Label: MRJ Records 001
Country: Holland
Released: 1997
Recorded: Geneva, Switzerland 1990 (Not 100% sure).
Sound: Excellent stereo soundboard, from a pro-filmed video.
Comments:  One of the few concert which was PRO-filmed. I've been told from a gig in Geneva 1990. April has been named, as the time of the gig. A bootleg VHS video is released with thesame name & cover as this cdr bootleg. Now you can also find DVDR of this show.
This cdr is a edited sound from the boot video with same name. 50 numbered copies made. Burned on gold cdr. (old type). Not sure where exactly recorded Not even exact concert date. More than less a privat production.
Cover is offset printed (not inkjet).
Roots: From a boot video.

Front cover

In Charge Of My Heart
Top Of The World Ma
Closer To You
Cowboys And Indians
Penetration Guru
Power To Love
Liar (not the Queen song w/same name)
Heaven For Everyone
Better Things
Man On Fire
Old Men (lay down)
Sister Blue
Strange Frontier
Foxy Lady
Final Destination

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Back cover