I have listed the title which is printed on the cover or insert, in alphabetic order.

I have try to make as much info on every title & pressing as possible, including matrix number, various pressings, covers, labels and country where produced etc.

1973 /1977  1LP  (no label info) BBC session 1973 & 1977. Picture Disc.
A Day In Munich 1986  2LP  (QMU) Live Munich, Germany 1986.
A Ladder To The Stars  1LP  (not on label)  BBC session 74 & 77.
Absolutely Enthusiastic 
2LP  (TFKRL 9002) Tokyo May 11th. 1985.
Absolutely Rare  2LP  (TFKRL  9201) Various live.
Admission Ticket  1LP  (SLA 0007) Re-press of 'Duck Soup' LP. Seattle, USA March 13th. 1977.
Already Infected  1LP  ( ) Re-press of LP1 one of 'Kings Favourite'.
Another Party Is Over  1LP  ( ROXMB 037) Live in Houston, TX, USA December 11th. 1977.
Black & White Queen  1LP (EEN 98) Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London  December 24th. 1975.
Boston Music Hall 1976  2LP  (TBP 028/ 029) Live Boston, USA January 1976.
Breaking Free  1LP  (Pearl Hunters) Live in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 1985.
Bristol 1973  1LP  (TMOQ - Spain) Live at Colston Hall, Bristol, England  November 29th 1973.
By Appointment Only  1LP  (not on label) Live Germany 1979.
Cardiac Arrest  2LP  (HIP 001) Various live seventies.
Chicago Stadium 1978  3LP  (TBP 072/ 073/ 074) Live Chicago, USA 1978.
 Command Performance  1LP  (TAKRL 1997) Live Hammersmith Odeon, London UK  Dec. 14th. 1975.
Crazy Duck  1LP  (not on label) Live Hammersmith Odeon, London UK  Dec. 26th. 1979.   
Crazy Little Things  1LP  (Coda) Live Buenos Aires, Argentina 1981.
Crazy Tour  2LP  (26Q) London 1979.
Crowning Glory  1LP  (FLAT FW 8218) (US copy of Japanese LP 'Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon'.
Cry Of A Screaming Pain That Born From Sorrow  1LP  (TFKRL 9102)
Dear Friend Goodbye  1LP  (TFMML 001) Live New York, USA 1974.
Death On Two Legs  2LP  (Roxborough) Live Houston, USA 1977.
Done Under Pressure  2LP  (Trap rec) Live Mannheim, Germany 1986. FM radio broadcast.
Don't Stop Us Live  1LP  (QU) live Germany 1979.
Duck Soup  1LP  (SLA 0009) Seattle, USA 1977.
Dynasty  3LP  (Monarch Rec) Stuttgart, Germany 1984. 
Elisabeth II  1LP  (not on label) Milan, Italy 1984.
En Viva Puebla 17 Octubre 1981  1LP  (not on label) Puebla, Mexico 1981.
Enthroned On Air  1LP  (Pearla LP 005) Live Houston 77, Buenos Aires & Sao Paulo81, Rio 85 & Tokyo 85.
Everytime Everywhere  1LP PIC DISC  (LV 106)
Fairy Tales Of Yesterday  1LP  (TFKRL 9203)
Falklands Are Rocking, The  1LP  (ST-Q 231082) Buenos Aires, Argentina 1981.
Falklands II, The Sequel  1LP  Buenos Aires, Argentina 1981.
Flash Alive  2LP  (80128) Wembley Arena, London  December 1980.
Freddie's Boys At The Beeb  1LP  (JOK 4) BBC session 73 & 77.
Freddie's Last Journey  2LP  (PAN 648-09) Live Montreal, Canada November 1981.
Free In The Park  1LP  (Marc Rec ZAP 7960) Live Hyde Park, London UK  September 1976.
Ga Ga  2LP  (ETS 2563/ 64) Live Birmingham, UK 1984.
Geisha Boys  1LP  (SLA OOO1) Live at Nichidai Kodo, Tokyo Japan  April 4th. 1976. US release.
Geisha Boys  1LP  (SL 001) European copy of the US 'Geisha Boys' with a new cover.
