2 CD & 1 DVD

Label: Masterworks  MWOA 016 CD1/2  DVD1
Country: Japan.
Released: January 2022.
Recorded: For the most from 'The Miracle' (89), and 'Innuendo' (91) recording sessions. But also included early recording from the eighties included part of solo recordings.
Sound: For the most excellent.
Comments:  'Made In Heaven' is Queen's last studio album released in 1995. Around 4 years after Freddie's death. Original this last album including the last recording with Freddie which was done around the time 'The Miracle' (89), and 'Innuendo' (91) recording was done.
This box contains a collection of these songs, but re-mixed etc. See info behind the tracks.
Some tracks was use as single b-side etc. Some songs are from early sessions. Some vocals are taken from Freddie's solo 'Mr. Bad Guy' (84-85) recording session.
Price on internet by time of the release are 4900 Japanese yen. Other prices are ofcaurse around.

Another similar release was released in December 2021, contains tracks around the same sessions.
Same title, but with sub-title 'Sunrise' edition.
Roots: For the most from 'The Miracle' (89), and 'Innuendo' (91) recording sessions.

Front cover
 1. Itís A Beautiful Day  (Composite mix)
 2. Made In Heaven  (Extended remix)
 3. Let Me Live  (Naked remix)
 4. Mother Love  (Red special intro mix)
 5. My Life Has Been Saved  (Final remix)
 6. I Was Born To Love You  (Extended version)
 7. Heaven For Everyone  (Freddie & The Cross version)
 8. Too Much Love Will Kill You  (Remix)
 9. You Donít Fool Me  (Edited version)
 10. A Winterís Tale  (Cosy fireside remix)
 11. It's A Beautiful Day  (Reprise, Ross Robertson DJ korma mix)


 12. Have A Nice Day  (fan club mesage)
 13. Take Another Piece Of My Heart (Let Me Live)
       (with Rod Stewart) (demo)
 14.  Too Much Love Will Kill You  (The eYe version)
 15. Made In Heaven  (studio experience remix)

 16. Mother Love  (studio experience remix)
 17. Heaven For Everyone  (Freddie & Roger duet remix)
 18. Love Kills  (symphonic remix)
 19. There Must Be More To Life Than This  (w/ Michael Jackson - demo)

 1. You Don't Fool Me  (dancing divaz club mix)
 2. You Don't Fool Me  (late mix)
 3. You Don't Fool Me  (sexy club mix)
 4. You Don't Fool Me  (Freddie's club mix )
 5. You Don't Fool Me  (Freddie's revenge dub)
 6. You Don't Fool Me  (Queen for a day mix)
 7. You Don't Fool Me  (BS project remix)
 8. You Don't Fool Me  (BS project remix - edit)
 9. You Don't Fool Me  (Queen forever megamix)
 10. No One But You (Only The Good Die Young)  (speed correct)
 11. There Must Be More To Life Than This  (w/ Michael Jackson - extended mix)
 12. Let Me In Your Heart Again  (William Orbit - extended mix)

 Itís A Beautiful Day

 Made In Heaven
 Let Me Live
 Mother Love
 My Life Has Been Saved
 I Was Born To Love You
 Heaven For Everyone
 Too Much Love Will Kill You
 You Donít Fool Me
 A Winterís Tale
 It's A Beautiful Day  (Reprise)

 Heaven For Everyone  (unused footage)
 Heaven For Everyone  (early edit)
 Heaven For Everyone  (original promo)
 A Winter's Tale  (unused footage)
 A Winter's Tale  (English TV edit)
 A Winter's Tale  (Director's cut)
 A Winter's Tale  (clean version)
 A Winter's Tale  (final version)
 Made In Heaven  (Unused Footage)
 Made In Heaven  (Album TVCM)
 Made In Heaven  (Album Documentary)
 I Was Born To Love You  (Freddie Version)
 I Was Born To Love You  (Alternate Takes)
 I Was Born To Love You  (Queen Version)
 Love Kills  (Wolf Mix)
 Too Much Love Will Kill You  (Brian Version)
 No One But You (Only The Good Die Young)  (Original Promo)
 No One But You (Only The Good Die Young)  (Making)
 Let Me In Your Heart Again  (Original Promo)
 Let Me In Your Heart Again  (William Orbit Mix)

 NTSC 16:9 (4:3) Dolby Digital Stereo time approx. 67+81=148min.

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Back cover

 From Internet page.

An alternate album consisting of all songs from the album, including remixes and extended versions!
 ★ Additional songs not included in the album such as the new song "No One But You" announced later!
 ★ Includes valuable demo sound sources with Michael Jackson, related demo sound sources, unreleased songs, and outtakes!
 ★ DVD video collection covering all album song video + promo video including alternate & making!

Queen's ultimate album thorough research series "Expanded Collector' s Edition"
The latest series that will be the final title of the studio album! The last album "Made in Heaven", which was produced after Freddie's death and released in 1995, appears in two titles,

- "SUNRISE" (2CD + 1DVD) and
- "SUNSET" (2CD + 1DVD)

"SUNSET" edition (2CD + 1DVD) has different contents from the "SUNRISE" edition, and the 2CD has "Alternate Album = Remix and" which reproduces all the songs of the album with remixes and different versions of the sound source. "Re-masters" . In addition, the "SUNRISE" edition includes unrecorded demo sound sources and angry club mixes.

Also included are new unreleased songs  "No One But You" and "Let Me In Your Heart Again" released under the name of Queen after the album "Made in Heaven". And on the DVD, in addition to the video album that visualizes all the songs of the album mainly on the promo, it is a "video collection" such as different versions of editing of many promo videos, making, unreleased cuts, etc. Queen's last original studio album created from the sound source left mainly by modifying the track recorded after the production of Freddie's last album "nnuendo" and replacing the performance of the member's solo work. This is the second latest title in the series that attracts attention in the Ultimate Expanded Collector's Edition, which records and delivers related sound sources and videos together as the "Ultimate Album Thorough Research Series" that digs deep into the album as before. !! !!

[Collector's Point] The album "Made in Heaven" produced after Freddie's death, which will be released for two consecutive titles as Queen's ultimate album thorough research series. In the second "SUNSET" edition (2CD + 1DVD), all songs of the album are remixed and reconstructed with different versions of the sound source with different editing contents from the first. In the extra, a short but valuable co-starring demo of Rod Stewart and Freddie and a demo sound source with Michael Jackson are also recorded. "You Don't Fool Me", which has many variations, is recorded together with the angry club mix.
You can hear and compare the fun of a bold remix that is far from the original song. And the DVD contains a video album by visualizing all the songs of the album based on the promo video. A spectacular memorial track of over 20 minutes recorded without credit at the end of the album is also visualized. In addition, the promotion videos related to "Made in Heaven" and up to the new songs released after that, including different versions of the many edits of the promotion videos and making videos, etc., are recorded together. Like the previous series, it is a must-see video collection for collectors.