2 LP

TFKRL 9002-2   Matrix NO:  TFKRL 9002-2
Country: Germany
Released: 1990
Recorded: Yoyogi National Stadium, Tokyo Japan  May 11th. 1985.  
Sound: Excellent soundboard recording.
Comments: First bootleg out of this concert. This concert has been released on other vinyl and cd bootlegs over the yeas.
Nice bootleg with color cover & printed labels. Advance version out in 30 numb. copies with insert sleeve. (different look).

Re-pressed some years later in multi color vinyl. Other vinyl color might exist also. These repressing has white label.
This show is officially released on video, and later on DVD in Japan only. Title is "Final Live In Japan".
This bootleg is not the same 'mother tape' as "Final Live in Japan" video & lased disc + DVD.   
The track "Dragon Attack" isn't on the video or DVD version. 
Roots: I will guess this show comes from a radio broadcast in Japan. Broadcasted in a following day.
CD version:  This concert is heavily bootlegged on CD, and now also officially on DVD in Japan. Bootleg DVD's is also around in various titles & covers.

Front cover

 Side 1
 Tear It Up  
 Tie Your Mother Down
 Under Pressure
 Somebody To Love
 Killer Queen
 Seven Seas Of Rhye
 Keep Yourself Alive
 Side 2
 Instrumental Jam  (not listed)
 It's A Hard Life
 Dragon Attack
 Now I'm Here
 Is This The World We Created ?

 Side 3
 Love Of My Life
 Another One Bites The Dust
 Hammer To Fall
 Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 Bohemian Rhapsody
 Side 4
Radio Ga Ga
 I Want To Break Free
 Jailhouse Rock
 We Will Rock You
 We Are The Champions
 God Save The Queen......

Not complete concert. Intro 'Machines' and medley of  'Stone Cold Crazy' ~ 'Great King Rat' ~ 'Instrumental Inferno' (guitar & keyboard solo) is also missing.
Advance version (30 numbered copies) was made out, with a insert cover, different
to the original cover. Same vinyl disc & label as original version. It's only the cover 
which is different. This insert version is actually a fan 'home made' product.

There is some re-pressing, (se under) of this album. These was released some years later in color vinyl's. Neutral labels.


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Back cover


insert version 30 copies.