2 CD

Label: Masterworks
Country: Japan.
Released: August 2023.
Recorded: Various pre-Queen tracks from members early work.
Sound: For the most excellent.
Comments:  A remarkable collection that summarizes the 60's sound source that became the origin of Queen! Excavated sound sources such as valuable demos and live performances before the formation are now available in the latest edited remasters! A must-listen collector's edition full of treasure sound sources! !
But, all in all. This 2CD is a nice choice to get a collection of pre-Queen members music works.
Roots: Well, all known tracks, which is available on other pro-cd's or similar formats.

Front cover

Back cover

CD 1
SMILE (Brian May, Roger Taylor & Tim Staffell)
1. Earth
2. Step On Me
3. Doing All Right
First Smile Studio Sessions - June 1969 (Stereo Remix)
4. April Lady
5. Blag
6. Polar Bear
Second Smile Studio Sessions - September, 1969 (Stereo Remix)
SMILE = Tim Staffell (vocals, bass), Brian May (guitar, vocals), Roger Taylor (drums, vocals)

IBEX - LIVE (Freddie Mercury)
7. I'm So Glad
8. Communication Breakdown
9. Rain
10. We're Going Wrong
11. Rock Me Baby
12. Stone Free
13. Jailhouse Rock
15. Vagabond Outcast
16. I'm Going Home
Live At The Sink, Liverpool, U.K. September 9th 1969
IBEX = Freddie Bulsara (Mercury) (vocals), Mike Bersin (guitar), John Taylor (bass), Mick Smith (drums)

WRECKAGE (Freddie Mercury)
17. Green
Rehearsal Tape 1969

18. Vehicle
19. Sunny
20. Transit 3
Recorded at Beck Studio in Wellingsborough Acetate 1970
THE OPPOSITION / THE ART = Dave Williams (guitars), Richard Young (keyboards), Nigel Bullen (drums), Alan Brown (vocals), John Deacon (bass)

21. Buona Serra
22. Just A Little Bit
23. What's On Your Mind
24. I'll Go Crazy
Johnny Quale and The Reactions EP Acetate 1966

THE REACTION (Roger Taylor)
25. In The Midinght Hour
featuring Roger Taylor Vocal / The Reaction Acetate 1966
CD 2
THE REACTION (Roger Taylor)
1. I Got You (I Feel Good)
featuring Roger Taylor Vocal / The Reaction Acetate 1966

THE REACTION - LIVE (Roger Taylor)
2. The Game Of Love
3. Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shout
4. Watcha Gonna Do About It
5. Slow Down
6. Respect
7. I Got You (I Feel Good)
8. It's Gonna Work Out Fine
9. Land Of A Thous and Dances
Live at Truro City Hall, Truro, Cornwall, England either July or October 1966
JOHNNY QUALE AND THE REACTIONS / THE REACTION = Johnny Grose (a.k.a. Quale) (vocals), Graham Hankins (guitar), Jim Craven (bass), John "Acker" Snell (saxophone), Mike Dudley (guitar), Roger Taylor (drums)

1984 (Brian May)
10. Hold On, I'm Coming
11. Knock On Wood
12. N.S.U.
13. How Can It Be
14. Step On Me (Take 1)
15. Purple Haze
16. Our Love Is Drifting
17. Remember
18. Sweet Wine
19. Get Out Of My Life Woman / Satisfaction
20. My Girl
21. Step On Me (Take 2)
Thames Television Demo Tape March 31st 1967
1984 = Brian May (guitar), Dave Dilloway (bass), John Garnham (guitar/vocals), Richard Thompson (drums), John Sanger (piano), Tim Staffell (vocals/harmonica)

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★Archive sound sources such as valuable demos and live performances left in the 60's before the formation of Queen are recorded for each member.
Many interesting cover versions from the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Led Zeppelin to R&B, which are the origins of Queen!
Recorded with the latest update best quality remaster sound source such as SMILE's stereo remix, IBEX live and 1984 demo tape. The band's precious recording sessions, demos, A remarkable 60's rare sound source collection that summarizes existing archives up to live sound sources is now available from MASTERWORKS!
The first recording is the band “SMILE” which became the parent body of Queen formation in which Brian and Roger were active in 1969. All 6 songs, including "Doing All Right", which was performed by Queen, were left in the studio recordings, and were once recorded and CDs, and are well-known sound sources to fans, but this time they a re the first stereo remasters. Recording. It is the first appearance sound source wi th improved sound quality. The following “IBEX” is a live performance in Liverpool where the only sound source left in the band where Freddie was enrolled. Led Zeppelin "Communication Breakdown" The Beatles "Rain" Cream "I'm So Glad" "We 're Going Long" "Crossroads" Jimi Hendrix "Stone Free" Ten Years After "Going Home", playing 60’s rock masterpiece covers one after another. Furthermore, attention is also being shown to Freddie's original "Vagabond Outcasts".

Also included is the only demo sound source "Green" produced by Freddie under the name of "WRECKAGE".
The following "THE OPPOSITION/THE ART" featuring John Deacon includes three acetate sound sources recorded in 1970. And "THE REACTION " where Roger Taylor was enrolled as a drummer includes existing recording songs and live performances. Fans must listen to two songs, “In the Midnight Hour” by young Roger's vocals and James Brown's“I Got You”. Live performances have a strong R&B flavor, from covers by Small Faces, Otis Redding, Ike & Tina Turner, to Wilson Pickett's "Dance Heaven".

The last includes a demo session of the band "1984" where Brian May was enrolled. This also includes 2 versions of the original song "Step on Me" that was played on R & B cover, Cream and Jimi Hendrix cover and "SMILE". In addition, two songs including Stones Cover, which was not included in the previous ones, have been added. Many of the sound sources were incomplete in the past or had variations in sound quality. It can be said that the 60 's British rock collector is also a noteworthy sound source collection. This is a must-listen version of the latest edition of the valuable archive collection before the formation of Queen, which is the culmination of the 60's activity records of young Freddie, Brian, Roger, and John!