Killer Queen Multitrack Master  

 2 CD 

Label: Multitraxx Records-003
Country: Japan
Released: December 25th. 2008
Recorded: 1974 studio recording.
Sound: Excellent studio recording.
Comments:  It's looks like copies of the masters tape has leaked out of the Queen archive, and ended up on this 2cd release.
Actually a pirate, since this is basically is an officially released track.
Personally, I don't find this 2cd so interested. It's not of interest for me to make my 'own version' of this nice song. This 2cd cost me US$ 50,-. I'm not sure it's worth it, even it's a silver pressing. This is nothing you play for your friends. I'm still a bit unsure why this is released this way as all. Could be interested for studio engineers to make mixes of the track, but why?
Roots: Multi track tapes.

Front cover

 Disc 1
 1. Kick 
 2. Snare
 3. Tom 1
 4. Tom 2
 5. Bass 1
 6. Bass 2
 7. Bass 3
 8. Room
 9. Piano L
 10. Piano R
 11. Harpsichord
 12. Misc
 Disc 2
 1. Guitar 1
 2. Guitar 2
 3. Guitar 3
 4. Guitar L
 5. Guitar R
 6. Guitar end solo
 7. Vocal
 8. Chorus 1
 9. Chorus 2
 10. Chorus 3
 11. Chorus 4
 12. Chorus 5


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