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Label: Vivid Sound VSCD 4629
Country: I guess Europe.
Released: January 17th 2024.
Recorded: From various concert's over the years. A few tracks not live.
Sound: I will guess for the most very good & excellent. A mix of audience & professional sound.
Comments:  A collection of cover songs Queen has played live over the years. The CD isn't released yet, so the info behind the tracks is based on my knowledge for over 45 years of Queen fan & collector. But, some info can be wrong. I will correct when I know more.
Track 19 has probably wrong title, 'Another One Bites The Dust' is listed on cover, from the 1991 Freddie Mercury tribute concert with Paul Young on vocal, but he did 'Radio Ga Ga'. 'AOBTD was not played at this concert at all.
The sale price (pre-order) on Japanese web page is Jap Yen 2750,- around € 19,-
Roots: From various sources. This cd included the same tracks as the cd 'Under The Covers & Over The Moon  1cd  (Left Field M). Identical cd.

Front cover
 1. (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care  (live 'Magic 1986' tour)
 2. Hello Mary Lou  (live 'Magic 1986' tour)
 3. Tutti Frutti  (live 'Magic 1986' tour)
 4. Jailhouse Rock
 5. Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)
 6. Guitar Jam  (live 'Magic 1986' tour) ~
     Gimme Some Lovin'  (live 'Magic 1986' tour)
 7. Bama Lama Bama Loo  (live 1973, probably 'Golders Green Hippodrome', London Sept. 13th 1973)
 8. Big Spender  (probably live 'Magic 1986' tour)
 9. It's In Everyone Of Us  (Freddie & Cliff Richard live at Domenian Theatre, London on April 14th 1988)
 10. Lucille  (Earls Court, London June 1977)
 11. Stupid Cupid  (Earls Court, London June 1977)
 12. Immigrant Song  (live 'Magic 1986' tour, Waldbuene, Berlin, Germany June 14th 1986)
 13. Imagine  (live December 1980, probably Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany Dec 14th 1980)
 14. Not Fade Away  (probably Icestadium, Stockholm, Sweden April 12th 1982)
 15. Rain  (Ibex - feat. Freddie Mercury, Live 1969)
 16. White Christmas  (live Inglewood Forum, Los Angeles, California December 22th 1977)
 17. The Great Pretender  (Freddie Mercury solo, not live)
 18. Barcelona  (Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballe solo, not live)
 19. Another One Bites The Dust  (I guess 'Radio Ga Ga' at the Freddie Mercury tribute '92 w/Paul Young)
 20. Jailhouse Rock  (Queen live with guest Rick Parfitt UK 1984)
 21. Under Pressure  (with Annie Lennox & David Bowie at the Freddie Mercury tribute concert April 1992)
 22. We Are The Champions  (with Liza Minelli and all at the Freddie Mercury tribute concert April 1992)
 23. God Save The Queen  (tape played over PA system at the end of Queen concert's)

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Back cover

Review from internet.

Treasure Ark, a series that selects high-quality live sound sources!
A compilation of songs covered live by Queen! From standard live songs to rare songs, you can enjoy another side of Queen!

A compilation of songs covered live by Queen. Queen never included cover songs on their original albums, but I have the impression that they did sneak one into their live setlists.
In the early stages of any band's career, they lack an original repertoire and play cover songs, but Queen continued to play cover songs well into their later years.
For example, Elvis Presley's ``Jailhouse Rock'' was played many times during performances in Japan. A total of 23 songs have been confirmed to have been covered by Queen during Freddie's lifetime, with Little Richard being the most covered. In addition, there are many rock'n'roll songs that the members of Queen, such as Elvis and Buddy Holly, would have listened to when they were teenagers.
In addition to the standard repertoire, there are also pieces that were played irregularly, and there are songs that appear to have been improvised and whose performance history can only be confirmed on that day. In addition, "Imagine" was played as a memorial at the live performance the day after John Lennon's death, "It's In Everyone Of Us" was a duet with Cliff Richard that was Freddie's last live performance, and "It's In Everyone Of Us" was performed by John Lennon.
・Memorial sound sources such as the Freddie memorial concert, which was Deacon's last live performance, are also included. Sound sources from the bands Freddie formed before forming Queen are probably rare.
Many British bands from this era had their roots in the blues, but it's interesting to see Queen's individuality in the fact that they often played rock'n'roll with a pop oldies feel. A piece where you can enjoy another side of Queen!

Release/Distributor Provided Materials (2023/11/27)