2 CDR
Label: Uxbridge 2147
Country: Japan.
Released: April 2024.
Recorded: Live at International Exhibition Hall, Nagoya, Japan  28th April 1979.
Sound: More than less excellent audience recording.
Comments:  This concert has been released before on pro-cd & cdr bootlegs over the years.
Japanese cdr label 'Uxbridge' claims this release is an unreleased master. Looks like a complete concert on this 2cdr. Tracks 7-12 on cdr 1, played as a medley.
This spring 1979 Japanese 'JAZZ' tour was Queen's biggest tour in Japan. The band played a total of 15 concerts. The vast majority are released on bootlegs.

Sale price as new was JAP YEN 1.649,- on web page. Also US $ 49,- on other page.
Roots: Audience recorded tape.
Time: 53:31 / 70:20

Front cover
 CDR 1
 1. Intro.
 2. We Will Rock You 
(slow, tape intro)
 3. We Will Rock You 
 4. Let Me Entertain You
 5. Somebody To Love
 6. If You Can't Beat Them
 7. Death On Two Legs
 8. Killer Queen 
 9. Bicycle Race 
 10. I'm In Love With My Car
 11. Get Down Make Love 
 12. You're My Best Friend
 13. Now I'm Here
 14. Teo Torriatte
 CDR 2
 1. Don't Stop Me Now
 2. Dreamers Ball
 3. Love Of My Life
 4. '39
 5. It's Late
 6. Brighton Rock  ~
     Drum & Guitar Solo
 7. Keep Yourself Alive
 8. Bohemian Rhapsody
 9. Tie Your Mother Down
 10. Sheer Heart Attack
 11. We Will Rock You
 12. We Are The Champions
 13. God Save The Queen

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Back cover
Review from internet page.

QUEEN ran through the archipelago in 1979 on the biggest national tour of their career. A new unreleased original recording that conveys the scene has been discovered! A shocking work directly digitized from Omoto cassette has been decided for urgent release!! This work is inspired by the "April 28, 1979: Nagoya International Exhibition Center" performance.
This is the world's first public audience recording. We deal with the entire history of QUEEN, but we are especially careful about their visit to Japan on the "JAZZ Tour", which is at the height of its popularity. We have archived as many masterpieces as possible. First, let's organize the collection in light of the dates of the Japan tour, which was the biggest of his career.

 ・April 13th “BUDOKAN 1979 1ST NIGHT”
 ・April 14th “BUDOKAN 1979 2ND NIGHT”
 ・April 19th + 20th “DEFINITIVE OSAKA 1979”,  “ZOOM 1979 4cd”
 ・April 21st “KANAZAWA 1979”
 ・April 23rd “PRIDE” AND JOY (Budokan)”
 ・April 24th: Nippon Budokan
 ・April 27th “COMPLETE KOBE 1979”
 ・April 28th: Nagoya International Exhibition Center ←★This work ★
 ・April 30th + May 1st “MEMORIAL GYM (Fukuoka)”
 ・May 2nd: “YAMAGUCHI 1979”
 ・May 5th: Makomanai Ice Arena
 ・May 6th: Makomanai Ice Arena “JAZZ FINAL 2cd”

 *Note: Only representative works are shown on each day.
All 15 performances above. From Sapporo in the north to Fukuoka in the south, it was literally the biggest national tour of my career in terms of region and number of performances.
The Nagoya performance of this work was the 10th performance towards the end. Several recordings of this show have been known, but this work is completely different from those.
This is a completely unreleased recording that has never been released before (including different generations), and it is one of the most famous products that has been digitized directly from the original cassette. And the quality is really great. Speaking of the pinnacle of Nagoya recording, the masterpiece “NAGOYA 1979” reigns, but this work is as good as that masterpiece. It is a vintage audience with real enthusiasm, and there is a certain distance, but the clarity that makes that out of the question is exquisite.

Because it is an original cassette, the transparency is refreshing, the sound is absolutely beautiful with no dubbing marks or deterioration over time, and the long tone that stretches straight is refreshing. The real thrill of seeing the sharp outline cut through the space and approach your hand is a real thrill that cannot be experienced by a master who has lost his skills.
Although it is such a newly discovered master, why was it introduced on the Uxbridge label instead of a press edition? This is only because it was incompletely recorded. In fact, what was recorded on this new master was “Tie Your Mother Down” which was towards the end of the show. “Sheer Heart Attack,” “We Will Rock You,” “We Are The Champions,” and “God Save The Queen” were missing recordings. Of course, without the climax at the end, it would be indigestible as a musical work. Therefore, in this work, it is supplemented with “NAGOYA 1979” (in addition, two parts between songs that were tape changes are also supplemented). On the other hand, the opening part is longer in this new recording, making it the longest full live album ever. Finally, let's organize the full show while also checking the supplementary songs.

 A Night at the Opera: (6 songs) / Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to…) / I'm In Love With My Car (☆) / You're My Best Friend / Love Of My Life / '39 / Bohemian Rhapsody to the World Dedication (5 songs + α)
 News Of The World: We Will Rock You (slow/fast)/Get Down Make Love/It's Late/Sheer Heart Attack (★)/We Will Rock You (★)/We Are The Champions (★) Others (12 Song)
 Jazz: Let Me Entertain You/If You Can't Beat Them/Bicycle Race/Don't Stop Me Now (☆)/Dreamer's Ball
 Others: Somebody To Love/Killer Queen/Now I'm Here/Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together) / Brighton Rock / Keep Yourself Alive / Tie Your Mother Down (☆)

 *Note: Songs marked with a ★ have been supplemented with previously released masters. ``☆'' marks are supplementary parts other than the performance.
April marks the 45th time since I started working on this work. I never thought I would be able to discover a new live album after such a long time. Moreover, it is a famous recording that comes close to and even surpasses the masterpiece "NAGOYA 1979" which is the pinnacle. A new masterpiece that once again makes you realize the depth of audience culture. First public audience recording of the "April 28, 1979: Nagoya International Exhibition Center" performance.
This is a new recording that has never been known before, and is one of the most famous items that has been digitized directly from the original cassette. Although it is a vintage recording, it is close to the masterpiece "NAGOYA 1979", which is the pinnacle work, and surpasses it in terms of clarity. This is a new masterpiece that has been completed as a full live album by filling in the last three songs that were not recorded with "NAGOYA 1979". Live at International Exhibition Hall, Nagoya, Japan 28th April 1979 TRULY PERFECT SOUND(from Original Masters) NEW SOURCE ★Complete first appearance sound source