2 CD

Label: Wardour 519
Country: Japan.
Released: June 2022.
Recorded: Hammersmith Odeon, London, England  December 26th 1979.
Sound: Well, looks like very good ~ excellent sound. Various sound sources has been used.
Comments:  This is the latest (June 2022) release so far of this benefit concert for people of Kampuchea.
Queen did a full concert on the first day. You can read info of the 4 day of concerts here.
All 4 day's benefit gigs was professionally filmed & recorded, but never released in full, as far as I know. Many leaked footages and sound has found the way out on bootlegs (audio and video/DVD), as well on internet (you-tube etc). A 60 minute TV documentary 'Queen Special' was broadcasted in many country's in 1980 with live tracks from this concert.
A live 2lp from the concert's was released in March 1981 by Atlantic label. Haven't found other officially released albums from the gigs. Queen appears with only one track "Now I'm Here".

I don't have this 2cd, but I have found information which tells a mix from various sources.
It's claimed to be an upgrade, compared with previously released bootlegs.
As I mention, I don't have this bootleg, but Wardour label use to make nice bootlegs.
Looks like a nice release with correct layout & photos from the concert.
Roots: From various sound sources. See below for information.
Time: 55:07/ 55:02

Front cover
 CD 1
 1. Introduction  ★ Kinney
 2. Jailhouse Rock  ★ Kinney / Leaked version
 3. We Will Rock You (fast)  ★ Leaked version / TV broadcast version
 4. Let Me Entertain You  ★ TV broadcast version
 5. Somebody To Love  ★ Leaked version / TV broadcast version
 6. If You Can't Beat Them  ★ Kinney
 7. Mustapha  ★ Kinney
 8. Death On Two Legs  ★ Leaked version
 9. Killer Queen  ★ TV broadcast version
 10. I'm In Love With My Car  ★ ABSOLUTE GREATEST
 11. Get Down, Make Love  ★ Leaked version / Kinney
 12. You're My Best Friend  ★ Leaked version / TV broadcast version
 13. Save Me  ★ TV broadcast version
 14. Now I'm Here  ★ Rough MIX
 15. Don't Stop Me Now  ★ Rough MIX / TV broadcast version
 CD 2
 1. Spread Your Wings  ★ Kinney
 2. Love Of My Life  ★ Leaked version
 3. '39  ★ Leaked version
 4. Keep Yourself Alive  ★ Kinney
 5. Drum And Tympani Solo  ★ Kinney
 6. Guitar Solo  ★ Kinney
 7. Brighton Rock  ★ Kinney
 8. Crazy Little Thing Called Love  ★ Rough MIX
 9. Bohemian Rhapsody  ★ Rough MIX / Kinney
 10. Tie Your Mother Down  ★ Leaked version
 11. Sheer Heart Attack  ★ TV broadcast version
 12. We Will Rock You  ★ TV broadcast version
 13. We Are The Champions  ★ TV broadcast version

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Back cover

The cover of the officially 1981 released live 2LP.
Queen got 1 track, "Now I'm Here" on the album.

From web page.

"1979 Cambodian Refugee Relief Concert" is known as the best performance in QUEEN history. Introducing a super-upgrade soundboard that gives you the ultimate experience of the legendary stage. This is amazing !!

Of course, what is engraved in this work is "December 26, 1979 Hammersmith Odeon performance". It is the highest peak update live album. This show shines brightly in the history of QUEEN in two ways. One is that the TV broadcast pro shot was left. The other is as a highlight performance of the climax tour "CRAZY Tour". To explain the situation in that area, let's first look back on the schedule at that time (please skip it if you know it).

・ October 28-December 20: North America (35 performances)

・ January 17-March 1: Europe (28 performances)
・ April 13-May 6: Japan (15 performances)
<< June production of "THE GAME" started >>
"Released" LIVE KILLERS "on June 22"
・ August 18: SAARBRUCKEN OPEN AIR appearance
"October 5th single" Crazy Little Thing ... "released"
・ November 22-December 26: UK (20 performances) ← ★ Coco ★

This is the history since "JAZZ". The "JAZZ Tour" will end once in Japan in May 1979, but in fact there was never a show in my home country, England. A special tour will be held to fill the gap or to coincide with the release of the single "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". I circuited only my home country under the title of "CRAZY Tour". And this mini tour was a miracle. QUEEN is also known as a band with big ups and downs, but this time it is an exception. All the performances with records are in good shape with "Zetsu". Even in the show where only the memorandum remains, the words of excited fans are erupting, and it is said to be a "big hit for all performances". There are other terrific tours such as Europe in 1982, but the "CRAZY Tour" is a tour that has hit the threat probability of "0% loss rate". Even in such a miracle tour, the highlight was the Cambodian Refugee Relief Concert ... In other words, the Hammer Smith performance of this work.

