BUENOS AIRES 1981 1st Night 

2 CD

Label: Wardour 252
Country: Japan
Released: September 2017
Recorded: Live at Velez Sarfield Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina 28th February 1981
Sound: Excellent from tv or radio broadcast.
Comments:  Claim to be the best sound from this gig so far. First time in stereo. I can't confirm this. I havn't this bootleg.
Wardour has released this show before, so this should be in better quality than previously released bootlegs from this show. Reviews say's stero soundboard recordings.
The taped outro 'God Save The Queen' at the end sems to be missing., which also is missed on all previously bootlegs from this show.
Some copies has added with a DVDR with the Sao Paulo show from March 20th., from the same tour. This Sao Paulo show was broadcasted live on Brazilian television.
Roots: From a broadcast. This show was broadcasted live on Brazilian tv. I'm not sure of radio broadcasting, but since Wardour claim this is the best sound version, this must come from a re-broadcast from television or radio. I'm right now not so sure about whats correct.
Time: 46:44 / 44:02

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 1. Introduction
 2. We Will Rock You  (fast)
 3. Let Me Entertain You
 4. Play The Game
 5. Mustapha
 6. Death On Two Legs
 7. Killer Queen
 8. I'm In Love With My Car
 9. Need Your Loving Tonight
 10. Rock It (Prime Jive)
 11. Save Me
 12. Now I'm Here
 13. Dragon Attack
 14. Now I'm Here  (reprise)

 1. Love Of My Life
 2. Keep Yourself Alive
 3. Guitar Solo
 4. Flash's Theme
 5. The Hero 
 6. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 7. Bohemian Rhapsody
 8. Tie Your Mother Down
 9. Another One Bites The Dust
 10. Sheer Heart Attack
 11. We Will Rock You 
 12. We Are The Champions 

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