Get Down  2LP  (Lora Rec140) Japan 1982. Live at Hankyu Nishinomiya Kyulo, Osaka, Japan  October 24th. 1982. Also re-released on color vinyl.
Get Down  2LP  (Not on label) Copy of the above with same title. This one has NEW cover etc.
Gonna Rock  1LP  (QLS 1957) Side 1 of No 'News Is Good News', & Side 2 of 'Sheetckeeckers'
Goodbye  2LP  (Never End 11.21) BBC 73, Hammersmith 75, Tokyo 85.
Grugahalle, Essen Germany
  2LP  (TBP)  Essen, Germany  November 29th. 1980.
Halfpence  1LP  (EEN 98) Hammersmith Odeon, December 24th. 1975.
Happy And Glorious
 1LP  (Coda) Tokyo, Japan May 11th. 1985.
Her Majesty's Secret Service
 2LP  (TFKRL 9001)
High Voltage
  2LP  (2S 703)
Hot Space Tour '82
 3LP  (ETS 2511/12/13) Live Japan 1982.
I Want To Break Free
In Nuch
  1LP  (Milestone 1001) Pre-Queen.
In The Fire  1LP  (TMOQ Spain) Live at Yoyogi Taiikukan Hall, Tokyo, Japan  May 11th. 1985.
In The Mirror (The Lost BBC  Sessions)
 2LP (Vox Populi) BBC radio sessions 73-77.
In The Mirror Again
  1LP (Vox Populi)  Live at Golders Green Hippodrome, London England, September 13th. 1973.
Invite You To A Night At The Budokan
 1LP  (MARC-TQ 76059) Budokan Hall, Tokyo Japan,  March 31st. & April 1st. 1976.
Invite You To A Night At The Warehouse
  2LP  (Stoned 5) Copenhagen, Denmark  May 12th. 1977.
Invite You To A Night At The Warehouse 
2LP  (QOU 012) Copenhagen, Denmark  May 12th. 1977.
Japan '85  'Highlights' 
1LP (VV LP 015) Wembley 86, from officially records.
Keep Yourself Alive
  (Q A/B) Hammersmith Odeon, London England  December 24th. 1975.
1LP  (Flashback 130)
Killer Queens
 1LP  (Coda)
Kimono My Place Live
  1LP  (MARC-TQ 75122)
King Freddie
 1LP  (TMOQ Spain) Live Buenos Aires 1981.
King's Favourite
 2LP  (Lora 141 RC)
Knebworth Park, Stevenage 1986  3LP  (TBP) Knebworth Park, England  August 9th. 1986.
Kokusai Kaikan
  2LP  2x1 sided picture disc LP. Live in Japan 1975.
Last Concert In Japan
 2LP Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan  May 15th. 1985
Lazing On a Night At The Galileo Opera
 1LP  (TFKRL 9202) Live 77 & 78.
Lazing On A Sunday Evening
  1LP Live at Nichidai Kodo, Tokyo Japan  April 4th. 1976. 
 2LP  (Never End 12.21)
Life Sentence  1LP  (TMOQ - Spain) Yokohama, Japan 1975.
Live - 'A Beautiful Album'  1LP  (OG 866)
Live Aids
  1LP PIC DISC. Various color pic disc's. Live Aid '85 & Wembley tribute concert '92.
Live In Boston 1976 
2LP  (Verner rec.) Live Boston 1976.
Live In Budapest 
2LP  (2Q 92 X) Budapest 1986.
Live In Budapest 86
 2LP  (MGC  21381971) Budapest 1986.
Live In Holland '80
 1LP  Many different titles & cover versions. Holland 1980.
Live In Japan 
1LP Test Pressing (1 shoot rec. 001 ) Miyagi Kan Sports Centre, Sendai, Japan April 2nd. 1976.
Live In Japan
 2LP  (S 3004) Sapporo, Oct. 29th. 1982.
Live Thrillers - Budokan Killers
 3LP  Live Budokan Hall April 1979.
Long Beach Arena 1977 
3LP  Live at Long Beach Arena, CA, USA December 20th. 1977.
