2 CD

Label: On Stage 2387
Country: Italy
Released: 1995 (As far as I know).
Recorded: Aston Villa Leisure Centre, Birmingham  England Sept. 5th. 1993.
Bonus tracks from Brixton Academy, London England  June 15th. 1993.
Sound: Excellent audience recording.
Comments:  The third bootleg 2cd release of this recordings. Wrong info on cover being live in 94. Well known recordings. Just onemore 2cd with this concert + bonus tracks.
As far as I know, all cd releasing's is identical to each other. 
This bootleg is identical with the following bootlegs.
 - Back To The Light Tour 1993  2cd (BTTI 148/ 149)
 - England 1993  2cd  (LSCD 52590)
Roots: Originally from a audience recording.

Front cover

 Intro: The Dark (tape)
 Back To The Light
 Tie Your Mother Down
 Love Token
 Love Of My Life
 Let Your Heart Rules Your Head
 Too Much Love Will Kill You
 Keyboard Solo (Spike Edney)
 Since You've Been Gone

 Now I'm Here (inc. Guitar Solo)
 Resurrection (inc. drum solo)
 (Band Introductions)
 Last Horizon
 We Will Rock You (slow & fast)
 Teo Torriatte
 Hammer To Fall
 (Aston Villa Leisure Centre, Birmingham England Sept. 5th. 1993)
 Driven By You
 Tie Your Mother Down
 The Dream Is Over
 Hammer To Fall
 (Brixton Academy, London June 15th. 1993)

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