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Label: Eye Of Storm  EOS-556
Country: Mexico.
Released: 2022. I guess in the first months.
Recorded: Various studio tracks.
Sound: I guess excellent studio recordings.
Comments:  Regular Size CD packaged in cardboard mini (LP-style) sleeve. Includes exclusive artwork, detailed inserts with pictures, texts & detachable promo strip.
As far as I know, this label make their releases on cdr disc. Professional produced.

About the tracks. Looks interesting, but there is a lot of weird remaster, remix..etc of tracks these days, so I'm not sure about the originality of these tracks on this CD. May be correct, but not sure of the original origin of the songs.
I don't have the cd, so don't know so much more than I have written.
Some tracks might come from bonus track on later officially re-released cd's, box set etc.
Roots: Well, from various sessions 77-80. I'm not sure of the sources of many of the tracks.

Front cover
 NEWS OF THE WORLD Sessions 1977
 01. We Will Rock You 
(Elements Mix)
 02. We Will Rock You 
(Rick Rubin's Clap A Cappella Remix)
 03. We Are The Champions
  (Rhythm Track)
 04. We Are The Champions 
(Top Of The Pops Mix)
 05. Sheer Heart Attack
  (Early Take)
 06. All Dead All Dead 
(Hybrid Mix)
 07. Spread Your Wings
  (Test Pressing Version)
 08. Get Down Make Love 
 09. Get Down Make Love 
(Basic Track)
 10. Get Down Make Love 
(Overdub Session)
 11. It's Late 
(The eYe Mix)
 12. Feelings Feelings 
(Take 9)

 JAZZ Sessions 1978
 13. Mustapha 
(The eYe Edit)
 14. Fat Bottomed Girls 
(Early Take)
 15. Fat Bottomed Girls 
(Elements Mix)
 16. Jealousy
  (Backing Track)
 17. Bicycle Race 
(Piano, Vocals Track)
 18. Bicycle Race 
(Junior Vasquez Remix)
 19. Let Me Entertain You
 (Instrumental Mix)
 20. Dreamers Ball 
(Piano Demo)
 21. Don't Stop Me Now 
(Elements Mix)
 22. More Of That Jazz 
(The eYe Mix)
FLASH GORDON Sessions (1980)
 23. Flash
 (Alternative DDR TV Single Mix)
 24. Flash's Theme 
(High Octane Remix)
 25. The Hero 
(Movie Credits Version)

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