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Label: Wardour 303
Country: Japan
Released: December 2018
Recorded: Wembley Stadium, London England  July 13th. 1985.
Sound: Audience & excellent professional recording.
Comments:  From the Japanese 'Wardour' label. But have in mind that you have this live Aid recording on the officially QUEEN released DVD 'Rock Montreal'.
Anyway, looks like a nice bootleg release. The first section has an audience recording of the Queen set that day. First time I've seen this available.
Also included are the broadcasted set, + Brian & Freddie which do the acoustic track 'Is This The World We Created?' at the end part of the day.

NOTE: Some copies comes with a dvdr with the television live broadcast.
Roots: From a audience recorded tape, and from a professionally recording source, radio broadcast or from the officially DVD release. I'm not sure. I don't have the cd.
Time: 45:47

Front cover

Original Audience Recording
 1. Intro
 2. Bohemian Rhapsody
 3. Radio Ga Ga
 4. Day-O 
(Freddie's crowd jam)
 5. Hammer To Fall
 6. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 7. We Will Rock You
 8. We Are The Champions 

Stereo FM Broadcast Recording
 9. Intro
 10. Bohemian Rhapsody
 11. Radio Ga Ga
 12. Day-O 
(Freddie's crowd jam)
 13. Hammer To Fall
 14. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 15. We Will Rock You
 16. We Are The Champions 

Freddie Mercury & Brian May
 17. Is This The World We Created? 

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Back cover

DVDR cover

The audience cassette

Review from the net.
The legendary stage “Wembley Stadium on July 13, 1985” highlighted by the big hit of the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. The ultimate master who recorded the scene of that “LIVE AID” is the world first exhibition.
This stage is no longer an explanation legend in the legend. Although it was omitted in the movie, it is a worldwide bashing to South Africa performance, a big boo in rock in Rio, and discord between members. Those who had been driven to the point of dissolution with full creativity creation reversed everything in only one stage. Not only the four members but also tens of thousands of spectators gathered together, it was a legendary show that they played Elton John “You were eaten by you”. The pattern is also reproduced in movies. Although it is a movie with a pros and cons story, the scenes of reproduction of that highlight are also motivated by everyone, and it is also the driving force of a big hit.
It was such a legendary show, but the document of the spectator viewpoint has not been known so far. Perhaps it was not thought that most days would be recorded as it was relayed all over the world, but there are exceptions in everything. Among the 72,000 people gathered at the scene, there was a person turning the tape. Moreover, that person is a Japanese. Yes, it was a staff of the prestigious “Kinney”. This work is one such big decision board that set FM sound board which is regarded as the world’s highest peak still in addition to such first world released Kinney master. It is the first live album ever to taste that legend stage from “band side” and “audience side”.

