Officially QUEEN live CD & DVD albums

Note: This is just the 'first' pre-work on this page. Singles, videos etc contains live tracks will be added later.
Rainbow 74, Montreal 81, Budapest 86 are also out on VHS video. Montreal on DVD.

In Japan, EMI Toshiba has released 2 live concert for the Japanese marked ONLY.
Live in Japan (Tokyo, Nov 3rd. 1982. 60 minute) and Final Live in Japan 1985 (Tokyo, May 11th. 1985. around 90 minute).

More info later.

Queen + Paul Rodgers has a live DVD + 2cd out from the Sheffield concert on May 9th. 2005.

On March 29th. this year. EMI Toshiba in Japan will released a live DVD with their concert in Tokyo at
SAITAMA SUPER ARENA on October 27th. 2005. This is a JAPANESE only release, but I'm sure some records shops will import it. will do. They play some different track in Japan. Fire & Water, Teo Torriatte & I Was Born To Love You.

 LIVE KILLERS (2lp & 2cd)  Released 1979 
 Live from various gigs in Europe in 1979.
 This is cover from the European 2cd release.
 LIVE KILLERS (2lp & 2cd)  (Released 1979) 
 US Hollywood record version. Released in 
 LIVE MAGIC (1lp & 1cd)  Released 1986
 Live Europe 1986. (Most from Knebworth, Queen's LAST concert).  

 LIVE AT WEMBLEY '86 (2lp &2cd)  Released 1992
 Live at Wembley Stadium, London on June 12th. 1986.
 Part of this concert was released on VHS video in 1987.   
 In 2003, this concert was released in full on DVD.
 LIVE AT WEMBLEY STADIUM  (2cd)  Released 2003
 Live at Wembley Stadium, London on July 12th. 1986.
 This Hollywood record version, has 4 bonus tracks from other shows in '86.   
 Also released on DVD in 2003. Same time as on 2cd.

In 2011, 25years since the concert took place, Queen Production re-releaset this concert on DVD included 2cd and DVD of the show on July 11th. Both show was pro-filmed and recorded.
 LIVE AT THE BOWL 2cd & 3lp  Released 2004
 Live at Milton Keynes Bowl, England June 5th. 1982.
 Also available on DVD.

ROCK MONTREAL  2cd, 3lp + DVD & Blu-ray.
DVD & Blu-ray included LIVE AID 1985 Queen performance.

Live at Montreal Forum Nov 24 & 25 1981.
The DVD & Blu-ray missing 'Flash' & 'The Hero' tracks. But,they are includen in the 2cd & vinyl release. Audio disc has complete show. Well, both showe was pro-recorded & filmed, but I'm not sure how this has been produced. Mix from both dates seams to me, to be more natural to do.
 Queen + Paul Rodgers live in Sheffield 2005.

HUNGARIAN RHAPSODY  DVD & Blu-ray, available with 2cd of full show in 'deluxe' versions.
Basicly a DVD & Blu-ray production, but you can get 2CD if you buy the de-luxe versions whic included cd.
The 2cd's are not releaased seperately so far.
Note the DVD & Blu-ray doesn't included complete show. The 2cd's included the
FULL show.

Live in Budapest 1986.

  LIVE AT THE RAINBOW  1cd & 2cd, DVD & Blu-ray + 2lp & 4 lp box set.
Deluxebox set also available.
Live at the Rainbow Theatre,London November 19 & 20 1974. (cd & DVD)
And live at the Rainbow Theatre, London March 31st. 1974. (cd only)
Released seperatly on DVD, Blu-ray, 2cd (both shows) & 1cd (Nov show)

  A NIGHT AT THE ODEON   1cd, 2lp, 1 DVD & Blu-ray & deluxe box set.
Live at the Hammersmith Odeon, London UK on December 24th. 1975.


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