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Label: VSCD4619
Country: Japan.
Released: 20 December 2023.
Recorded: Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan  May 15th. 1985.
Sound: Excellent audience recording. NOT a radio broadcast as info from web pages say's.
Comments:  From Queen's last concert in Japan. From their Japanese 5 date's 'The Works' tour in May 1985.
This concert are available on a handful vinyl's & cd's. The source of this release is probably taken from a previously cd release. Might be taken from 'Yeah Yeah Yeah' 2cd.
The cover version of Elton John's "Saturday Nights Alright" is more than less an improvised version. Freddie only sings the title throughout the song. A bit strange they played it on a Wednesday night, usually they only played it on Saturday concerts.
Have in mind, that this is a audience recording. NOT a radio broadcast as some information on web pages say's.
The sale price as new is euro 21.30, on a Japanese mail order page.
Roots: Audience recorded tape.

Front cover
 CD 1
 1. Intro: Machines  (tape) ~
     Tear It Up
 2. Tie Your Mother Down
 3. Under Pressure
 4. Somebody To Love
 5. Piano Improvisation ~ The March Of The Black Queen ~
                                              My Fairy King ~
 6. Killer Queen ~
 7. Seven Seas Of Rhye
 8. Keep Yourself Alive
 9. Liar
 10. Vocal Improvisation
 11. It's A Hard Life
 12. Day-O  (Freddie's crowd communication)
 13. Dragon Attack
 14. Now I'm Here
 15. Is This The World We Created?
 16. Love Of My Life
 17. Guitar Solo ~
       Brighton Rock  (end part)

 CD 2
 1. Another One Bites The Dust
 2. Mustapha 
(vocal intro only) ~
     Hammer To Fall
 3. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 4. Saturday Night's Alright
 5. Bohemian Rhapsody
 6. Radio Ga Ga
 7. I Want To Break Free
 8. Jailhouse Rock
 9. We Will Rock You
 10. We Are The Champions
 11. God Save The Queen

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Back cover

Review from web page.

The last day of Freddie Mercury's sixth performance in Japan, which was Freddie Mercury's last stage in Japan, the performance at Osaka Castle Hall on May 15, 1985 is recorded as a broadcast sound source! A series that selects high-quality live sound sources, Treasure Ark!

Broadcast sound source of Freddie Mercury's performance at Osaka Castle Hall on May 15, 1985, the final day of his sixth performance in Japan, which was Freddie Mercury's final stage in Japan.

For Queen, 1985 was a turning point in their career. Although Queen had some hit singles in the 1980s, changes in music trends were beginning to make them look old.

The singles "Radio Ga Ga" and "Break Free (Departure to Freedom)" from the 1984 album "The Works" were hits in South America and other countries. The works tour began on August 24, 1984 in Brussels, Belgium.

In October 1984, they performed nine performances in South Africa under apartheid. Despite requests from the United Nations and the British Musicians' Union to cancel, Queen faced international criticism, but the first "Rock Festival" held in January 1985 was held after this. In Rio" was broadcast on TV all over the world, and its popularity revived. Six months later, in July, the now legendary "Live Aid" stage was held.

This performance in Japan in 1985 was the final of the "Works Tour", and 5 performances were held between May 8th and 15th, 1985, between the two festivals. It was a period of great ups and downs for the band, and the relationship between the members deteriorated, and there was talk of the band being on the verge of disbanding, but Freddie said during the MC, ``Today is the last day of the tour, thank you,'' and Freddie... I'm sure no one could have imagined that this would be their last performance in Japan. This is a memorable record of one night that you should listen to at least once in Japan, where there are many passionate Queen fans. Contains Freddie Mercury's final performance in Japan, which was his last stage in Japan!