2 CD

Label: Wardour 576
Country: Japan.
Released: October 2023.
Recorded: Live at Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, California USA,  December 20th, 1977.
Sound: Excellent audience recording.
Comments:  From taper Mike Millard master tapes. Excellent sound quality.
'Wardour' label released this recording for first time in January 2021 (Wardour 455). This release claimed to be an upgrade in the sound. Anyway, this is a brilliant audience recording done by Mr. Millard.

Roots: Mike Millard's audience recorded tapes.
Time: 57:30 / 54:47

Front cover
 CD 1
 01. Intro.
 02. We Will Rock You (slow, tape intro)
 03. We Will Rock You (fast)
 04. Brighton Rock
 05. Somebody To Love
 06. Death On Two Legs
 07. Killer Queen
 08. Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
 09. I’m In Love With My Car
 10. Get Down Make Love
 11. The Millionaire Waltz
 12. You’re My Best Friend
 13. Liar
 14. Love Of My Life
 15. ’39
 16. My Melancholy Blues
 CD 2
 01. White Man
 02. The Prophet’s Song
 03. Guitar Solo
 04. The Prophet’s Song  (reprise)
 05. Now I’m Here
 06. Stone Cold Crazy
 07. Bohemian Rhapsody
 08. Keep Yourself Alive
 09. Tie Your Mother Down
 10. We Will Rock You
 11. We Are The Champions
 12. Sheer Heart Attack
 13. Jailhouse Rock
 14. God Save The Queen

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Back cover

INFO from internet page.

A brush-up of the legendary recording that received great acclaim as “a miraculous excavation” and “the best masterpiece of QUEEN guest records”! Introducing a press 2CD that permanently preserves the highest peak updated sound refined through detailed mastering of “GRAF ZEPPELIN”.

[A miraculous recording created by the combination of MILLARD x QUEEN] The best masterpiece was recorded at “Long Beach performance on December 20, 1977.” Yes, it is a super superb audience recording left by the absolute master Mike Millard. This recording was discovered in 2020 by the prestigious “JEMS”. It was one of the works of the Millard excavation project. However, the sound was so wonderful that its impact spread beyond the scope of mirrored collectors. There was a storm of praise from the QUEEN collector community, with comments such as “I’ve never heard such amazing sound” and “This is the pinnacle of all QUEEN audiences!” Our last album “Wardour-455” was also a big hit. This work is an upgraded version that dramatically updates the height of such top-notch recording.
First of all, the show’s position due to the quality of the rain. Speaking of “1977 QUEEN/Millard recording”, there is also the senior record “L.A. FORUM 1977 2ND NIGHT (Wardour-407)” that was discovered earlier, but the significance of the sound source is actually completely different. First, let’s take a look at the overview of the activities at the time and confirm the positional relationship between them.

・January 13th – March 18th: North America #1 (40 performances) ← *L.A. FORUM 1977
・May 8th – June 7th: Europe #1 (19 performances)
《“Dedicated to the World” released on October 28th》
・November 11th – December 22nd: North America #2 (26 performances) ←★Here★
・April 12th – May 13th: Europe #2 (20 performances)
《July-October “JAZZ” production》

This is the overall picture of “A DAY AT THE RACES Tour” and “NEWS OF THE WORLD Tour”. While “L.A. FORUM 1977 2ND NIGHT” is a masterpiece of the former “A DAY AT THE RACES Tour”, this work was recorded as “North America #2” of the latter “NEWS OF THE WORLD Tour”. This “North America #2” also left behind the iconic super masterpiece “ULTIMATE HOUSTON 1977 (Wardour-246)”, but this work was also released nine days later.

[Upgrade with extraordinary precision mastering] Now, onto the main topic. What kind of sound does this work have?
It was too perfect from the first release “Wardour-455”, but this work has been remastered by “GRAF ZEPPELIN” once back to the original. He honed it with his usual obsessive precision. Pitch/phase does not allow deviations of even 1/1000 seconds, and the balance is adjusted after band analysis. We find out even the minute details of whether or not you can hear various noises such as hiss, hum, and gaps, and treat them according to their characteristics. As a result, when dust accumulates, it becomes a mountain. Thanks to each small improvement in accuracy, this work has certainly updated its all-time high. Of course, the previous album “Wardour-455” still sounds perfect on its own, but when I listen to it compared to this work, I feel that there is something different.

“Something different” sounds too weird, so I’ll give you an easy-to-understand point: the sound of the piano. Actually, the pitch of this recording was slightly different at the beginning, middle, and end of the show. I don’t know whether it was during recording or at the transfer stage, but it probably shifted slightly each time the recording tape changed sides. Of course, the discrepancy is so small that you wouldn’t notice it just by listening to it, and the prestigious company “JEMS” who was actually in charge of the excavation didn’t notice it either, and only made consistent pitch adjustments throughout the album.
This minute pitch difference is easy to understand in the piano sound. For example, “Somebody To Love”. Subtle discrepancies resulted in slight irregularities, vibrations, and distortions. If you have the previous edition, you will probably feel that it is a natural sound for AUD without thinking it is strange. However, when you listen to this well-organized album, you realize, “Ah, this is the right one.” And that “certain piano sound” remains the same in “Somebody To Love” at the beginning and “Bohemian Rhapsody” at the end. Mastering with extraordinary precision and a mirrored sound so delicate that that precision is clearly reflected… it is an upgrade that requires both together.

“NEWS OF THE WORLD Tour” is full of absolute masterpieces, including “We Will Rock You” and “We Are The Champions.” This is a miraculous live album where you can experience “North America #2” at its peak performance. Recording by the absolute master Millard, the tremendous excavation power of the prestigious JEMS, the meticulous mastering of the paranoid GRAF ZEPPELIN, and the live performance of QUEEN, which has been described as the “first climax.” Each element is the pinnacle, and everything interacts to create a new masterpiece that opens up new horizons. Please enjoy it anytime and forever with the permanent preservation press 2CD.

★Excellent audience recording of “December 20, 1977 Long Beach Performance”. GRAF ZEPPELIN has refinished Millard’s masterpiece, which was once highly acclaimed as the “best of QUEEN’s guest records,” and has updated it to its highest peak. This is the birth of the greatest masterpiece of all time, which has reached the ultimate level of perfection as a musical work, without overlooking the (minor) pitch deviations on each side of the tape, which had been overlooked until now.