2 CD

Label: Wardour 518
Country: Japan.
Released: June 2022.
Recorded: Johanneshovs Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden 12th April 1978.
Sound: Audience recording. I will guess around very good ~ excellent sound.
Comments:  Claimed to be an upgrade of the sound compare with previously bootlegs from this concert.
I don't have this 2cd, so I can't confirm, but Wardour label use to give correct information.
Correct photo & cover layout used.
From the European 'News Of The World' tour.
Roots: Audience tape recording.
Time: 62:59/ 50:01

Front cover
 CD 1
 1. We Will Rock You  (slow)
 2. We Will Rock You  (fast)
 3. Brighton Rock
 4. Somebody to Love
 5. Death On Two Legs
 6. Killer Queen
 7. Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy
 8. I'm In Love With My Car
 9. Get Down Make Love
 10. The Millionaire Waltz
 11. You're My Best Friend
 12. Spread Your Wings
 13. It's Late
 14. Now I'm Here
 15. Love of My Life
 16. '39
 17. My Melancholy Blues
 CD 2
 1. White Man
 2. Vocal Improvisation ~ Guitar Solo
 3. The Prophet's Song  (part II)
 4. Stone Cold Crazy
 5. Bohemian Rhapsody
 6. Keep Yourself Alive
 7. Tie Your Mother Down
 8. We Will Rock You
 9. We Are the Champions
 - - - - - encore - - - - - -

 10. Sheer Heart Attack
 11. Jailhouse Rock

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Back cover

From WEB page.

An upgrade of the traditional recording that conveys "NEWS OF THE WORLD Tour's best super-famous performance". Introducing a permanent storage press CD!

The great performance was realized at "April 12, 1978 Stockholm performance". It is an excellent audience recording that captures the whole story. Speaking of "NEWS OF THE WORLD Tour", it is a tour that spans 1977/1978, and its symbol is the super masterpiece "ULTIMATE HOUSTON 1977 (Wardour-246)". Let's check what kind of position this work will be in such a situation from the schedule at that time.

● 1977
"October 28," NEWS OF THE WORLD "released"
・ November 11-December 22: North America (26 performances) ← * ULTIMATE HOUSTON 1977
● 1978
・ April 12-May 3: Europe (15 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
・ May 6-13: UK (5 performances)
<< Production of "JAZZ" started in July >>

This is the process from the release of "NEWS OF THE WORLD" to the production of "JAZZ". "ULTIMATE HOUSTON 1977" was a record of the "North America" ​​leg at the beginning of the tour, but this work is the "Europe" leg of 1978 when the year changed. It was a concert on the first day. This show has been known for its famous recordings, and the existing ones have been known as a standard. This work is based on the famous recording, but also utilizes another recording. It is the highest peak update board that has been further refined by meticulous mastering.

Actually, it is a master planned and produced by an overseas core enthusiast, but its sound is certainly the highest ever. Not only is it connected for the longest time, but the brush-up accuracy of each sound source is excellent. As anyone who has experienced the sound source already knows, the pitch is significantly off, and the sound is doubled in "My Melancholy Blues" and "Keep Yourself Alive". Although I was able to know Freddie's explosive tension, it was a type that required the audience to get used to it in order to immerse himself innocently. However, if such a defect remains, it cannot be overlapped with another sound source. Therefore, the enthusiast who produced this work thoroughly cleaned up both sound sources. It stabilizes quickly and then compensates for the stereo feeling. Matching is done on that.

The resulting sound is a sharp sound with a powerful core extending straight in the middle of a clear atmosphere. It's not so close that it's mistaken for a sound board, but the playing sound and Freddie's singing voice are as pleasant as a laser beam, and the subtleties are extremely vivid. Above all, the sense of stability due to the mastering of the whole enthusiast is exquisite, and even if the notes of four people overlap, you can enjoy it without mixing.

The upgrade sound is drawn with a great enthusiasm that is no different from the rumor. The set is also different from the "North America" ​​leg, so let's organize it while comparing it with "ULTIMATE HOUSTON 1977".

● Night of Opera (7 songs)
・ Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to ...) / I'm In Love With My Car / You're My Best Friend / Love Of My Life / '39 / The Prophet's Song / Bohemian Rhapsody
● Dedicated to the world (7 songs + α)
・ We Will Rock You (Fast) / Get Down Make Love / Spread Your Wings (★) / It's Late (★) / My Melancholy Blues / We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions / Sheer Heart Attack
● Others (11 songs)
・ Shear Heart Attack: Brighton Rock / Killer Queen / Now I'm Here / Stone Cold Crazy
・ Brilliant race: Somebody To Love / Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy / The Millionaire Waltz / White Man / Tie Your Mother Down
・ Others: Keep Yourself Alive / Jailhouse Rock
* Note: The "★" mark is a song that could not be heard even in the symbolic work "ULTIMATE HOUSTON 1977".

And it looks like this. The balance with "A NIGHT AT THE OPERA" and "NEWS OF THE WORLD" as the two axes seems to be at that time, but more important than that is the explosive performance. Perhaps because of the first day of the tour, I sometimes make a big mistake in the lyrics of "We Will Rock You", but that's what the mistake is. The singing voice grows comfortably, and Vivrat and Shout are free. In some places, I put a fake (upward!) As if I was trying a good throat, but there is still plenty of room. It is said that Freddie himself is more pleased than anyone else for the first time in such a good condition, and you can do whatever you want, such as inserting an improvisation in the intro of "Somebody To Love" or changing the singing style with "Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy". .. Also, "Spread Your Wings" and "It's Late", which you couldn't hear in "ULTIMATE HOUSTON 1977", are the highlights regardless of their value. In the previous year, there were many days when I managed to manage it painfully, but in this work there is plenty of room.

And Freddie, who is in great shape, skips between songs. I started "Bright on Rock" while saying "Madame, what should I play? Keep Yourself Alive?" , Here and here. Thank you! " Of course, Freddie's good mood is transmitted to other members. You can see that the tension on the first day is well transformed into concentration.

Because the first day went so well, the next day's Copenhagen performance was just as good. Even in the "NEWS OF THE WORLD Tour", it was a "miracle two days". The Copenhagen performance was enjoyed with "DEFINITIVE DENMARK NEWS (Wardour-109)", but this work is an upgrade album that should be called "the first part that has been delayed". A new masterpiece that has been brilliantly fruited by mastering the whole body by overseas enthusiasts. Please enjoy it with Press 2CD that will not lose its brilliance forever.

"NEWS OF THE WORLD Tour" An excellent audience recording of "April 12, 1978 Stockholm performance" known for the best performance. An upgrade master produced by an overseas enthusiast, the highest peak update board that makes full use of two sound sources. You can experience the best Freddie's rampage without the pitch shift and sound duplication that you have already seen. Please enjoy the two days of miracles together with "DEFINITIVE DENMARK NEWS (Wardour-109)" the next day.