And this work is a sound board album that conveys such a historical concert. It is a complete live album assembled by overseas core enthusiasts using all kinds of materials. Here, let's list the materials.

● Sound board recording
・ A: Sound board sound of TV broadcasting
・ B: Sound board sound of leaked pro shot
・ C: Outflow rough MIX / outtake
・ D: Streaming sound source for the best board "ABSOLUTE GREATEST"
● Audience recording
・ E: Prestigious Kinney's superb recording "Wardour-405"

The above four types. "A" and "B" are famous classics (you can also enjoy them in our "HAMMERSMITH ODEON 1979: THE VIDEO"), and "E" is also a press masterpiece "HAMMERSMITH ODEON 1979 LEGENDARY MASTER TAPES (Wardour-405)". Thing. "C" is a sound board sound board of a temporary mix that was excavated in commemoration. And "D" was released when the official best board "ABSOLUTE GREATEST" was released. It was a distribution video that can be accessed only by those who purchased "ABSOLUTE GREATEST" of "LP version" or "deluxe version with books".

This work is a full live album by assembling these 4 types of sound sources, but the reason is different from just squeezing. It is a work of art finished with extraordinary precision and a degree of stiffness. To get a feel for that, let's take a look at the breakdown of the sound sources used.

● Single sound board song
・ TV broadcast version: Let Me Entertain You / Killer Queen / Save Me / Sheer Heart Attack / We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions
・ Leaked version: Death On Two Legs / Love Of My Life / '39 / Tie Your Mother Down / God Save The Queen
・ ABSOLUTE GREATEST version: I'm In Love With My Car
・ Rough MIX: Now I'm Here / Crazy Little Thing Called Love
● Matrix songs between sound boards
・ TV broadcast version & leaked version: We Will Rock You (Fast) / Somebody To Love / You're My Best Friend
・ TV broadcast version & rough MIX: Don't Stop Me Now
● Kinney recording songs used
・ Kinney recording only: Introduction / If You Can't Beat Them / Mustapha / Spread Your Wings / Keep Yourself Alive-Each Thoreau Brighton Rock
・ Kinney & leaked version: Jailhouse Rock / Get Down, Make Love
・ Kinney & Rough MIX: Bohemian Rhapsody

...... How about this complexity? As mentioned in the following songs, you can understand that multiple sound sources are used in one song and the finish is complicated. And the real awesome thing is that this is a perfection that you can hear naturally. Normally, even with the same show sound board, if the source is different, it feels strange, but in this work, songs are played one after another without noticing the joint. Furthermore, it connects beautifully to Kinney's audience recording. Originally it is of superb quality, but it is not only used to complement the missing songs, but also used as a matrix to add lively sounds and cheers to the directly connected sound board.

Actually, the enthusiast who produced this sound source seems to have challenged the same style many times. Every time a sound source is excavated, the degree of perfection is improved and the quality is also improved. Therefore, he is familiar with the details of the show and the characteristics of the sound source. With the excavation of the full recordings of Rough MIX and Kinney, we finally arrived at a complete version that was sufficient for publication.

A "miracle concert soundboard album" that every enthusiast would dream of. This work is a permanent preservation of the dream crystal. If you've been following the history of sound sources, you'll be impressed by the accuracy of the enthusiasts you've produced, but what's even more important is that it's "QUEEN's masterpiece live album". A dream masterpiece created by numerous excavations and enthusiasts' obsession. Please enjoy it with Press 2CD.

★ Stereo soundboard recording of the legendary super-famous performance "December 26, 1979 Hammersmith Odeon Performance". A complete live album that uses various sound boards such as professional shots, leaked sound sources, and official distribution, and also makes full use of the super-famous recording of the prestigious Kinney. Editing accuracy by overseas enthusiasts is an extraordinary dimension, and multiple sound sources are matrixed even within one song, and the connection is seamless and very natural. It is a dream full live album that realizes the "miracle concert soundboard album" that everyone dreams of.