Label: Uxbridge 1094
Country: Japan
Released: August 2019
Recorded: Nationwide Arena, Columbus, OH, USA 13th August 2019.
Sound: Excellent audience recording.
Comments:  From the QAL band's 2019 'The Rhapsody Tour' in North America.
Roots: Audience recording.
Time: 70:49 / 61:47

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 1. Intro: 'Innuendo' Theme  (tape)
 2. Now I'm Here
 3. Seven Seas Of Rhye
 4. Keep Yourself Alive
 5. Hammer To Fall
 6. Killer Queen
 7. Don't Stop Me Now
 8. Somebody To Love
 9. In The Lap Of The Gods... Revisited
 10. I'm In Love With My Car
 11. Bicycle Race
 12. Another One Bites The Dust
 13. Machines
 14. I Want It All
 15. Love Of My Life
 16. '39
 17. Doing All Right  (first part only)
 18. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 
 1. Under Pressure
 2. I Want To Break Free
 3. You Take My Breath Away 
(vocal tape intro) ~
     Who Wants To Live Forever
 4. Guitar Solo
 5. Tie Your Mother Down
 6. The Show Must Go On
 7. Fat Bottomed Girls
 8. Radio Ga Ga
 9. Bohemian Rhapsody
 - - - - - encore - - - - - -
 10. Ay-Oh 
(live tape of Freddie's 1986 vocal fun)
 11. We Will Rock You
 12. We Are The Champions
 13. God Save The Queen 

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Review from Internet.

 “THE RHAPSODY TOUR” is moving forward for next year's performance in Japan. The latest live album is here.
Included in this work is “August 13, 2019 Columbus performance”. It is the best audience recording. This week, three live albums will be released simultaneously as the first report of “THE RHAPSODY TOUR”. For an overview of the tour, please refer to the explanation of “WASHINGTON 2019 (Uxbridge 1095)”. Here, let's sort out the positional relationship of each title by focusing on the “North America leg” currently in progress.

・ July 10-28 (10 performances)
・ 30th July `` WASHINGTON 2019 ''
・ July 31 + August 3 (2 performances)
・ 4th August "MANSFIELD 2019"
・ August 6-10 (4 performances)
・ August 13: Columbus performance ← ★ This work ★
・ August 15-18 (3 performances)
>> Now here <<
・ August 20-23 (3 performances)

This is a total of 25 performances scheduled for 2019. The remaining three performances have already been completed, and after that, we will rest until the beginning of next year's Asian tour. Among them, Columbus of this work is a concert corresponding to the 19th performance that came to the end. It's the latest live album that is only a week old.
This work that recorded such a show is a spectacular sound of exquisite. The three releases released at the same time this week are unique recordings, but this work has the best balance and ease of listening. Although a slight hall noise is inhaled, it does not become cloudy or cloudy and beautifully colors the bare core. And the strength of the core that breaks through the middle of the sound is the point. Normally, hall sounds can also cause a sense of distance, but in the case of this work, the core is very on so it doesn't feel far away. Rather, the sound becomes the thickness of the performance, and it is even powerful and dynamic. The ringing does not impair the strength of the heart sound, but gives the power in reverse ... It is such a rare recording.

And the balance of enthusiasm is also wonderful. “MANSFIELD 2019 (Uxbridge 1094)” released at the same time was a different dimension, as if it was recorded on the line up to Shouwa, but this is rather spectacular. Although you will never be bothered by upcoming screams, it spreads seamlessly from nearby applause to distant screams, clearing each grain. The huge audience causes a tremendous swell and heats up the show. Syowa follows Adam's singing voice and blows up like an active volcano at MC that praises Freddie. It is a united sound that blends with the exquisite hall sound.
The show drawn with that sound cannot help but be reminded of the coming Japanese performance. So far, QUEEN + Adam has visited Japan twice in 2014 and 2016, but there are plenty of famous songs that could not be heard there. In addition to `` Doing All Right '' and `` Machines (Or 'Back to Humans') '', which were unveiled for the first time this time, `` Keep Yourself Alive '', `` I'm In Love With My Car '', `` Bicycle Race '' (This day, I made a mistake at the start and started again.) “'39” and performed a song that was not played twice in Japan. It will not always be performed in Japan next January performance (in Japan, "I'll hold hands" and "I Was Born to Love You"), but it's a live album that is expected to grow.

“THE RHAPSODY TOUR” wrapped in a glorious mood like the heyday of the 1980s. It is a live album that allows you to experience the latest version with full sound. This is a work with a comprehensive ability that is easy to listen to and has excellent dynamism, compared to the fresh “WASHINGTON 2019” in the early stages of the tour and “MANSFIELD 2019”, which has a crisp and amazing sound. Although it is a masterpiece triple series that will not be inferior in time, this work may be the best if you play "Bicycle Race" and think about the ensemble that has gone through the number of places and improved the skill. Please enjoy plenty.