Label: Uxbridge 1203
Country: Japan.
Released: February 2020.
Recorded: Live at Kyocera Dome, Osaka, Japan  January 28th 2020.
Sound: Excellent audience recording.
Comments:  From the Osaka show 2020. The 3rd. of 4 shows in Japan this time. All released on cdr by Uxbridge label. Nice production's.
Roots: Audience recording.
Time: 66:06/ 70:55

Front cover (actually in blue)

 01. Intro
 02. Innuendo  (opening part, tape)
 03. Now I'm Here
 04. Seven Seas of Rhye
 05. Keep Yourself Alive
 06. Hammer to Fall
 07. Killer Queen
 08. Don't Stop Me Now
 09. Somebody to Love
 10. In the Lap of the Gods... Revisited
 11. I'm in Love With My Car
 12. Bicycle Race
 13. Another One Bites the Dust
 14. I Want It All
 15. Brian MC  (Brian talks)
 16. Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)
 17. Love of My Life
 18. '39
 19. Doing All Right  (first part)

 01. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 02. Under Pressure
 03. Dragon Attack
 04. I Was Born To Love You
 05. I Want to Break Free
 06. You Take My Breath Away  (vocal intro) ~
 07. Who Wants to Live Forever
 08. Guitar Solo
 09. Tie Your Mother Down
 10. The Show Must Go On
 11. Radio Ga Ga
 12. Bohemian Rhapsody
- - - - - encore - - - - - - - -
 13. Ay‐Oh  (Freddie on screen live '86, tape)
 14. We Will Rock You
 15. We Are the Champions
 16. God Save The Queen 

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Back cover (actually in blue)

From Internet page.
Finally completed QUEEN + Adam Lampart's "THE RHAPSODY TOUR" visit to Japan. Introducing a masterpiece original recording of the Osaka performance. Of course, the performance contained in this work is "Jan 28, 2020: Kyocera Dome Osaka". It is the finest audience recording. The other day, we announced the Kanto performance in the first half, but in addition to that album, the West Japan edition in the second half also appeared.

The live albums of all the performances were released at a stretch. The release rush is at its peak, so let's organize it one by one.

 ・ January 25th "SAITAMA SUPER ARENA 2020 1ST NIGHT"
 ・ January 26th "SAITAMA SUPER ARENA 2020 2ND NIGHT"
 ・ January 28th: ​​Kyocera Dome Osaka ← ★ This work ★
 ・ January 30th "NAGOYA DOME 2020"
 * Note: Only representative live albums each day.

Above, all 4 performances. All of the above are simultaneous releases.
This work will be the first live album of the Osaka performance, but separate recordings "KYOCERA DOME OSAKA 2020" and video edition "OSAKA 2020: THE VIDEO" will also appear.
It will be a profound report with 3 titles. You may be confused by the appearance of a large number of people suddenly, but if you get lost in Osaka, this work is just for you.
It is a set of two most important live albums that have been released normally. [4th row ultra direct sound]
The most important thing is of course the quality. After all, the attention of QUEEN + Adam this time is not normal, a huge swell that hits the general public hits the archipelago, and a number of recordings erupted immediately after the production.
Many of the masterpiece recordings have arrived at our shop, but it is a live album of the best one of them. In fact, the sound was overwhelming and what a wonderful direct feeling!

Anyway, the performance and vocals are close, and if the core is very thick, the details are clear. The four-disc first report "SAITAMA SUPER ARENA 2020" in the Kanto edition that I reported the other day was beautiful, but it sounded like an audience, but in this work, the core is round and bare and it is close to hand.
You can't confuse it with a sound board because the proof of the audience is engraved in the lively on-site feeling and the sound of the snare tone, but if it is clear, it is comparable to a sound board. It is a very clear and direct feeling that makes you doubt that this is a dome recording !?
Actually, there is a reason why such a straight-ball sound was realized. It is an original recording only for this work, which was directly handed over from the recording person, but the recording position is very close to the stage.

What a 4th row from the front. Of course, it's not so simple that "front seat = superb sound", and it gets worse if the echo gets around. However, there is no concern about this work. It seems that PA sound is directly picked up, and the straight core has almost no ringing component. Moreover, both the loud cheers and the chorus are in balance to carry from behind and do not enter into the performance sound. Instead, the enthusiasts near the forefront may be approaching, but it is a live album that is so powerful that you can soak up even the power of "QUEEN and Adam".

[In fact, a surprisingly large number of famous songs that were unveiled in Osaka for the first time]
The sound is depicted with a majestic full show.
This is the third time for QUEEN + Adam to come to Japan, and for the past two times the set has changed for each performance.
The change was noticed this time as well, but when I opened the lid and looked at it, it was the same as in Kanto (the position of "I Was Born To Love You" was different only on the first day of Saitama, but the selection was the same). It seems that he has been focusing on the spectacular production and the perfection of the performance, which is the largest ever.

For the overall picture, see the explanations of other works, but let's change the taste a little and rearrange it in comparison with the successive Osaka performances.
The song I played in Osaka last year (2014)
 ・ Now I'm Here / Seven Seas of Rhye / Killer Queen / Somebody to Love / Another One Bites the Dust / Love of My Life / Crazy Little Thing Called Love / Under Pressure / Who Wants to Live Forever / Radio Ga Ga / Bohemian Rhapsody / We Will Rock You/ We Are the Champions
・ Japan limited song: Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together) / I Was Born To Love You Since 1985: Keep Yourself Alive / Hammer to Fall / Dragon Attack / I Want to Break Free / Tie Your Mother Down-Since 1979: Don't Stop Me Now / I'm in Love With My Car / Bicycle Race / ' 39 ・ Since 1976: In the Lap of the Gods ... Revisited / Doing All Right

 ・ Osaka Premiere: I Want It All / The Show Must Go On.

There were no Osaka performances in 2016 and QUEEN + Paul Rogers' visit to Japan, and the set was different from Tokyo's first visit (2014), so there are quite a few songs that debuted. “I Want It All” and “The Show Must Go On”, which are familiar in the Kanto area, will also be premiered in Osaka, and “Hammer to Fall”, “I Want to Break Free”, “Tie Your Mother Down”, etc. Since the last stage, "May 15, 1985". It's been 44 years since I reached "In the Lap of the Gods ... Revisited".

Of course, I don't think Brian and Roger have that much detail, but I think some of them had a first-time experience at the venue. This "THE RHAPSODY TOUR" showed excitement comparable to the heyday of Freddie's life.
It is the finest live album of the Osaka performance that appeared as the second report of the report. Japan will continue to love QUEEN, but it's unlikely that the tour will be as big as this time.
A West Japan report that thoroughly enjoys the festival that may be the last.