2 CD

Label: Wardour 505
Country: Japan.
Released: March 2022, the first days.
Recorded: Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan, 1st. April 1976.
Sound: Audience recording.
Comments:  From 'A Night At The Opera' tour in 1976. Second Japanese tour with total of 9 dates, but 11 concerts. On two of the dates, the band played 2 gigs. (Fukuka & Osaka gigs).

This release from Wardour label seams to be from a new tape source. I have information which tells the quality is excellent, the best so far from this concert.
Wardour label use to make nice bootlegs.
Roots: Audience tape recording.
Time: 60:06 / 51:56

Front cover
 CD 1
 1. Introduction  (Kenny Everett on welcome tape)
 2. Bohemian Rhapsody  (opera part on tape & rock part live)
 3. Ogre Battle
 4. Sweet Lady
 5. White Queen
 6. Flick Of The Wrist
 7. Hangman
 8. Medley: Bohemian Rhapsody ~
 9.              Killer Queen ~
 10.            The March Of The Black Queen ~
 11.            Bohemian Rhapsody  (reprise)
 12. Bring Back That Leroy Brown
 13. Brighton Rock
 14. Son And Daughter
 15. Band Introductions
 16. The Prophet's Song
 17. Stone Cold Crazy
 CD 2
 1. Father To Son
 2. Doing All Right
 3. Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon
 4. Keep Yourself Alive
 5. Liar
 6. In The Lap Of The Gods...Revisited
 7. Now I'm Here
 8. Big Spender
 9. Jailhouse Rock
 10. See What A Fool I've Been
 11. God Save The Queen

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Back cover

Front cover with sticker

Review from internet page.

A live album that will be the sequel to the "BUDOKAN 1975 1ST NIGHT (Wardour-503)" recorder collection, which is in the midst of a big hit, has already appeared. It is the birth of the world premiere master who permanently preserves the performance in Japan that was held with "A Night at the Opera"!

It was the performance of "April 1, 1976: Nippon Budokan" that was imbued with this work. It is the best audience recording. The other day's shocking work "BUDOKAN 1975 1ST NIGHT" was the record of the first visit to Japan, but the record of this work is the second visit to Japan that was realized as early as 1976. First, let's look back on the position of the show from that schedule.

・ March 22: Nippon Budokan
・ March 24: Himeji City Welfare Hall
・ March 26: Kyuden Gymnasium (2 performances)
・ March 29, "DEFINITIVE OSAKA 1976 (2 performances)"
・ April 1: Nippon Budokan ← ★ This work ★
・ April 2 "THE PROPHECY: SENDAI 1976"
・ April 4: Ryogoku Nihon University Auditorium
* Only representative works for each performance.

Above, all 11 performances. The scale has expanded due to the popularity of QUEEN, which burned up on its first visit to Japan. Three performances were also held at Nippon Budokan, and this work was recorded at the concert on the final day. Also, this day was known for its complicated recording situation. The masterpiece "INVITE YOU TO A NIGHT AT THE BUDOKAN" from the analog era was famous, but that traditional board is an incomplete excerpt. Moreover, some of the songs were taken the day before (March 31st), which was far from the full show experience.

However, what was excavated this time was an undisclosed recording containing a full show. Moreover, the person who worked on this work was the recorder of that "BUDOKAN 1975 1ST NIGHT". The sound is genuine and superb. This week, "BUDOKAN 1975 2ND NIGHT (Wardour-504)" will be released at the same time, and "first visit to Japan x 2 + second x 1 (this work)" will be lined up from the same recorder collection. The story, the sound of this work is the most amazing. As expected, only the same venue and the same recording artist have something in common with the tone and feel of all three works, but this work goes one step further in terms of clearness and direct feeling. What's more, it's dense to the edge of the detail, and it doesn't feel squishy.

Of course, since it was a cassette recording in the analog era, lack of tape changes etc. is destined, but that is complemented by the traditional work "INVITE YOU TO A NIGHT AT THE BUDOKAN". We have realized a full live album that allows you to seamlessly experience the best show that has never had a definitive recording. What is the full set? Here, let's organize it while comparing it with "INVITE YOU TO A NIGHT AT THE BUDOKAN".

・ Disc 1: Bohemian Rhapsody (tape & rock part) / Flick Of The Wrist / Hangman / Brighton Rock / Son And Daughter
・ Disc 2: Father To Son / Keep Yourself Alive / Now I'm Here / See What A Fool I've Been / God Save The Queen
● Songs that you can now listen to in this work
・ Disc 1: Ogre Battle / Sweet Lady / White Queen / Bohemian Rhapsody / Killer Queen / The March Of The Black Queen / Bring Back That Leroy Brown / The Prophet's Song / Stone Cold Crazy
・ Disc 2: Doing All Right (*) / Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon (*) / Liar / In The Lap Of The Gods ... Revisited / Big Spender / Jailhouse Rock
* Note: The "*" mark is the song that was on another day (March 31) in "INVITE YOU TO A NIGHT AT THE BUDOKAN".

And it looks like this. In "A NIGHT AT THE OPERA Tour", "Father To Son", which was only in Sendai and Nippon Budokan, and the unreleased song "Hangman", which was the last live performance, are extremely rare. I heard these two songs in "INVITE YOU TO A NIGHT AT THE BUDOKAN", but the real thrill of history is different in the flow of full show.

Freddie's throat is more wonderful than a precious song. It is also known that Freddie was in poor physical condition when he came to Japan in 1976, but that was only the first half of the schedule. After hitting the bottom in Fukuoka, he recovered, and at the Nippon Budokan when he came back, he was in great shape. Moreover, it seems that Freddie himself is pleased with the growing voice because he suffered once. Improvisation, explosive tension, and sharpness ... he deserves to be called "a great performance in Japan again". The uninterrupted tension can be comfortably immersed because it is a full live album.

Although "BUDOKAN 1975 1ST NIGHT" was a shock, it was actually a three-shot series that was released for the first time in the world. Among them, this work boasts outstanding quality in terms of sound / performance, and is a special new masterpiece in the history of QUEEN's visit to Japan. The top board of "Budokan 3rd day" that was finally born. Please enjoy it to your heart's content with the permanent storage press 2CD.

★ The best audience recording of the "April 1, 1976: Nippon Budokan" performance. Until now, the show was only incomplete or had bad sound, but this work is the first definitive recording since it was released for the first time in the world. The clarity and closeness are great, and the density is plentiful to the edges of the details. Although it is the same recorder collection as "BUDOKAN 1975 1ST NIGHT" and "2ND NIGHT" for the first time in Japan, this work is one step higher in terms of sound. It's a direct sound that doesn't feel squishy. The precious "Father To Son" and the unreleased song "Hangman" are also delicious, and you can experience the best full show with Freddie in great condition.

★ High-quality sound of the day (point here) ・ This is the first complete recording board! !!