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Label: Wardour 445
Country: Japan.
Released: November 2020.
Recorded: Empire Theatre, Liverpool, England 1st. November 1974.
Sound: Audience recording.
Comments:  From the "Sheer Heart Attack" UK tour at the end of 1974. Se below for more info,
A 'bonus' cdr is enclosed with the sticker cd. This bonus contains the Cologne recording on the same tour.
Roots: Audience tape recording.
Time: 54:03

Front cover
 1. Intro: Procession  (tape)
 2. Now I'm Here
 3. Ogre Battle
 4. Father To Son
 5. White Queen
 6. Flick Of The Wrist
 7. Medley: In The Lap Of The Gods
 8.              Killer Queen
 9.              The March Of The Black Queen
 10. Bring Back That Leroy Brown
 11. Son And Daughter
 12. Keep Yourself Alive
 13. Seven Seas Of Rhye
 14. Big Spender
 15. Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll

 Bonus 'not on label' 1 CDR Front sleeve.
Live Cologne, Germany 1974.
 Back sleeve on the bonus 1 CDR.

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Back cover
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Sticker on cover. Bonus cdr enclosed separate.

From internet.
QUEEN in 1974, when the single “Killer Queen” showed signs of a first hit and the door to the world was about to open. Introducing a new excavation master who can experience such a dawn site. It was “November 1, 1974 Liverpool performance” that was imbued with such a work. It is the excellent audience recording.
The biggest point of this work is that you can experience the precious “SHEER HEART ATTACK TOUR” on site. In other words, the timing of the show is essential. First, let’s look back on the schedule at that time and check the position.

 ● 1974
 “October 21 single” Killer Queen “released”
 ・ October 30th-November 7th: UK # 1 (8 performances) ← ★ Coco

 ★ “November 8” SHEER HEART ATTACK “released”
 ・ November 8th-November 20th: UK # 2 (11 performances) ← * Official LIVE AT THE RAINBOW ’74
 ・ November 23-December 13: Europe (11 performances)

 ● 1975
 ・ February 5-24: North America # 1 (16 performances)
 ・ March 5-April 6: North America # 2 (21 performances)
 ・ April 19-May 1: First visit to Japan (8 performances)

This is the whole picture of “SHEER HEART ATTACK TOUR”. They were working hard on “QUEEN II TOUR” until May 1974, and produced “SHEER HEART ATTACK” from summer to early autumn. We started the tour with the release of the leading single “Killer Queen”. The album “SHEER HEART ATTACK” was released early on, but the Liverpool performance of this work was before that. It was the third concert of “UK # 1”. In addition, we have introduced the first day of the tour (October 30th) as “MANCHESTER 1974”, but no recording is left for the second performance.
This work is the next live album of “MANCHESTER 1974”. Although it was known that the stage at the very beginning of the tour had recordings for a long time, the length of less than 30 minutes was not a satisfactory thing, and the sound was quite severe. However, very recently, a new master of about 54 minutes long & major upgrade sound has been unearthed. That is this work. In fact, the sound is incomparably improved. The conventional master was also clear and noiseless, but the tape deteriorated severely. I could barely hear Freddy’s singing voice from the voice quality, and I could hear the singing voice from a distance, “I’m sure the recording itself is good, but this is the state …” and sighed. However, this work is completely different! The place where the glossy core penetrates is the same, but it is powerful and stable, and it even feels like the recording position itself is closer to 10 meters or more.

Moreover, this work further brushes up such a new excavation master. It is the highest peak board that pursues the maximum potential. The up is also intense. The point is the transparency of the air, which sorts out the sounds that tend to be a little cloudy. The silent part praises the depth of jet black, and the outline that rises from it is clear and clear. Not only Freddie alone, but even if the chorus overlaps thickly, you can clearly hear each word of the lyrics, and the thickness itself is not rounded, but you can feel the beauty and dynamism of harmony. Digital mastering is not magic, and there are many things that cannot be changed depending on the individuality of the original sound, but in the case of this work, the compatibility was very good. If you know the original sound of the internet, you will be surprised that “This is really the same recording !?” It has been reborn so beautifully. What is drawn with such an unexpected sound is a group of masterpieces unique to the early days that has been greatly increased. Here, for core enthusiasts who know the old master, let’s organize while paying attention to the increase.

 ・ Queen of Dread (2 songs): Son And Daughter / Keep Yourself Alive
 ・ Queen II (6 songs): Procession (★) / Ogre Battle (★) / Father To Son (★) / White Queen (As It Began) (★) / The March Of The Black Queen / Seven Seas Of Rhye
 ・ Sheer Heart Attack (5 songs): Now I’m Here (★) / Flick Of The Wrist / In The Lap Of The Gods (★) / Killer Queen / Bring Back That Leroy Brown
 ・ Others: Big Spender / Modern Times Rock’n’ Roll * Note: “★” marks are songs that the old master could not listen to. … And it looks like this. Since the old master was only in the second half of the show, the “QUEEN II” number that was played in the first half has been greatly increased. Of course, the live version itself was also heard on the official edition “LIVE AT THE RAINBOW ’74”, but the performance of this work is completely different. Freddie is especially wonderful. To be honest, “LIVE AT THE RAINBOW ’74” wasn’t in good shape probably because of the last day of the UK tour, but this work is in great motivation and condition in the third performance.
Although the new song is rough because it hasn’t been mastered yet, the vocalization itself grows comfortably, and you can hear plenty of flexible expressiveness. It is a new excavation of a valuable and valuable live album that lets you experience the very early days of “SHEER HEART ATTACK TOUR” on-site. The ultimate evolution that will surprise not only those who know the old master, but also those who have experienced the original sound version of the new master. Please enjoy it to your heart’s content with the permanent storage press CD.

★ Excellent audience recording of “November 1, 1974 Liverpool performance” which will be 3 performances of “SHEER HEART ATTACK TOUR”. A new master of about 54 minutes, which greatly exceeds the old master of less than 30 minutes, is newly excavated. The sound has also been significantly upgraded, and the mastering unique to this work is also extremely effective. The crystal clear air shine, and the contours that rise in it are clear and clear, and not only Freddie alone but also the chorus can be heard clearly word by word even if it overlaps thickly. The thickness itself is not rounded, but it is felt as the beauty and dynamism of harmony. This is a valuable live album where you can experience a show that is in great shape, which is far better than the official version “LIVE AT THE RAINBOW ’74”.