1 CDR
Label: Uxbridge 1582
Country: Japan.
Released: March 2022.
Recorded: Japan 1975 and 1976.
Sound: I will guess excellent recordings.
Comments:  A collection of interviews in Japan, on the Japanese tour in 1975 & 1976.
Roots: Radio broadcast's.
Time: 59:34

Front cover
 ★ TOKYO 1975
1. Freddie Mercury ’s Radio Message to Japanese fans

WAKAI KODAMA (Young Echoes)
Radio Special feat. Exclusive Interviews in Japan
Recorded on 20th April 1975 (It's said to be recorded the day after the Tokyo performance)
Aired on 26th April 1975

NHK Radio 1 broadcast (AM) "Young Kodama" DJ is Yoichi Shibu ○ 4/26 Saturday broadcast

2. Introduction
3. Keep Yourself Alive
4. DJ # 1
5. Interview # 1
6. Modern Times Rock ‘n’ Roll
7. Son & Daughter
8. Interview # 2
9. Stone Cold Crazy
10. DJ # 2
11. Interview # 3
12. Killer Queen
13. Interview # 4
14. Misfire

STAR SEN-ICHIYA (Star in One Thousand and One Nights)
TV Program feat. Exclusive Interviews in Japan
Recorded on 20th April 1975 (It's said to be recorded the day after the Tokyo performance)
Aired on 28th April 1975

The moderator is the late Shinichi Ogishima, and the interpreter is excellent. 4/28 Monday broadcast

15. Introduction
16. Son & Daughter
17. Interview


★ TOKYO 1976

WAKAI KODAMA (Young Echoes)
Radio Special feat. Exclusive Interviews in Japan
NHK Radio 1 broadcast (AM) "Young Kodama" DJ is Dai * Kensho 4/3 Saturday broadcast

18. Interview
19. DJ Talks
20. Interview
21. ’39 / Sweet Lady
22. DJ Talks

"Queens were very good people. I also added the dignity of being a star. There was no such thing as a habit. I think again that the girls are working hard and enthusiastic. It was ... "

AMERICAN TOP 40 ★ Very interesting content.
Radio Kanto (currently Radio Japan), "Top 40 in the US" DJ is Sayuri Yama ○ (Chappy)

Radio Special feat. Exclusive Interviews recorded on 30th March 1976
Aired on 10th April 1976 (I couldn't broadcast the interview tape last week because I lost it, and it was discovered later, so I broadcast the interview feature a week later)

23. Introduction (Brighton Rock)
24. Interview
25. DJ Talks (Killer Queen)

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Back cover

The legendary first visit to Japan realized in 1975, and the return visit to Japan in 1976 with the daimyo “A Night at the Opera”. Introducing a radio album in which the scent of those days spouts from the speakers.
Five types of broadcast recordings are included in this work. Compiling “3 types of 1975 + 2 types of 1976”, while playing the song of QUEEN, it features an innocent voice interview of 4 members. The gift title “INTERVIEWS IN JAPAN 1975” was very popular in 1975, but this work is an expansion board with the addition of 1976. Let’s introduce each broadcast.

[Three programs that tell the legendary first visit to Japan (1975)] ● Radio message with unknown recording / broadcasting date (about 15 seconds)

Currently, new masterpieces such as “BUDOKAN 1975 1ST NIGHT (Wardour-503)” performed on the first day and “BUDOKAN 1976 3RD NIGHT (Wardour-505)” coming back to Japan are talked about, but this work is the same recording. The first public master that the house had treasured. You can enjoy the broadcasts that have been known for a long time with the highest quality ever. Moreover, quality is not the only thing that no one has ever heard. At the beginning, radio audio that has not been known until now is also recorded. This is a dozen seconds, but Freddie’s Japanese is also an innocent treasure. It’s short, so let’s write down the contents.
“Oh This is Freddie Mercury, Hi! My Japanese Friends. We, Queen looking for track concerts in Japan. We hope you will enjoy our concerts. Please anticipate”

● Broadcast on April 26, 1975 “Young Kodama” (about 33 minutes)
The main feature of this work is to appear next. The request program “Young Kodama” that was broadcast by a certain broadcasting association in the 1970s. It was the predecessor of “Sound Street” along with “Young Jockey”. When QUEEN first visits Japan, a DJ who is familiar with LED ZEPPELIN will act as a personality, and will play songs and interviews with four members.

First of all, the DJ talks about the popularity of QUEEN before the members appear, but from here it is already a strong sense of the times. A certain DJ also said, “Anyway, it was extremely popular and I was running because it was popular, but so far …” Even when I went to the hotel for an interview, I was overwhelmed by the crowd of Western music girls, “Mr. Shibuya! I’m having a hard time. Especially interesting is the episode of the Nagoya performance (interview was on April 20th, but it seems that the program was recorded in the studio at a later date). “At the Nagoya performance, there were 30 girls who fainted, and about two pieces of underwear had fallen, and the shoes were scattered anyway, so it seems that it was a big fuss.” The content is amazing, but it’s funny that it’s really specific, like “two pieces of underwear.” And above all, the magnitude of the impact can be seen in the voice of a certain DJ.
And an interview with a song in between. Of course, you can understand the contents perfectly because you can have an interpreter.

