OSaka 2020

2 CD

Label: Wardour 403
Country: Japan.
Released: February 2020.
Recorded: Live at Kyocera Dome, Osaka, Japan  January 28th 2020.
Sound: Excellent stereo audience recording.
Comments:  The Osaka show from the 'Rhapsody Tour' 2020.
Japanese Wardour label released all 4 shows Queen + Adam Lambert, did in Japan on this tour on silver pressed cd's.
Roots: Audience recording.
Time: 66:33 / 71:04

Front cover

 1. Intro
 2. Innuendo  (opening part on tape)
 3. Now I’m Here
 4. Seven Seas of Rhye
 5. Keep Yourself Alive
 6. Hammer to Fall
 7. Killer Queen
 8. Don’t Stop Me Now
 9. Somebody to Love
 10. In the Lap of the Gods… Revisited
 11. I’m in Love With My Car
 12. Bicycle Race
 13. Another One Bites the Dust
 14. I Want It All
 15. Brian MC
 16. Teo Torriatte
 17. Love of My Life
 18. ’39
 19. Doing All Right  (first part only)

 1. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 2. Under Pressure
 3. Dragon Attack
 4. I Was Born To Love You
 5. I Want to Break Free
 6. You Take My Breath Away 
(opening part only, tape) ~
 7. Who Wants to Live Forever
 8. Guitar Solo
 9. Tie Your Mother Down
 10. The Show Must Go On
 11. Radio Ga Ga
 12. Bohemian Rhapsody
- - - - - - encore - - - - - - -
 13. Ay-Oh 
(Freddie's crowd jam, video screen tape '86)
 14. We Will Rock You
 15. We Are the Champions
 16. God Save the Queen

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Back cover

From Internet Page

THE RHAPSODY TOUR” by QUEEN + Adam Lambert, who continues to excite sound source enthusiasts even after the Japan tour.
The definitive ultra-superb original recording is the first appearance.
What is engraved on this work is “January 28, 2020: Kyocera Dome Osaka”. It is a transcendent audience recording.
At our shop, we start with a preliminary report during the tour, and now we are introducing the top recording of each show on the press CD.
In this work, the west Japan edition in the latter half of the tour has also been permanently saved, and the top works of all the shows
have been completed. First, let’s organize the collection by dates.

・ January 28: “OSAKA 2020” ← ★ This work ★
・ January 30 “NAGOYA 2020”
* Note: Only the vertex press album on each day.

[Complete first appearance master that is super fine even without processing] More than 4 performances. The top works of the Kanto edition released last week, “SAITAMA SUPER ARENA 2020 1ST NIGHT (Wardour-401)” and “2ND NIGHT (Wardour-402)” have been very well received, but this week and “NAGOYA” 2020 (Wardour-404)] also appeared. All performances can now be enjoyed on permanent preservation press CDs. This work is special even in such a press series. As a matter of fact, the other three performances are the ultimate form of re-mastering the Uxbridge master, which was released as a preliminary release. It was at the top of the recording that was sent right after the show, but eventually no more masters came out. But only Osaka was different. This work is genuine and completely first appearance master. I also mastered the masterpiece “OSAKA DOME 2020 (Uxbridge 1203)” which was a preliminary release, but this work is a super-excellent recording that surpasses the original mom!

In fact, the quality is transcendental. Anyway, the core is strong and there is no sense of distance. In the MC between the songs, I can feel the sound of the venue echoing the sound of Adam, but when the performance starts, I can hardly feel the sound of the venue. Strictly speaking, there is also a sound, but the density of the core is too high, the details are vivid and detailed, so it feels transparent. Moreover, it is extremely natural. “SAITAMA SUPER ARENA 2020 1ST NIGHT” and “2ND NIGHT” and “NAGOYA 2020” of this week have been finished as natural as possible, but they are not unprocessed. If you’re an audio savvy person, you might have felt the peak of the guitar when listening microscopically with headphones. However, this work does not even exist. While reproducing the Kyocera Dome space naturally and faithfully, the vividness is unmatched by a dome recording.

That should be it, the record of this work is “Western Japan’s strongest taper” familiar in our shop. Although it is no longer a self-explanatory master, this work is out of his collection. The “strongest” collection, which is always reputed as “sound board” and “sound better than the site”, is mostly a club or hall. The recording of the dome was above average, but at a level that was “great for a dome.” However, this work achieves “that sound” in the dome which is mistaken for a hall recording!
Furthermore, audience noise is also a special note. This time, “THE RHAPSODY TOUR” is a tremendous popularity since the 1980’s, and famous recordings in various places have also absorbed the enthusiasm. Even in the Uxbridge board “OSAKA DOME 2020”, which we reported the other day, we heard applause and conversation. However, this work has very few of them. Although it is not possible to say “none” like “the strongest” hall recording, he can soak in the stage performance and Adam’s singing voice as incomparable with other works.

[Permanently preserved glorious Osaka performance]
ショ The show drawn with the sound is a treasure chest of the ultimate masterpiece. In the past two visits to Japan, we changed the set on a daily basis, but this time it is almost common for the four performances in Tomei Osaka. The contents of the set that had the largest number of songs in the past have been repeated many times, so let’s organize the set based on the past Osaka performances here.

Songs played in the previous Osaka (2014)
・ Now I’m Here / Seven Seas of Rhye / Killer Queen / Somebody to Love / Another One Bites the Dust / Love of My Life / Crazy Little Thing Called Love / Under Pressure / Who Wants to Live Forever / Radio Ga Ga / Bohemian Rhapsody / We Will Rock You / We Are the Champions
・ Limited to Japan: Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together) / I Was Born To Love You

The song that was unveiled in Osaka this time
・ Since 1998 (Brian’s solo): I Want It All / The Show Must Go On / ’39 / Hammer to Fall / Tie Your Mother Down
・ Since 1985: Keep Yourself Alive / Dragon Attack / I Want to Break Free
・ Since 1979: Don’t Stop Me Now / I’m in Love With My Car / Bicycle Race
・ Since 1976: In the Lap of the Gods … Revisited / Doing All Right

and it looks like this. Looking at Osaka only, the last time was QUEEN + Adam’s first visit to Japan (2014), and before that the party played the QUEEN number on Brian’s “ANOTHER WORLD TOUR”. Before that was Freddie’s last “THE WORKS TOUR”, and there were plenty of famous songs since the 70’s / 80’s. Especially valuable are “I Want It All” and “The Show Must Go On”. It was performed on Brian’s solo tour in 1998, but this is Osaka for the first time under the name of QUEEN. The solo venue was the IMP Hall, so most people would have seen live music for the first time.

And performance is also fulfilling. This show is the fifth performance in 2020, including the Korean performance just before coming to Japan.
No matter how big a veteran is, it is necessary to step on the number of performances before it can show its essence, and this performance in Japan is at a stage where the performance is getting better. Although it is general theory, the 5th performance is just when the set gets used to the body and full-scale driving starts, and from this work you can also feel the ensemble of the rising tone.
THE “THE RHAPSODY TOUR” which caused enthusiasm in Higashi Meihan comparable to its heyday. I think many people will want to record audiences as a memory of a concert they actually went to, but the quality of this work is beyond that dimension. A super masterpiece that stands at the top not only of direct feeling but also of overwhelming natural feeling among the four press titles that match masterpieces. It is an inevitable live album that anyone who has seen any show should experience.