2 CD & 1DVD

Label: Masterworks  MWSP2301 CD1/2 DVD1
Country: Japan.
Released: July 2023.
Recorded: Live at Velez Sarfield Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1st March 1981.
Sound: I will guess more than less excellent pro-recording. (From television).
Comments:  Looks like a nice 'Masterworks' release from the March 1st 1981. This is the 2nd concert the band played on this South American 1981 'The Game' tour. Also the second concert in Argentina.
This concert was also filmed & recorded by national television and radio as well (unsure radio), like the first concert the day before, February 28th.
The first concert on Feb. 28th, has been heavily pro-bootlegged on vinyl, cd & dvd over the years by various bootleg labels, using many titles. To many to mention.
But, this concert from March 1st., is the first time I have found it out on a pro-bootleg. I might take wrong about 'not released on bootleg before', but I can't remember I've seen this concert out before. The info below, says that the quality of this release is excellent.

"Rock Argentina-Complete Master Edition" that recorded the 81-year South American tour that became the largest in Queen's live history! A must-listen must-see collector's edition definitive edition with the longest version 2CD of the March 1 performance complete recording by the latest AI stereo remastered for the first time and the original re-edited pro shot TV broadcast complete version DVD!
Roots: From Argentina national television, well unsure of national. Might be a regional TV station.

Front cover
 CD 1
 1. Stage Announcement
 2. Intro: Thunder & Lighting  (tape)
 3. We Will Rock You  (fast)
 4. Let Me Entertain You
 5. Play The Game
 6. Somebody To Love
 7. I知 In Love With My Car
 8. Get Down Make Love
 9. Need Your Loving Tonight
 10. Save Me
 11. Now I知 Here
 12. Vocal Improvisation
 13. Dragon Attack
 14. Now I知 Here  (reprise)
 15. Fat Bottomed Girls
 16. Love Of My Life
 CD 2
 1. Keep Yourself Alive
 2. Drum Solo
 3. Guitar Solo
 4. Flash
 5. The Hero
 6. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 7. Bohemian Rhapsody
 8. Tie Your Mother Down
 9. Another One Bites The Dust
 10. Sheer Heart Attack
 11. We Will Rock You
 12. We Are The Champions
 13. God Save The Queen  (tape, end of the concert)

 Intro: Thunder & Lighting  (tape)
 We Will Rock You  (fast)
 Let Me Entertain You
 Play The Game
 Somebody To Love
 I知 In Love With My Car
 Get Down Make Love
 Need Your Loving Tonight
 Save Me
 Now I知 Here
 Vocal Improvisation
 Dragon Attack
 Now I知 Here  (reprise)
 Fat Bottomed Girls
 Love Of My Life
 Keep Yourself Alive
 Drum Solo
 Guitar Solo
 The Hero
 Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 Bohemian Rhapsody
 Tie Your Mother Down
 Another One Bites The Dust
 Sheer Heart Attack
 We Will Rock You
 We Are The Champions
 God Save The Queen  (tape, end of the concert)
 - - - - - - extra - - - - - - - -
 NTSC 16:9 (4:3) Dolby Digital Stereo time approx. 114min.

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Back cover

Inside cover

SOUTH AMERICA BITES THE DUST TOUR 1981 Live at Velez Sarfield Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1st March 1981

★ Latest AI stereo remix & remastered soundboard for the first time! 2 CDs containing the longest version of the concert complete version without voice over at the time of broadcasting.

★Pro-Shot TV broadcast complete version DVD that has been re-edited wit h the best video quality! Two versions of the latest AI stereo remastered so und source and original TV monaural sound source are recorded with audio options.
Documentary at the time of TV broadcasting is also added.
The 1981 South American tour, which became the largest and most epoch making tour in Queen's live history. From February to March 1981, the tour was titled "SOUTH AMERICA BITES THE DUST" and held 7 performances i n Argentina and Brazil.

It became an unprecedented record tour. The enthusiasm for the first South American tour as a queen is that each performance is broadcast on local TV and radio, and images and sound sources are left, but the full version on the radio broadcast on the first day of Argentina on February 28 is still available. It is familiar, but in the video, the only performance where all the concerts were broadcast live on TV at that time is the second performance in Argentina on March 1st. The live TV broadcast that conveys the enthusiasm at the stadium with more than 60,000 people is a must-see live video, but the broadcast format was unique to the live broadcast, with the announcer's comments throughout the concert interfering between songs.

In this "Rock Argentina-Complete Master Edition", the first appearance sound source converted from the original monaural sound source to the stereo sound board with the latest AI remix & remaster based on the sound board master complete version that is not a TV broadcast sound source Recorded on 2 CDs.
It is a complete version from the unedited master t hat is longer than the TV broadcast, and of course the whole concert is recorded without any voice-over that disturbs the inter-songs. The video on the DVD contains a complete version of the original re-edited professional shot with the best video quality based on multiple video materials including T V broadcasts at the time and rebroadcasts.

It is the definitive version of the latest updated video that surpasses the video DVDs and distribution videos that have been on the market in the past. In addition, the documentary before the main part at the time of TV broadcasting was additionally recorded a s a bonus video. In addition, two versions of the latest AI stereo remastered sound source and original TV monaural sound source similar to CD are recorded with audio options. It is a specification that allows you to compare and watch the difference in editing content and quality, and you will be able t o feel the difference in the latest remastered sound and video, which has in creased presence and power compared to the video that was circulating in the past.

The concert in Argentina, which was under a dictatorship at the time, is a historical performance that is still handed down. It is the latest collector's edition title that will be the latest edited definitive edition of attention from the 1981 South American tour, where the Queen has reached its pea k and performed the best performance! !