2 CD & 1 DVD

Label: Masterworks  MWOA 013
Country: Japan.
Released: July 2021.
Recorded: Innuendo recording session. For the most in 1990 & 1991.
Sound: Excellent professional studio recordings.
Comments:  Collection of recording session tracks from the 'Innuendo' 1991 studio album. The last one with Freddie, before his tragic death in November that year.
I don't have this 'box', but it look's that all tracks are taken from officially available releasing's.
A bit unsure of the remix versions. Which recordings they actually are taken from.
'The eYe' is a PC game, which was officially released.

there is another similar release of this INNUENDO box, with a sub-title 'Extracts' (2cd & 2dvd's).
Some sales lists have these two boxes gathered in one sale package.
Roots: From various sources.

Front cover
 CD 1
 1. Innuendo  (Extended Version)
 2. I'm Going Slightly Mad  (Hybrid Mad Remix)
 3. Headlong  (Extended Version)
 4. I Can't Live With You  (Extended Version)
 5. Don't Try So Hard  (Extended Version)
 6. Ride The Wild Wind  (Hybrid Extended Remix)
 7. All God's People  (Extended Version)
  8. These Are The Days Of Our Lives  (Extended Version)
 9. Delilah  (Remix)
 10. The Hitman  (Remix)
 11. Bijou  (Extended Version)
 12. The Show Must Go On  (New Remix)
 13. Headlong  (Radio Edit)
 14. Innuendo  (Explosive Version)

 CD 2
 1. Innuendo
 2. I'm Going Slightly Mad
 3. Headlong  (The eYe Version)
 4. I Can't Live With You  (The eYe Version)
 5. Don't Try So Hard
 6. Ride The Wild Wind  (The eYe Version)
 7. All God's People
 8. These Are The Days Of Our Lives
 9. Delilah
 10. The Hitman  (The eYe Version)
 11. Bijou
 12. The Show Must Go On  (The eYe Version)

 13. I'm Going Slightly Mad  (The eYe Version)
 14. The Hitman 1&2  (The eYe Version)
 15. Bijou  (The eYe Version)
 16. The Show Must Go On  (Naked Version)

 I'm Going Slightly Mad
 I Can't Live With You
 Don't Try So Hard
 Ride The Wild Wind
 All God's People
 These Are The Days Of Our Lives
 The Hitman

 The Show Must Go On

  Multiple Selections Audio
 1) Remaster Stereo 2) Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround 3) Instrumental Karaoke Tracks 4) Vocal Main Tracks

 I'm Going Slightly Mad  (Edit Version)
 Headlong  (Edit Version)
 I Can't Live With You  (Edit Version)
 Ride The Wild Wind
 All God's People  (Edit Version)
 These Are The Days Of Our Lives  (Edit Version)
 Don't Try So Hard  (Edit Version)
 The Hitman  (Edit Version)
 Bijou  (Edit Version)
 The Show Must Go On

 NTSC 16:9 (4:3) Dolby Digital Stereo / 5.1 Surround x 4 Audio Stream time approx. 53min.
 ORIGINAL ANALOG AUDIO ALBUM   NTSC 16:9 LPCM Stereo time approx. 48min. 

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Back cover

Review from Internet.

Queen Ultimate Album Thorough Study Series “Expanded Collector’s Edition” Studio Album Series Latest! Freddie’s last released 1991 album “Innuendo” is now available in two titles, “ARTIFACTS” (2CD + 1DVD) and “EXTRACTS” (2CD + 2DVD)!

In the first edition of “ARTIFACTS” (2CD + 1DVD), 2CD contains new remixes and remasters of all songs of the album and instrumental albums of all songs of the album. For DVDs, the “audio album” and the original analog format (edit version) at that time allow you to select and compare four types of multi-audio by selecting multi-audio for all songs lyrics video as in the previous series. Also recorded with an audio album by. The shocking news that Freddie Mercury died less than 10 months after the album was released ran around the world and recorded the number one on the charts of the UK and other European countries.

Freddie’s last studio album in his lifetime, with five singles from the album released one after another. It is the latest title of the ultimate expanded collector’s edition attention series that records and delivers all related sound sources and videos as the “ultimate album thorough research series” that digs deep into the album as before! !!

[Collector’s Point] Freddie’s last album “Innuendo”, which will be released for two consecutive titles as Queen’s ultimate album thorough research series. In the “ARTIFACTS” edition (2CD + 1DVD), the same as the previous series, CD1 contains all the album songs New Remix & Remasters and the instrumental album of all the album songs. It is an original edited album that you can enjoy the difference from the regular album. In addition, CD2 contains instrumental albums of all songs from the album. All songs from “The eYe” released as interactive media are also included. As with the previous series, the DVD has lyrics that flow in real time as an “audio album” for all songs, remastered stereo with multi-audio selection, 5.1 surround mix, instrumental tracks, and vocal main. Recorded with 4 types of audio option specifications that allow you to select and compare tracks.
This section allows you to verify the sound source by comparing maniac listening. Furthermore, unlike regular CDs at the time of album release, the original analog format, which includes many edited versions due to time constraints, is also recorded as an audio album. This “ARTIFACTS” edition is a multifaceted compilation of the sound source variations of the album “Innuendo”, and the promotion and video related items are included in the “EXTRACTS” edition.