There are many topics that seem to be the first visit to Japan, such as the rush to meet at the airport, but besides that, the mood that is unique to that time overflows from everywhere. For example, “I want to ask vocalist Freddie Mercury,” the DJ grins at the members who say “I like plants and bonzo,” and Brian and Roger listen to music. For Freddie, it’s just a costume, and Roger is harsh on disco music. For those of us who have taken root in the image after that, the fun of the gap gradually comes to us.
Also, the crap about Brian’s “Red Special” is fresh. Brian said, “It took about two years to finish it carefully. I think it’s indistinguishable from the guitar I bought,” but at that time, “the same as the guitar I bought” was a compliment. .. It is said from the perspective of “I made it myself, but it’s not shobo!”
The last question was “Do you have any ideas for the next album?”, But that “next album” is “A Night at the Opera”. It’s an interview that seems to be overwhelmed by the weight of history just by thinking so.

● April 28, 1975 broadcast “Star Senichiya” (about 10 minutes)
The third recorded is the legendary TV program “Star Senichiya”. It’s only audio, but it’s a talk by inviting four people to the station studio. I miss the voice of the late Shinichi Ogishima, but the treatment of “a foreigner popular with young people” is also fresh. From the beginning, “Today, young people in Japan … are said to be the most popular among young rock fans … well, rock, nobleman, nobleman of rock, or the second Beatles. QUEEN I invited all of you tonight. ” There are many classic questions such as favorite foods and impressions of Japanese fans, and I feel like I have an overseas band.

Also here, the “Red Special” sword is interesting. When asked “Is insurance 1 million?”, “I wasn’t insured” is returned, but Mr. Ogishima instinctively leaks “It was written in a Japanese magazine …”. It is clear from the tone that Mr. Ogishima himself is not interested in QUEEN, but he is also smiling at the seriousness of studying in advance and attending the interview.

[Two programs from A Night at the Opera (1976)] ◆ Broadcast on April 3, 1976 “Young Kodama” (about 11 minutes)
The following day, he appeared in “Young Kodama” even when he returned to Japan in 1976. However, Kensho Onuki is the DJ here. I also ask the members questions such as “What is the reason for their popularity?” “Which band is your rival?” “Do you know ANGEL?” (I’m looking forward to hearing the answers), but what’s even more interesting is It may be Mr. Oo, a DJ. Apparently it’s my first time to be a personality on the show, and I’m strangely nervous. Each comment is traceable, and the progress is jerky.
It’s painful just listening to it, but the most difficult thing is the gag that involved QUEEN. Ask the members “Do you know Ken Onuki ○?” And ask them to answer “Oh, of course!”. In response to it………

“I didn’t really think I knew it. I’m sure my name would appear in the newspaper or something over there. It’s really unpleasant to say this myself. I wonder if it’s famous. Well, it can’t be helped because a stranger really says that way, after all this is. Eh, hehehe “(happy, embarrassed, a little shy)

Mr. Oo at that time was 25 years old. If you listen now, you may not want to admit your mistakes because of youth.

◆ Broadcast on April 10, 1976 “Top 40 in the United States” (about 5 minutes)
The last recorded is “American Top 40,” which was also the Japanese version of the US countdown program. DJ is also interesting here. Mr. Chappy, who will be known as a fan of BAY CITY ROLLERS, is working, but it seems that he lost the interview tape of QUEEN last week and could not broadcast it. He seems to be quite impatient, saying, “After losing the tape, I was sticking to Hotel Pacific almost every day, and I was chasing after QUEEN with Densuke (!).” However, the tape was found safely. You can also listen to the interview with your own voice. As usual, the content of the question is lonely, but Freddie is a little interesting. He is also known for having a Japanese garden at home, but he has revealed an episode in which he has already bought antique furniture since then.
And at the end, the recording ends with Mr. Chappy’s voice saying, “Then QUEEN is over and we will move to BAY CITY ROLLER …”, but that voice seems strangely happy. If you think about it, 1976 was the year when BAY CITY ROLLERS first came to Japan, and this broadcast was half a year before the release of “Dedication to Youth.” The scent of that time is one that smells from every corner.

Above, a historical documentary of 59 minutes and 34 seconds. If live albums such as “BUDOKAN 1975 1ST NIGHT” and “BUDOKAN 1976 3RD NIGHT” are vacuum packed at the concert venue, this work is one that contains the private room of Western music fans. In 1975, when he first came to Japan, which was also an incident in the history of Japanese Western music, in 1976, when the aftermath remained, he was already treated as a big game. A time machine album with the scent of that era coming out of the speakers. Please enjoy it to your heart’s content.

★ This is a radio album that collects Japanese programs that were broadcast on the legendary first visit to Japan (1975) and the second visit to Japan (1976). Compiling “3 types of 1975 + 2 types of 1976”, including members and program DJs who are annoyed by explosive Japanese, Freddie’s innocent Japanese and extremely rare messages, etc. “1975 / The scent of “Western music in 1976” is a masterpiece of a documentary album that blows out from the speakers.

★★ The taper of the historical masterpieces “BUDOKAN 1975 1ST NIGHT” and “BUDOKAN 1976 3RD NIGHT” was recorded by himself at that time and digitized directly from the tape collection that he had carefully stored (both 75/76). .. Not only the sound quality but also the freshness of the sound is outstanding. Super! valuable.