2 CD

Label: Direct Current DC 001     
Country: Japan
Released: November 2005
Recorded: Jissenrinri Kinen Hall, Kanzawa, Japan  April 21st. 1979           
Sound: Very good audience recording.
Comments:  New concert available on the market. Japanese 'JAZZ' tour. The only recording I have found from this concert.
Roots: From audience recorded tape.

Front cover

We Will Rock You  (fast)
Let Me Entertain You
Somebody To Love
Medley: Death On Two Legs
             Killer Queen
             Bicycle Races
             I'm In Love With My Car
Get Down Make Love
You're My Best Friend
Now I'm Here
Teo Torriatte
Don't Stop Me Now
Dreamers Ball
Love Of My Life
It's Late
Spread Your Wings
Brighton Rock
Keep Yourself Alive
Bohemian Rhapsody
Tie Your Mother Down
Sheer Heart Attack
We Will Rock You
We Are The Champions
God Save The Queen....(tape)


      Inside front cover

                 Inside back cover

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