2 CD

Label: Wardour 502
Country: Japan.
Released: February 2022.
Recorded: Live at Kobe Central Gymnasium, Kobe, Japan 27th April 1979.
Sound: Excellent audience recording.
Comments:  Queen  Complete Kobe 1979 (Wardour-502) is a 2CD set from Kobe Central Gymnasium, Kobe, Japan on April 27th, 1979.
Wardour previously released the 3CD set Kobe 1979 (Wardour-327) in 2019 featuring two incomplete sources. Complete Kobe 1979 utilizes a new third source for the encores which were missing in the other two recordings.
Roots: Audience recorded tape.

Front cover
 CD 1
 1. Intro.
 2. We Will Rock You  (fast)
 3. Let Me Entertain You
 4. Somebody To Love
 5. Death On Two Legs
 6. Killer Queen
 7. Bicycle Race
 8. I'm In Love With My Car
 9. Get Down, Make Love
 10. You're My Best Friend
 11. Now I'm Here
 12. Teo Torriatte
 13. Don't Stop Me Now
 14. Dreamers Ball
 15. Love Of My Life
 CD 2
1. Member Introduction
2. '39
3. It's Late
4. Brighton Rock
5. Guitar & Drum Solo
6. Brighton Rock  (reprise)
7. Keep Yourself Alive
8. Bohemian Rhapsody
9. Tie Your Mother Down
10. Encore #1
11. Sheer Heart Attack
12. Encore #2
13. We Will Rock You
14. We Are The Champions
15. God Save The Queen  (tape outro)

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Back cover

From internet page.

"JAZZ Tour Kobe" was the first experience in the world three years ago. That shocking new excavation album "KOBE 1979" has been upgraded to a full-length version. The press 2CD that permanently stores the encore part that no one has heard is born!

[New excavation of "third recording" from Kobe on JAZZ tour]
Of course, the performance of "April 27, 1979: Kobe Central Gymnasium" is included in this work. That audience recording. Speaking of "JAZZ Tour", it was a popular era that boasts the most performances in the history of QUEEN's visit to Japan, and we have archived many masterpieces at our shop. First, let's check the position of the show while organizing the collection.

・ April 13 "BUDOKAN 1979 1ST NIGHT"
・ April 14 "BUDOKAN 1979 2ND NIGHT"
・ April 19 + 20 "DEFINITIVE OSAKA 1979"
・ April 21 "KANAZAWA 1979"
・ April 23, "PRIDE AND JOY (Budokan)"
・ April 24: Nippon Budokan
・ April 27: Kobe Central Gymnasium ← ★ This work ★
・ April 28, "NAGOYA 1979"
・ April 30 + May 1 "MEMORIAL GYM (Fukuoka)"
・ May 2 "YAMAGUCHI 1979"
・ May 5 + 6: Makomanai Ice Arena
* Note: Only representative works on each day.

Above, all 15 performances. It's not perfect yet, but you can see that it's pretty well understood. The Kobe performance was discovered in 2019, the 30th anniversary of the show. The live album "KOBE 1979 (Wardour-327)", which makes full use of two types of audience recordings for the first time, has appeared, and it became a big topic that you can experience the Kobe performance that no one could hear until then. However, unfortunately the encore is not recorded even if the two types are used. It wasn't a complete experience.

Three years later, in 2022, the third "Recorder 3" was newly excavated from the Kobe performance. This is a recording that wasn't even mentioned on any collector's site and wasn't even known to exist at all. And the encore that was a phantom was also recorded there! This work is a "Kobe full album" finally realized by the excavation of "Recorder 3".

[The first full live album in history that makes full use of three types of records]
This "Recorder 3" was provided by a maniac who was impressed by the previous work "KOBE 1979", but it was not a complete recording in itself. Therefore, this work realizes a full show by making full use of three types of audience recording. Let's organize the contents here as well.

● RECORDER 1 (base of this work)
・ Early stage: From the start to "Get Down, Make Love"
・ Second half: From "Dreamers Ball" to the last "Tie Your Mother Down" of the main set
・ Middle: DISC 1's 4 songs "You're My Best Friend" "Now I'm Here" "Teo Torriatte" "Don't Stop Me Now"
・ Final stage: From waiting for encore of DISC 2 to the end of the performance

And it looks like this. The main is "Recorder 1", which is the longest and best-sounding of the three types. This was the main recording in the previous work, and it is a great recording with a monaural yet clear air and a core with a lot of direct feeling. It's a monaural recording, and at the start of the performance, I feel some distortion, and I think "I'm grateful to hear it ...", but when "We Will Rock You" begins to flow, giving up turns into joy. The sound is clear and clear. Moreover, the playing sound is bold! Of course, it's not a type that is mistaken for a sound board, it's just a vintage audience, but even so, the core without a sense of distance is approaching in front of you with the details clearly defined. There is still some swaying sound, but it improves as the show progresses, and by the time we enter the third song, "Somebody To Love," it almost disappears. It's the first perfect field in history, but it's a great sound to forget about it.

And, the other two types complement the recording omission, "Recorder 2" uses 4 songs in the middle of the show, and "Recorder 3" uses 4 songs in the encore. The full experience of this work completed in this way is enormous. Freddie's words after "We Will Rock You" "Good evening. How is it? We are happy to come back to Kobe." I feel the weight of the recording in the Japanese word "Kobe" clearly and vividly. After "Let Me Entertain You", Brian says, "How are you? It's been a while. It's been 5 or 5 years, OK." This "5 years" probably means the first performance in Kobe. Actually, it was four years ago, but the pronunciation of "Yonen" and "Gonen" is subtle and has become "Onen". It is a sound that clearly understands even such a delicate pronunciation.

And, at the end of the encore, the emotion of only the complete version explodes. After Freddie's "Goodbye!" Will be. From the scene of waiting for the whistle to call the band with the kana pronunciation "Encore! Encore!", The historical mood is perfect like an NHK documentary program. And the four who came back strummed "Sheer Heart Attack". Not only is it a live performance that I have never heard before, but the long-awaited appearance of the encore is very exciting in sync with the psychology of the audience in the field.

In the applause of thunder, this work closes with "God Save The Queen" guided by Freddie's "Good Night! Kobe Sayonara". This time, this time, I will run through the full show until the last. A full live album with a sense of humor. Please fully experience with Press 2CD that permanently preserves the precious night of Kobe.

★ Audience recording of "April 27, 1979: Kobe Central Gymnasium" performance. Previously, it was up to "Tie Your Mother Down" at the end of the main set, but the newly excavated "Recorder 3" complements the encore part. You can now enjoy the whole view of the show. The full set of "JAZZ Tour" is also delicious, but "Good evening. How is it?" "We are happy to come back to Kobe." "It's been a while. It's been 5 years and 5 years." "Kobe MCs such as "Goodbye" are also historical spectacular cultural heritage albums.