【First half: Original master of prestigious Kinney】
First of all, the recording of a shocking kinney. Hidden treasure in the treasure that was unpublished until today due to television and radio broadcasting. I made CD directly from its original cassette.
That sound is exactly the story of Kinney Magic. Of course, the breath of the workplace is also a realistic audience recording, but the sense of air is transparent, the performance and the singing voice jump straight in hand. And the freshness unique to the original master is overwhelming. Perhaps it has been almost never played for 33 years since recording. Dubbing deterioration and aged deterioration are scarcely seen, neither distortion nor flapping. Until a huge cheering outrageous sound is finally overturning.
It is “audience side LIVE AID” that is drawn with that sound. Elton also stands in the midst of enthusiasm for accepting defeat. The thing you do not want to be wrong here is that you are not bothered by bizarre screaming (never!). Although we can feel the excitement of 72,000 people together, there is no strange voice and no talk is heard. Feeling like being in an empty space completely empty in the middle of a furious excitement. I can not imagine that there is such space even if I look at the picture, but the sound sounds like that.
And that enthusiasm is wonderful. Although cheering from the appearance of four people, Freddie boils at once at a stroke when Freddie strikes the intro of “Bohemian Rhapsody”. A vast chorus bursts out finely. Its thickness and beauty. Although it was a touching scene in movies and television broadcasting, the sense of standing on the scene was just like another dimension. The madness of the skin does not stop, it is the moment when it gets softer.
That hot presence is not destroyed. The subsequent “Radio Ga Ga” also has a great excitement, although at that time it should have been the new number yet, 72,000 people can not stop chanting. And that gigantic “Day – O” intercourse. The cheers that caught randomly until last time follow Freddie, but what is phenomenal is that orderly control. Freddie’s voice passes as if no one talked about my own lyrics, and I will return it with a chord undisturbed. It seems like the usual sight, but there are 72,000 people gathered here. Although the sense of scale is understood in the thickness of the voice to return, its synchro rate is about to think that it is a hall class. And, “Hammer To Fall” starts. In the middle of that, suddenly laughter and cheerless swells crawl. Actually, at this time Freddie is playing around with the TV broadcast camera. There are also people who memorize scenes in which the face will be lit up in a live broadcast and disturbed, but at that moment the Wembley pot was also boiling. The truth of LIVE AID, which I could not tell as much as watching on TV or on the radio, got tangled with neat sounds.
The boiling pot is full of clapping hands with “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” even dancing performance, finally reaching the top with “We Will Rock You”. Boiling in that intro replaces the explosion, everyone in the pan inscribes the rhythm. However, the 72,000 beats eventually exceeded the performance of the band, and the clapping drifts crazy. To that much audience energy is enormous, so that simple rhythm is crazy enough so that it goes crazy. And such a chaos is briskly arranged in a moment with Freddie’s singing out. This is the dreadfulness of Freddy Mercury who could manipulate every crowd in a row. No matter how big it is, this place is not just a place of fuss and not a riot. It is a moment that is felt by QUEEN and it is realized that it is a scene of a concert accompanying Freddie.
The enthusiasm of that vertex does not get hurried, and it moves to “We Are The Champions”. This take is too good. Fevery’s enthusiasm of the deep penetrates in the middle of that deeply thick thick chorus swirling with a consistent sense of unity. The extension of the voice and streets, and the power of Vivrato. There is overwhelmingly as much. Usually it is after the full set singing at the concert, but this day is highlight with less than 20 minutes from the opening. I do not remember the weak “We Are The Champions” which is so striking whether it is successful or not. Singing voice impressed through space, synchronizing beauty with huge chorus. This is beyond TV and radio broadcasts again. Although it is a continuation of miracle from the head to the end, this 3 minutes 52 seconds is a miracle in the miracle.
It keeps watching as tired as ever, and it is 21 minutes 12 seconds of the legend which I also confirmed in the movie. That scene was so wonderful. This is a miracle of reality. The scene. It is a new excavation master of a miracle that teaches us the moment without feeling twice with skin sensation.

【Latter half: highest peak stereo · sound board】
In the second half that follows, full sound board recording that is pushed for “best” and grand prix from mania. “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and “We Will Rock You” that were not used in the movie were not recorded, but in addition to the complete version of the show, only Freddy and Brian on that night (21: 48) You can enjoy “Is This The World We Created?” That re-appeared and played with the highest peak sound.
Of course, this show is officially made into DVD, but those who are supposed to be “the best” from maniacs are those of FM broadcasting at the time. Separately, there is not a problem with the sound quality of the official DVD, is it instead of covering a big cheer with a stereo feeling? The localization of the performance was closer to the center, and it was hardened as it was almost monaural. On the other hand, the FM sound board is live only, the audience’s play is thin (although it still gets excited enough to enter), the performance and singing voice itself is super vivid. “Radio Ga Ga” Intro synth sounds flow from the right, John Deacon’s chorus singing from the left properly. The first half of Kinney recording was the leading role in the workplace, but this soundboard is a live album that can be synchronized with QUEEN himself.
Also, listen to “Is This The World We Created?” In the evening section. Although we play only with two people, howling frequently occurs from the intro and the mix is ​​unstable. We get into the conversation of the staff on the way. Although it is a broadcast accident which can not be thought in modern times, this is also a big project of unprecedented unexplainable beyond the limit of the 1980s. It is one song that you can realize how the main stage of the day was miraculous while that sense of era is real.

“QUEEN of LIVE AID” which continues to attract the world even if it exceeds the time of 33 years. A new excavation audience recording that can experience the scene and a close contact stereo sound board of the highest peak ever. It is a historical live album that contains two vertex records.
The reproduction scene of the movie was also a wonderful entertainment, but this is the real thing of a miracle. Please, please enjoy at any time with permanent preservation press CD.

