1 CD & 1DVD

Label: Grown Jewels TCJC197301
Country: Japan.
Released: March 2024.
Recorded: Queen I session 1973. See behind each track.
Sound: Excellent.
Comments:  One more bootleg/pirate release of an officially album. But the DVD might be a bit interested, since it's included a collection of footages, which isn't officially available on officially DVD & Blu-ray. Well, there is a few on officially DVD's etc.
I assume the soundtracks are more or less from the officially re-released re-master series from 2011.
Roots: Various.

Front cover
 01. Keep Yourself Alive
 02. Doing All Right
 03. Great King Rat
 04. My Fairy King
 05. Liar
 06. The Night Comes Down
 07. Modern Times Rock'n Roll
 08. Son And Daughter
 09. Jesus
 10. Seven Seas Of Rhye

 11. Keep Yourself Alive  (De Lane Lea Demos 1971)
 12. Great King Rat  (De Lane Lea Demos 1971)
 13. Liar  (De Lane Lea Demos 1971)
 14. The Night Comes Down  (De Lane Lea Demos 1971)
 15. Jesus  (De Lane Lea Demos 1971)
 16. Mad The Swine  (Outtake 1972)

 Keep Yourself Alive  (Take 1 Rushes / Unused Footage)
 Keep Yourself Alive  (Promotion Video First Version)
 Keep Yourself Alive  (Promotion Video First Different Version)
 Liar  (Take 3 / Rushes / Unused Footage)
 Liar  (Promotion Video First Version)
 Keep Yourself Alive  (OGWT Version)
 Keep Yourself Alive  (Promotion Video Second Version)
 Keep Yourself Alive  (Promo Video Second Different Version)
 Liar  (Promotion Video Second Version)
 Liar  (Promotion Video Second Different Version)
 Keep Yourself Alive  (1992 Version)
 Son And Daughter  (Live At The Rainbow March 1974)
 Modern Times Rock'n Roll  (Live At The Rainbow March 1974)
 Liar  (Live In Germany 1974)
 Keep Yourself Alive  (Long Lost Retake)
 Liar  (1991 Remix)
 Son And Daughter  (2020 Version)
 Liar  (2021 Version)
 - - - - - - secret bonus video - - - - - - -
 Son And Daughter  (OGWT Version)

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Back cover

Cover with OBI

⬛2024 CD & DVD Special Collector's Edition, which includes an alternate album with original new editing and related video footage.
⬛The CD includes all album songs + additional songs with the latest remastered sound source, including rare tracks such as newly edited remixes, alternate versions, extended mixes, demos and outtakes.
⬛The DVD includes valuable footage from promotional videos to live performances, including unreleased footage and various edited versions.

Queen's first album, ``Dread Princess'', which started the Queen legend, was released in the UK on July 13, 1973, and later in Japan in March 1974. The album was produced by John Anthony, Roy Thomas Baker, and Queen themselves. It failed to chart in the UK album charts when it was first released, debuting at number 47 on March 30, 1974, and then peaking at number 24 in 1976. The jacket design was based on a photo taken by Douglas Paddyfoot of the stage at London's Marquee Club in December 1972, and the design was different in the UK and the US (Japan).
As for the recording record, in September 1971, when John Deacon joined and started with the original lineup, he produced a demo tape for free in exchange for being in charge of testing the equipment introduced at De Lane Lee Studio in London. After acquiring the rights, recording proceeded under the production of Louis Austin, but in 1972, a management contract was signed with Trident's Neptune Productions. Full-scale recording took place intermittently at Trident Studios, owned by founders John Anthony and Roy Thomas Baker.
When the album was first released in the UK, it was criticized as ``a subversion of Led Zeppelin or Yes'' and ``a belated glam rock,'' with the members themselves saying, ``It took too long to make the album, and by the time the album was released, the music scene had changed drastically.'' Queen's songs include multiple overdubbed choruses, guitar orchestration, classically based melody lines, and dramatic song developments that incorporate elements of hard rock and progressive rock. Its originality has already been established at this point. It is a vivid debut album full of passion and ambition, as the album credits clearly state "...and nobody played synthesizer", which shows the band's strong pride.

CD=New Remix and Remaster
Contains all songs from the latest remastered original album in 2024 + additional songs, including new edited remixes, alternate versions, extended mixes, rare tracks such as demos and outtakes. "Modern Times Rock'n'Roll" and "Liar" are newly edited remix versions from multi-tracks, "Son and Daughter" is an extended version of a live arrangement, and all other songs are longer than the original versions. Contains an extended mix. Extra tracks include 5 demo recordings made at De Lane Lee Studio in 1971 and a song not included on the album, ``Mad the Swine.''
The 5 demo songs that have been officially recorded so far are recorded in a different source, remastered from the acetate master that was previously released to the fan club.

DVD = video anthology
Contains valuable videos such as unreleased videos and various edited versions of the songs on the album, from promotional videos to live performances. Queen's first promotional video, ``Modern Times Rock'n'Roll'' and ``Liar,'' are included in two versions each, including unreleased rush footage, as well as versions produced since the 1990s. “Son and Daughter” and “Modern Times Rock and Roll” performed at the Rainbow Theater in March 1974, which is considered to be the oldest live video in existence, are recorded from original film footage. Furthermore, as a treasured additional footage not included in the credits, the same performance's "Sun and Daughter" is recorded as a TV broadcast version with an introduction by the British BBC "Old Gray Whistle Test" host Bob Harris. The video collection is over 80 minutes in total.