2 CDR
Label: Uxbridge 1158
Country: Japan
Released: November 2019.
Recorded: Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham, UK 24th October 1998.
Sound: Excellent audience recording.
Comments:  From Brian May's 'Another World' UK tour. Looks like a complete show.
The concert open with a tape recording of Cozy Powell's "Dance With The Devil" from his solo work. This as I tribute to the great drummer, which tragically lost his life in a car crash on April 5th. that year.

A 'bonus' dvdr is enclosed separate with some copies. This is a pro-filmed acoustic concert, which the band did before the tour. It's a VH1 television production. Broadcasted June 16th. 1998. Around 40 minute production. This VH1 broadcast is also available on other DVD bootlegs.
Roots: Audience recorded tape, or similar recording equipment.
Time: 63:19 / 58:50

Front cover
 1. Intro: Dance With The Devil  (tape, Cozy Powell recording)
 2. Only Make Believe
 3. C'mon Babe
 4. Space
 5. Since You Been Gone
 6. China Belle
 7. Fat Bottomed Girls
 8. I Want It All
 9. Headlong
 10. Tear It Up
 11. The Show Must Go On
 12. Bass Solo
 13. Last Horizon
 14. Love Of My Life
 15. Driven By You
 16. '39 
(harmony vocal intro) ~
       On My Way Up
 1. Band Introductions
 2. Hammer To Fall
 3. Guitar Solo
 4. Drums Solo
 5. Resurrection
 6. We Will Rock You
 7. Tie Your Mother Down
 8. Another World
 9. All The Way From Memphis
 10. No-One But You
 11. Goodnight Nottingham

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Back cover

Bonus DVDR
From Internet

Brian May in 1998 lost to Freddie Mercury and his solo launch friend Cozy Powell. A precious live album from the 2nd solo tour is here.
Included in this work is “Nottingham Performance on October 24, 1998”. It is a masterpiece audience recording that recorded the whole story. The 1st solo tour with Cozy is also famous for the official work “LIVE AT THE BRIXTON ACADEMY”, but the 2nd tour is valuable. First, look back on the schedule at that time and check the show position.

"April 5: Cozy Powell dies"
・ May 16: TV appearance ← ★ Bonus DVDR ★
   June 1 “ANOTHER WORLD” album release.
・ June 5-16: Europe # 1 (4 performances)
・ September 12-November 7; Europe # 2 (28 performances) ← ★ This work ★
・ November 10-14: Japan (4 performances)
・ November 20-28: Australia (4 performances)

This is Brian in 1998. Cozy also participated in the 2nd solo album "ANOTHER WORLD", but he died in an accident without waiting for its completion. Brian finished the album with Steve Ferrone and FOO FIGHTERS Taylor Hawkins and started the tour. Nottingham's performance in this work was a concert corresponding to the 20th performance of “Europe # 2”, the main leg of the tour.

This work that recorded the show is an exquisite audience recording. There is no sound board-like adhesion, but it is a space-like audience recording, but the air feel is clear and clear. The responsive core reaches straight and the details are vivid. Although the bass is slightly retracted, the gorgeous guitar and vocals are very beautiful, and the harmony with the female chorus can be heard even by each individual voice.
Such a sound is a memorial show where you can feel the existence of Cozy while performing QUEEN's masterpiece on the board more than the 1st tour. Let's organize the contents of the show here.

● QUEEN (11 songs)
Opera Night: Love Of My Life / '39
・ Brilliant race: Tie Your Mother Down
・ Dedicated to the world: We Will Rock You
・ JAZZ: Fat Bottomed Girls
・ THE WORKS: Tear It Up / Hammer To Fall
・ THE MIRACLE: I Want It All
・ INNUENDO: Headlong / The Show Must Go On
・ QUEEN ROCKS: No-One But You
● Solo and others (12 songs)
・ BACK TO THE LIGHT: Last Horizon / Driven By You / Resurrection
・ ANOTHER WORLD: Space / China Belle / On My Way Up / Another World / All The Way From Memphis
・ Others: Only Make Believe / C'mon Babe
・ Cozy Memorial Cover: Dance With The Devil / Since You Been Gone

