, Vienna Austria, Sept. 29th. 1984.

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