2 CD

Label: Alive And Alive
Country: I guess Europe, but might be a Japanese production.
Released: September 2019
Recorded: CD 1: Live in Paris, France  February 28th. & March 1st. 1979.
CD 2: Live at Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan  April 25th. 1979.
Sound: Very good ~ excellent soundboard sound. Paris from archive video, Tokyo are from a Japanese television broadcast.
Comments:  A 2cd bootleg with sound from videos. Paris '79 is a raw archive video which has been shown on some early Queen conventions (QTV). The Tokyo is the sound from a part of the filmed concert at Budokan Hall in Tokyo on April 25th. 1979. This part was later broadcasted on Japanese television.
You can find copies with OBI which is normal in Japan, but it might not be a Japanese production.

A bootleg DVD called "We'll Give You Crazy Performance" from 2008 included all this recording. So this 2cd has might use that DVD as sound source, but I'm not sure of this. All in all, it doesn't matter that much. I just mention it.
Roots: Raw archive video & television broadcast.

Front cover
 We Will Rock You  (fast)
 Le Me Entertain You
 Somebody To Love
 Fat Bottomed Girls
 You're My Best Friend
 Now I'm Here
 Don't Stop Me Now
 Mustapha  (intro only)
 Spread Your Wings
 Dreamer's Ball
 Bohemian Rhapsody
 Tie Your Mother Down
 Sheer Heart Attack

 1. We Will Rock You  (fast)
 2. Let Me Entertain You
 3. Killer Queen
 4. Bicycle Race
 5. I'm In Love With My Car
 6. Teo Torriatte
 7. Keep Yourself Alive
 8. Don't Stop Me Now
 9. Bohemian Rhapsody
 10. We Will Rock You
 11. We Are The Champion

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Back cover with OBI

Front cover with OBI