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Label: Alive The Live IACD10375,  King Street KING CD 4157.
Country: Japan.
Released: July 2020.
Recorded: Live in Zeleste, Barcelona, Spain  December 14th. 1993.
Sound: I guess excellent stereo television broadcast sound.
Comments:  From the Barcelona concert in Spain. This was Brian May's first tour, after the release of his solo album 'Back To The Light.
This concert was professional filmed and broadcasted on Spanish television. Bootleg DVD's are released in more limited release over the years.
I don't have this CD, but I guess this has the sound from the television broadcast.
This CD has a few less tracks than the TV broadcast.
You might find this cd with, and without Japanese OBI.
Found this cd on the web for 31,- & US $ 30,- (April 2021).
Roots: I guess from the mention television broadcast.

Front cover
 CD 1
 1. Back To The Light
  •  2. Tie Your Mother Down
  •  3. Love Token
  •  4. Headlong
  •  5. Love Of My Life
  •  6. Since You Been Gone
  •  7. Now I'm Here
  •  8. Guitar Solo
  •  9. Resurrection ~
         Drum Solo  (Cozy Powell)
  •  10. Bohemian Rhapsody  (end 'rock' part)  ~
           Resurrection  (reprise)
  •  11. Too Much Love Will Kill You
  •  12. We Will Rock You
  •  13. Hammer To Fall

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Back cover

Guitar, Vocals 
 Brian May

        Inner sleeve

Queen, one of the leading rock bands of the British rock scene in the 70s and 80s. Amidst expectations of the band's members' movements after the death of charismatic vocalist Freddie Mercury, guitarist Brian May has embarked on a new journey with his first solo album, "Back To The Light," which beautifully combines his originality and Queen's DNA: Back To The Light" is his first solo album, which combines his originality and Queen's DNA.

On this album, Brian's talents as a guitarist, composer, and vocalist were on full display, and he not only satisfied Queen fans, but also gained new ones. After the release of this album, Brian May went on a successful world tour with the backing band of Neil Murray & Cozy Powell, the powerful rhythm section of ex-Whitesnake members who had participated in the recording of the album.
The December 14, 1993 performance in Barcelona, Spain was broadcast on all European television stations. This time, the audio masters used for the broadcast have been remastered for release.
The set list consists of songs from his solo debut album and other Queen songs featuring his own guitar solos, and it is a great live performance that reminds us once again how great a guitarist Brian May is! Imported domestic edition. Includes obi and bilingual English commentary.