2 CD

Label: Wardour 367
Country: Japan
Released: September 2019.
Recorded: Live at the International Hall, Kobe, Japan 23rd April 1975.
Sound: Audience recording.
Comments:  From Queen's first Japanese tour. Claimed to be from a uncirculated master tape. But Wardour label released in April 2019 the same concert on a 2cd with title, "Kobe 1975 - Alternate Master" (Wardour 338).
CD 1 & 2 are identical to this new Wardour release. But, the time is a bit different, so it might be a new master tape.
Roots: Audience recorded tape.
Time: 65:20 / 41:05

Front cover
 1. Intro: Procession  (tape)
 2. Now I'm Here
 3. Ogre Battle
 4. Father To Son
 5. White Queen
 6. Flick Of The Wrist
 7. Doing All Right
 8. Medley: In The Lap Of The Gods
 9.               Killer Queen
 10.             The March Of The Black Queen
 11. Bring Back That Leroy Brown
 12. Son And Daughter
 13. Guitar Solo
 14. Band Introductions
 15. Keep Yourself Alive
 16. Seven Seas Of Rhye

 1. Stone Cold Crazy
 2. Liar
 3. In The Lap Of The Gods...Revisited
 - - - - - - - encore - - - - - -
 4. Big Spender
 5. Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll
 6. Jailhouse Rock
 7. See What A Fool I've Been
 8. God Save The Queen

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Back cover

From internet page.

This is an incident! The legendary QUEEN’s first visit to Japan has uncovered a new original master cassette. It is an emergency permanent preservation press decision!
”Recorded on the board is“ April 23, 1975: Kobe International House ”. It is the best audience recording. It is an incident just because it is the first appearance after 44 years, but the impact of this work is far from that. It was the ultimate master that surpassed the existing group in terms of both quality and recording time! ) In order to explain the contents, it is necessary to organize the existing ones. First, let’s check the position of the show on the first visit to Japan.

・ April 19: Nippon Budokan
・ 22 April “NAGOYA 1975”
・ April 23: Kobe International House ← ★ This work ★
・ April 25: Fukuoka City Kyuden Memorial Gymnasium
・ April 28 “FATAL ATTRACTION (Okayama)”
・ 29th April “TSUMAGOI 1975”
・ April 30: Yokohama Culture Gymnasium

* Only representative works for each performance.

Above, all 8 performances. It started from Budokan in about 2 weeks and went back to Budokan, but the Kobe performance of this work was the first concert of the third performance. This day is also known as the day when there are many recordings even in the first visit to Japan, and has been introduced in our many masterpieces. Let’s organize this too.

・ Recording A: Bonus CDR “LIVE IN KOBE”

・ Recording B: “DEFINITIVE KOBE 1975 (Wardour-311)”
・ Recording C: “KOBE 1975: ALTERNATE MASTER (Wardour-338)”
・ Recording D: [This work]

… and it looks like this. This is the fourth complete diff from the previous three. Each master is a masterpiece, but the individuality is different. “A” was caused by a traditional analog board, “B” was one piece with high sound quality but lacked the final stage, “C” was not as good as B, but the show’s panoramic recording was an advantage. However, the new excavation “D” has a different dimension. Although it is an original only for this work, this one has surpassed all the conventional ones. It is more natural than “A” and the sound transcends “B” and is longer than “C”.

First of all, sound. The breathtaking sound world that makes even “B”, the highest peak so far, out of the question stops. The audience is enthusiastic as if it were an audience, but the details of the details are detailed if the powerful core tears straight and the response is generous. In fact, the basic personality is similar to “B”, but the naturalness and stability of this work are higher. Only the original master has no dubbing and the freshness is ultimate and there is no shaking or distortion. In “B”, there is no chatter that was sometimes felt, and there is no swaying of glossiness that cannot be thought of as a 1975 vintage recording. Originally, re-mastering that maximizes the master’s potential even in new excavations was performed, but the new master “D” did not even need it. It was a non-remaster that just checked the pitch and exceeded the polished sound of “DEFINITIVE KOBE 1975”.
¡The impact that is equal to or greater than the sound is the length of the longest update. Before the performance and waiting for encore, the biggest topic is “See What A Fool I’ve Been” at the end. Until now, “A” and “B” were not recorded completely, and even the long “C” had a large recording leak in the first half. The precious performance that no one has ever heard can be heard in its entirety. Of course, there were cuts such as tape changes because it was a cassette recording in the 70s, but it was also a member introduction scene of about 12 seconds, so I did not cut the performance (this scene is supplemented with “DEFINITIVE KOBE 1975”) (Since the personality may be similar, the finish is so natural that you do not know where it is connected.) Strictly speaking, although there is a recording omission to save the tape waiting for the second encore, the part that was hardly recorded by the master in the first place. This work has been recorded for more than 3 minutes alone.
The contents of the show… you no longer need to repeat the number of characters. If you can keep an eye on this work, you already know the group. Enthusiasm that fist hurts in that “DEFINITIVE KOBE 1975”, highlights dipped in “KOBE 1975: ALTERNATE MASTER”, and a spectacle only for the first visit to Japan. All of them can be seamlessly experienced with higher quality sound.
“I think that many people were delusioned that“ DEFINITIVE KOBE 1975 would be the full version… ”. This work grants that delusion … No, it is an unexpected masterpiece that jumps over. Experience this new excavation of this century, with a permanent preservation press 2CD!

・ A new sound source for the ‘1975 Kobe performance that was featured. Digitalized directly from the original master cassette.

Based on a new sound source that is the top level and the longest recording sound source among the related sound sources of this Kobe performance, the missing part
Realize the longest recording by filling up the possible parts. There are several cuts between songs, but the performance part is completely recorded.

・ Sound source arrangement

・ Source 1 … Analog LP board
・ Source 2… Dressed To Kill (1CD) [Wardour-033]
   or Definitive Kobe 1975 (1CD) [Wardour-311]
・ Source 3 ・ ・ ・ Kobe 1975 Alternate Master (2CD) [Wardour-338]
・ Source 4 … This board / sound is the top level and longest recorded sound source among the related sound sources of this performance.

・ Sound quality is a dango-like mono Aud, but surprisingly it is very natural from the high range to the low range. Previously “Dressed To Kill” (1CD) [Wardour-033] or remastered version of the same sound source Definitive Kobe 1975 “(1CD) [W-311] is a bit more awkward, there are some parts that are better than this board, and there are places where the existing ones seem to be better (whether the vocals are already on?) However, the stability is definitely better than the previous ones. This time it is the first appearance, so the emphasis is on the original sound and there is almost no ikora.The recording time is considerably longer than the previous ones, the longest ever. There is also a performance part that will appear for the first time in this record (the final version of See What A Fool I’ve Been is the first completed version recording), waiting for introduction and encore waiting before the live start The part is also longer than the previous one.
W-033 and W-311 are unpaid at the end and this is longer for about 30 minutes. This is about 5 minutes longer than the source 3 W-338. Total 106 minutes after replenishment About recording.

The second encore waiting part is recorded about 3 minutes longer than the previous one (although there was almost no previous one)
On the other hand, there is a slight bruise, and there is a cut of about 12 seconds at the place where members are introduced.
This time this time is compensated with the already dressed To Kill sound source. The compensation points are almost indistinguishable.
In addition, there are 3 cuts in the second waiting for encore, but since the encore waiting part itself is almost unrecorded in the already issued board, there is no way to make up for it this time.