2 CDR
Label: Uxbridge 2148
Country: Japan.
Released: April 2024.
Recorded: Live at Seibu Stadium, Saitama, Japan 3rd November 1982.
Sound: I would assume excellent recording.
Comments:  From the last concert on this Japanese 'Hot Space' tour in late fall 1982.
The entire concert was professionally filmed and recorded. One hour was officially released on VHS in Japan ONLY. Later on laser disc and DVD. But only in Japan.
When Queen production released worldwide the DVD QUEEN 'Live at Milton Keynes Bowl' in 2004, was parts of this Seibu Stadium concert included as bonus material.
A couple of three audio songs are also included on the bonus cd, which was included when Queen production re-launched the studio catalog on cd's in 2011. All the studio cd's were released with a bonus cd.

Sale price on web pages when new, was JAP YEN 1.649   Other pages US $ 28,-
Roots: Audience recorded tape.
Time: 62:37 / 45:02

Front cover
 CDR 1
 1. Intro: Flash's Theme  (tape) ~
 2. The Hero
 3. We Will Rock You 
 4. Action This Day
 5. Play The Game
 6. Calling All Girls
 7. Now I'm Here
 8. Put Out The Fire
 9. Dragon Attack
     Now I'm Here 
 10. Love Of My Life
 11. Save Me
 12. Get Down, Make Love
 13. Guitar Solo
 14. Body Language
 CDR 2
 1. Under Pressure
 2. Fat Bottomed Girls
 3. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 4. Bohemian Rhapsody
 5. Tie Your Mother Down
 6. Teo Torriatte
 7. Another One Bites The Dust
 8. We Will Rock You
 9. We Are The Champions
 10. God Save The Queen

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Back cover
Review from internet page.

Seibu Stadium in 1982, which was the biggest show in QUEEN's history of visiting Japan. Unreleased original recordings that convey the legendary scene appear for the first time! A shocking work that has been digitized directly from the Omoto cassette has been decided for urgent release!!
What is included in this work is, of course, the "November 3, 1982: Seibu Stadium" performance.
This is an unreleased audience recording. This show is a symbolic concert of the "HOT SPACE Tour" which was broadcast on TV and is also included in the official video production "LIVE IN JAPAN". However, the Japan tour itself is nationwide, and our store has archived various masterpieces.
First of all, let's take a bird's-eye view of the entire scenery of Japan, which also serves as a collection auction.

 ・October 19th: Fukuoka City Kyuden Memorial Gymnasium
 ・October 20th: Fukuoka City Kyuden Memorial Gymnasium
 ・October 24th ``DEFINITIVE NISHINOMIYA 1982''
 ・October 26th ``DEFINITIVE NAGOYA 1982''
 ・October 29th: Hokkaido Industrial Exhibition Venue/November 3: Seibu Stadium ←★Here★

*Note: Only representative works will be shown on each day. All 6 performances above. Although the number of performances was small, it was a magnificent Japan tour that visited some of the largest venues in various regions, such as Hankyu Nishinomiya Stadium and Nagoya International Exhibition Center. The Seibu Stadium performance of this work was the highlight and final day, and it was also the final stage of the “HOT SPACE World Tour” worldwide.
This show is known for many types of audience recordings in addition to professional shots, but this work is the first appearance recording that is different from any of them. It is not at the level of ``if it was a different generation, it would have been on the market'', but it was digitized directly from the original cassette, which has never been traded. It is truly a completely shocking first thing that ``no one has ever heard before.'' Moreover, not only is it valuable, but the sound is also exquisite. Speaking of the top recording of this show, it will be the masterpiece “SPACE BOOGIE”, but this work is also wonderful.
I have to say that it is a step down in terms of core strength, but the clarity of the clear air and the fineness of the details are also second to none. There is plenty of density, which tends to be sparse in outdoor recordings, and the bass roars without being blown away by the wind. Of course, the vocals and guitars are wonderful, and the mood of the venue like a summer festival is real. What is depicted with such neat sound is a gigantic stage that will remain in QUEEN history. Unlike the pro-shot version, which was less than an hour long, this work lasts about 108 minutes, allowing you to fully enjoy the show. The set itself has a familiar feel, but it's also a good opportunity, so let's organize it while comparing it with professional shots.

 Hot Space (5 songs)・Action This Day (★)/Calling All Girls (★)/Put Out The Fire/Body Language (★)/Under Pressure Others (15 songs + α)
 ・Dedicated to the world: We Will Rock You (fast) (★) / Get Down, Make Love (★) / We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions・The Game: Play The Game (★) / Dragon Attack / Save Me / Crazy Little Thing Called Love / Another One Bites The Dust (★)
 ・Others: The Hero/Now I'm Here/Love Of My Life/Fat Bottomed Girls (★)/Bohemian Rhapsody/Tie Your Mother Down/Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)

 *Note: Songs marked with a “★” cannot be heard in the pro shot version. After this show, QUEEN, who had been rumored to be disbanding at the time, fell silent. It was about 22 months later that I returned to the stage. For us Japanese people, it was a memorable show due to its size, and it was also a turning point in the history of QUEEN. And because it's a historic show, you'll want to enjoy it as many times as you like from different seats. This work is a new excavation master that teaches you the real thrill of such audience recording.
A new masterpiece that allows you to experience the legendary Seibu Stadium with unprecedented sound. Unreleased audience recording of the "November 3, 1982: Seibu Stadium" performance. This is a masterpiece that has been digitized directly from the Omoto cassette, which will be released for the first time in the world.
It is a masterpiece recording that is close to the masterpiece "SPACE BOOGIE" which is the pinnacle work, and the heart-warming clarity is exquisite. It is a new masterpiece that allows you to experience the biggest stage in the history of QUEEN's visit to Japan, with a volume of songs that is incomparable to the official pro shot that was only about 1 hour.