... and it looks like this. Although the five songs from “ANOTHER WORLD” are the axis, the balance of QUEEN is more than “LIVE AT THE BRIXTON ACADEMY” (although there is also a medley arrangement). Cozy edge numbers are also featured.
And the highlight is from the opening part where the Cozy relationship is folded. Cozy's hit single “Dance With The Devil” tells the opening of the song, “Brian ’s surviving cousin from Tennessee” appears. The true identity is Brian himself, and on the scene, the black hair is solidified with a present and sings “Only Make Believe” and “C'mon Babe” of oldies in a bright red suit. Then, the person (?) Who got dressed across the overture "Space" appears, and the riff that squeals is "Since You Been Gone"! After the performance, Cozy is also introduced and it is declared that it is a solo tour just because he was there. The tribute dedicated to the allies in a comical and full of humor is amazing. Of course, this work is a live album with only sound, but if you have experienced the Japanese performance 21 years ago, many of you will be vividly reminded of the appearance of Brian in disguise.

The show that started in earnest with "Since You Been Gone" was also a big record of "Fat Bottomed Girls", "Tear It Up", "I Want It All", and "The Show Must Go On" that were not heard in "LIVE AT THE BRIXTON ACADEMY" “No-One But You” was released as QUEEN in the previous year. Of course, you can enjoy plenty of new songs from “ANOTHER WORLD,” the latest version of Brian ’s HR.
“ANOTHER WORLD TOUR”, which is not so popular even on bootlegs due to the absence of Cozy. However, the site was even more colorful than the 1st tour, and I strongly felt the existence of allies. This is a masterpiece of a live album where you can experience the full stage with great sound. Please enjoy it carefully.

Masterpiece live album “NOTTINGHAM 1998” that conveys the full show of the precious “ANOTHER WORLD TOUR”. Only for the first delivery, a video work “LIVE UNPLUGGED 1998” recording a professional shot of TV appearances made before the tour will be specially attached.

VH1 Studios, London, UK 1998 (Broadcast date: 16th June 1998) PRO-SHOT

The main live album is a full live album where you can experience the rare “ANOTHER WORLD TOUR” with great sound. Although there is also a commentary schedule, Brian May performed an unplugged special performance on the TV special number accompanying the album release before the tour. Therefore, in order to enjoy the entire “1998 Brian”, a special bonus will be included for the TV shot.

Included in this work is an unplugged session broadcast on the American cable TV station “VH1”. The recording date is May and June, and is not clear, but the broadcast date is "June 16, 1998". As you can see from the commentary in this volume, it is just after the release of “ANOTHER WORLD”, and two months after Cozy's intelligence. It was a promotion for a new album and appeared before the upcoming World Tour.

The program is mainly a session in a studio with no audience, and 5 songs are played. Brian's interview is sandwiched between them. (The interview also mentions Cozy who just died, and “LIVE AT THE BRIXTON ACADEMY” and BLACK SABBATH's PV are also inserted. A lonely expression is inseparable). This work which recorded such a program is the best professional shot.

It is not digital yet, but it is an air check by VHS, but its freshness is superb. Apparently it seems to have been digitized directly from the recording master, and there is no white line noise or tape twist at all. The clear details and color development are amazing, as if they were awakened from a laser disc. It is beautiful even with the current eyes that are used to digital image quality.
The sessions drawn in that quality are really delicious and wonderful. Although it is unplugged, Brian himself is not pure acoustic because he also uses Eleacco and Red Special, but the mood that everyone plays in a circle is mutually different. Members were Spike Edney, Neil Murray, and Jamie Morse who accompanied the previous tour. Martin Ditcham joined as Cozy's successor there. Martin is a drummer known for his activities with Elton John, Stones and Roger Daltry. The notes I buy with my already zealous friends are also at-home, and I really enjoy the relaxed performance.

The numbers of “BACK TO THE LIGHT”, “ANOTHER WORLD” and EP “RED SPECIAL” are interspersed, and “Why Don't We Try Again”, which can not be heard in the main part, is also delicious, but QUEEN's “Tie” is also particularly interesting Your Mother Down ". What is the first song? It starts with a freeky jam style, and gradually becomes more “Tie Your Mother Down”. And the riff that was excited after the guitar solo exploded! Rush through as it is. The arrangement is really cool, and the mood that everyone enjoys with a smile is also the best.

Although it is a short program of less than 40 minutes including an interview, the performance depicted there is different from any other live and special. The singing voice is more relaxed than usual Brian, and the rock soul that can't help but burn up is also a hot masterpiece pro shot. Please enjoy it with “NOTTINGHAM 1998”, which conveys the main part of the tour.