Live at Wembley Stadium, London, UK 13th July 1985 PRO-SHOT
The main press CD is a live album by the finest excavation kind master of the world and the highest peak soundboard that mania can also recognize. It is a decision board that conveys real genuine "stage of miracle" with vertex quality. However, its true figure is left in the video. So we also prepared a professional shot collection which should also be called video footage of this press CD as a bonus.
What is contained in this work is three pro shots related to LIVE AID. Let's introduce each one.
【The highest peak pro shot of mania production (with intro)】
First of all, it is the highest peak version produced by overseas mania. As you know, this stage is an official DVD, and all appearances of QUEEN are recorded. Naturally, the official product has been considered the highest peak, but this work surpasses it as well. The image itself is the same as the official DVD, but the one that is upgrading is speech. The superb stereo sound board broadcasted on the FM radio used also in the main press CD is being synchronized.
The workmanship is wonderful when scales fall off with eyes and ears. Although I mentioned in the commentary of this volume, although the official DVD feels the cheer spectacle, the performance itself was small with a flat plate. However, in this work, you can experience the performance of miracles with a stereo feeling up to the brilliant of FM broadcasting. What's even wonderful is three-dimensional. Because it is a stereo, Brian May's cutting also sounds split cleanly without hitting the synth, and even with the audience, it is even closer to Freddie's voice. Of course, it also includes 'Is This The World We Created?' Which was played with Freddie and Brian re-appearing at night (21: 48) as well as at the main stage from the evening (18: 41).
This synchro version has been introduced as a gift DVDR before, but this work is a longer longest version. It also contains scenes introducing QUEEN. Here British comedians dressed as policemen: the late Mel · Smith & Glyph · Lease · Jones appeared. It boasts 72,000 people. Calling QUEEN humorously while frightening with a terrible big cheer, Freddie will lead to "that scene" that runs swiftly. The full length version of this talk scene is not included in the official DVD, and it can not be listened to in the main press CD as well (even in audience recording, only one voice). It is a valuable scene that not only maximizes quality but also enhances the mood of the show.
【Japan's best broadcast master】
Next time it will be the live version Proshot. It is also the highest peak master of the Japanese broadcast version. The master who was treasured by the recording mania of those days, there is no tape stretch or elongation, and the image flowing out there is no distortion at the edges of the screen which can be said as fate in analog video. 33 years despite a previous air check, it overflows without Domo stop stunning visual beauty not even a single white line noise. This recording mania dubbed only once to see it repeatedly, and kept the original in later life important. The love of such Coremania was one that I could leave.
It's the spectacle that I revived at that highest peak while fighting with a sleepy at midnight. While waiting for "QUEEN's turn is still there?", Actually when the CM opened it was from the middle of "Bohemian Rhapsody". That "I came!" And a sense of disappointment. Katakana · telop of a typeface with a taste that is quite different from modern PC fonts. That typeface tells us is a brief history of the band and "one of the banks that treats fund-raising number 03-359-1000 is Fuji Bank, Mitsubishi Bank, Sumitomo Bank, Daiichi Kogyo Bank." If you miss a 9-digit phone number, there are a number of bank names that are no longer left ...... They flow even with their normal looks. Indeed, "that night" 31 years ago, "that time" will revive as it was then.
And during the venue with "We Will Rock You" ... While the whole world is united on live broadcasting, suddenly it is cut with a commercial. A wonderful performance like a dream disappeared with Hu, that moment. The feeling of that time when the surprise of "that!!" And the excitement witnessed at the same time as QUEEN with live broadcasting did not have "finished commercial early!" It is a picture that is surprised even by the fact that the feelings of Has which had been forgotten before a long time still remained in this chest.
The longest pro shot of the rehearsal.
Lastly, the rehearsal of LIVE AID drawn also in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. Unlike movies, I will not confess HIV infection (this is a film's original modification effect), but I can attend a rehear just before a miracle occurs. Brian of a short bread is also a famous pro shot, this work is the longest version which lasts about 11 minutes and half. Master freshness is also exquisite and there are almost no dubbing traces, and it is a superb picture with no sense of incongruity even if it continues after the main part of the official video.
That performance is amazing. I do not know how far I felt the response of the resurrection at the stage of the rehearsal, but Freddie was a really powerful singing, Brian also made a mistake in the production) "Bohemian Rhapsody" guitar solos too Decide. What's even more amazing is the action of "Radio Ga Ga" and "Hammer To Fall". It is powerful as if a large crowd were visible, just as it was. As a result, LIVE AID became a miracle stage, but that was not a coincidence. A great reversal play that their ambition was invited. It is a pro shot that I can witness behind the scenes.
Reproduction of the craft It was impressive also in the movie, but it is the real QUEEN that is packed with this work. And, Freddie Mercury himself. One piece that assembled the spectacle with the highest peak version. Please witness the genuine miracle once again with the main press press CD that was newly discovered in the miracle.