2 CD

Label: VSCD 4621
Country: Japan, but pressed and printed in Taiwan.
Released: December 2023.
Recorded: Live at Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan  May 9th 1985.
Sound: Excellent audience recording.
Comments:  The 2nd date on this 5 dates Japanese 'The Works' tour in May 1985. This was the last Queen tour in Japan.
Sale price when new UK 24.58 on web pages.
Roots: Audience recorded tapes.

Front cover
 CD 1
. Tear It Up
 3. Tie Your Mother Down
 4. Under Pressure
 5. Somebody To Love
 6. Killer Queen
 7. Seven Seas Of Rhye
 8. Keep Yourself Alive
 9. Liar
 10. Impromptu
 11. It's A Hard Life ~
 12. Day-O  (Freddie's crowd jam)
 13. Dragon Attack
 14. Now I'm Here
 15. Is This The World We Created?
 16. Love Of My Life
 CD 2
 1. Guitar Solo ~ Brighton Rock
 2. Another One Bites The Dust
     Mustapha  (vocal intro only) ~
 3. Hammer To Fall
 4. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 5. Bohemian Rhapsody
 6. Radio Ga Ga
 7. I Want To Break Free
 8. Jailhouse Rock
 9. We Will Rock You
 10. We Are The Champions
 11. God Save The Queen

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Back cover

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This Japanese 2CD contains performances from May 9, 1985, the second day of Nippon Budokan 2 DAYS, which is known among fans as a masterpiece, from Freddie's sixth and final performance in Japan! A series that selects high-quality live sound sources. Treasure Ark!

The highlight of Freddie Mercury's 6th performance in Japan, which was his last stage in Japan, was the Budokan 2 DAYS on May 8th and 9th, 1985.
Contains the performance on the 9th, the second day. At the Osaka performance on the 15th, which was Freddie's last performance in Japan, Freddie was not in good shape, but his performance at Budokan was spectacular and is known among fans as a masterpiece.
There were a total of 5 performances in Japan at this time, and the Budokan performance was on the first and second day.

The 11th was held at the Yoyogi Olympic Pool, and since 1992, it has been released on VHS and LD only in Japan under the title ``Final Live In Japan.'' The 13th is at the Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium. The final was scheduled to be held at Osaka Castle Hall on the 15th. It is said that the Budokan 2DAYS performance was better on the 8th, but there are no recordings left in very good condition.

On the other hand, although the 9th is not as good as the 8th, the quality of the performance is not bad, and it fully conveys the potential of the band Queen. Freddie's love for Japan is well known, and even on this day, he used Japanese in his opening greeting, saying, ``Konnichiwa! Ikagadesuka!'' In addition, the audience often sings in English, and the song ``Love Of My Life'' is played on an acoustic guitar, and even the audience's voices are recorded, making you feel like you're actually there at the venue, and you're filled with emotion.
It really shows how much both Queen and the Japanese customers care for each other. This is the last time these four people will be at Budokan. It's the kind of sound source that makes you feel sentimental in many ways.
Release/Distributor Provided materials (2023/11/01)