3 CD + 1 DVD

Label: Wardour 347  Limited numbered edition.
Country: Japan
Released: June  2019
Recorded: Studio sessions from 'The Miracle' works.
Sound: For the most excellent, but some track are audience recorded (convention versions).
Comments:  The Miracle 30th Anniversary Ultimate Edition (Wardour-347) is a 3CD + DVD set described as “The Ultimate Collection featuring Demos & Rough Mixes, Non-Album Tracks, Alternate Versions, etc”.
Some of these tracks are out on other pro-bootlegs.

The pro-shot DVD features “The Miracle Promo & Related Video Collection” and runs approximately 132 minutes.
I don't have this bootleg, so I'm not sure of the sound quality etc, but 'Wardour' label use to be great productions.
Roots: From 'The Miracle' session.
Time:  77:37/ 79:16/ 78:11    DVD: 131:40

Front cover
 CD 1
 ROUGH MIXES The Capitol Records Tape
 1. Party
 2. Khashoggis Ship
 3. The Miracle
 4. I Want It All
 5. Too Much Love Will Kill You
 6. The Invisible Man
 7. Breakthru
 8. Rain Must Fall
 9. Scandal
 10. My Baby Does Me
 11. Was It All Worth It

 12. Hang On In There
 13. Chinese Torture
 14. Stealin'
 15. Hijack My Heart
 16. My Life Has Been Saved (Original 1989 Vers.)
 17. Dog With A Bone (Complete Studio Version)
 18. Dog With A Bone (OIQFCC message 1988)
 19. The Invisible Queen (OIQFCC Message 1989)

The 'Capitol Records' tape contains not only preliminary mixes of the album tracks, but also "Too Much Love Will Kill You" song which was excluded from the final release.

 CD 2
 1. Breakthru
 2. My Baby Does Me
 3. The Miracle
 4. I Want It All
 5. Was It All Worth It
 6. The Invisible Man
 7. Rain Must Fall
 8. Party
 9. Khashoggi's Ship
 10. Scandal
 11. Too Much Love Will Kill You
 12. All God's People
 13. Hang On In There
 14. A New Life Is Born (Demo)
 15. My Baby Loves Me (Demo)
 16. I Guess We're Falling Out (Demo)
 17. Fiddly Jam ('Hang On In There' Demo)
 18. I Want It All &
       ~ Chinese Torture (Instrumental Demo)
 19. Stealin' (Demo)
 20. Hijack My Heart (Demo)
 21. Face It Alone (Full Studio Demo)
 22. Face It Alone (Instrumental Guitar Demo)
 23. Face It Alone (Demo, Convention version)
 24. Face It Alone (Demo, Alternate Session)
 25. Rivers Of Words (Demo, Conv. rec)
 26. Khashoggi's Ship (Demo, Conv. rec)
 27. Rain Must Fall (Demo, Convention rec)
 28. The Invisible Man (Early Version)

'The Miracle Promo Demo Teaser Tape' features not only some alternate early versions of the album tracks, but also "All God's People" early demo - a song which was later included on "Innuendo" album.
 CD 3
 1. Khashoggi's Ship (Stand-alone Version)
 2. The Miracle (US 1992 edit)
 3. The Miracle (Cohen-Jiya Mix)
 4. I Want It All (Single Version)
 5. I Want It All ('The Eye' Semi-instr. Remix)
 6. The Invisible Man (Video Version)
 7. The Invisible Man (Extended Version)
 8. Breakthru (The Now Edit)
 9. Breakthru (The Almost Now Edit)
 10. Breakthru (Extended Version)
 11. Scandal (Extended Version)

 12. Party ('The Eye' Instrumental Remix)
 13. Khashoggi's Ship ('The Eye' Instrum. Remix)
 14. The Miracle (Karaoke Instrumental)
 15. I Want It All (Karaoke Instrumental)
 16. The Invisible Man (Karaoke Instrumental)
 17. Breakthru (Karaoke Instrumental)
 18. Breakthru ('The Eye' Instrumental Remix)
 19. Was It All Worth It ('The Eye' Instr. Remix #1)
 20. Was It All Worth It ('The Eye' Instr. Remix #2)
 21. Hang On In There ('The Eye' Remix)

 The Miracle Promo & Related Video Collection

 The Miracle Video EP Original 4:3 promo video

 01. I Want It All
 02. Breakthru
 03. The Invisible Man
 04. Scandal

 05. The Miracle (original 4:3 promo video)
 06. I Want It All ('Rocks' version)
 07. Breakthru (alternate 16:9 Version)
 08. The Invisible Man (silhouettes only version)
 09. The Miracle (alternate Version)
 10. The Miracle (kids only version)
 11. The Making Of 'The Miracle' /
       Top Band Of The 80's Award

 12. The Making Of 'The Miracle' Album Cover
 13. The Making Of 'I Want It All' Video
 14. The Miracle Express Documentary
 15. The Miracle Express - Uncut Interviews
 16. 1989 Interview with Brian & Roger ~
       ('Good Morning Britain')


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