Long Life To The Queen
 3LP  Hallen Stadium, Zurich  Switzerland  April 16th, 1982. 
 Made In Haven 
2LP (HER Production) Yoyogi National Stadium, Tokyo Japan  May 11th. 1985.
Magic At Knebworth
 2LP  (RSR 250) Knebworth, England  August 9th. 1986.
Make Me Feel Like A Millionaire 
2LP   Earls Court, London, England June 1977.
Memories Of A Geisha
Modern Times Rock'n Roll  2LP  (Casino Rec.) Milwaukee, USA, March 7, 1975.
Moet & Chandon  1LP  (TFKRL 9101)  UK 1982, not sure yet, but I think Milton Keynes on June 5th.
News Of The World In Concert
 1LP  (Coda) The Summit, Houston, USA  December 11th. 1977.
News Of The World -The Concert- 
2x10Inch  (Coda) Live Houston, Texas USA  December 11th 1977.
No News Is Good News
 1LP  (QLS/ SLA 0009)
Nothing Really Matters
 1LP  (Coda)   
Now We're Here
 1LP  (Coda)  CLEAR VINYL. Live in Buenos Aires 1981. Television live broadcast.
On Stage 1977 -1985  2LP  (Coda) Blue vinyl. Live in Buenos Aires 81, Rio 85 & Houston 77.
One Night  1LP  (TMOQ Spain)  Buenos Aires February 28th. 1981.
Playing The Game
  1LP  (Coda)  Live at Estadio Jose Amalfitani, Buenos Aires, Argentina  February 28th. 1981. 
P.N.W. March
 1LP  (ODD THREE)  Live in Seattle, USA  March 13th. 1977.
(Live In Kove)  1LP  (LLX 2622) Live Kobe, Japan 1975.
Queen At Live Aid  1LP PIC DISC  (LR 001) Wembley Stadium, London UK July 13th. 1985.
Queen Collection  2LP  Version 1  (Audrey 057 & 067) Early pre-Queen & Queen demos.
Queen Collection  2LP  Version 2  (Audrey 057 & 067) Early pre-Queen & Queen demos.
Queen Collection  3LP  (Audrey 057, 067 & 071) Early pre-Queen & Queen demos.
Queen Collection  5LP  (Audrey 057, 067, 071, 076 & 077) Early pre-Queen & Queen demos & early live.
Queen Collection Box  5LP Box set (Audrey AR 057 & 067) Various early recordings.
Queen Collection Vol. 2  2LP  (Audrey 076 & 077) Pre-Queen and early live.
Queen Collection Vol. 3  2LP 2MC Box set  (Audrey 057 & 067) Early pre-Queen & Queen demos.
Queen Reigns The World  2LP  (Mercury A-D) Mannheim, Germany June 21st. 1986. Radio broadcast.
Queen's Last Stand 1985  2LP  (ETS 2583/ 84) Live Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan  May 15th. 1985.
Radio Broadcast  2lp  (TAKRL 2160/61) Mannheim, Germany June 21st. 1986. Radio broadcast.
Radio Ga Ga In Tokyo  1LP  (Coda) Live in Tokyo, Japan  May 11th. 1985.
Rainbow Theatre 1974  1LP  (Swingin' Pig) Rainbow Theatre Nov. 20th 1974.
Rare Live  1LP  (QQEEC)  From officially video. RED & BLACK vinyl.  
Remember Freddie  1LP  (ON PD 2240)  Italy  picture disc.
Remember Freddie  vol 2 & 3  2LP  (ON PD 2249) Italy  picture disc.
Rock In Japan  2LP  (Flashback) Live in Tokyo, Japan May 11th. 1985.
Rock In Rio  1LP  (No label)  Color vinyl.  Rio De Janeiro, Brazil  January 85.  Officially Video sound.
Rock'n Roll   7 Inch Single  (No label)  Mannheim, Germany 1986. Radio broadcast.
Rock That Texas Ass  3LP  (QBOX 77-1) Houston, Texas  USA  December 11th. 1977.
ock You From Rio 1985  1LP  (Discos 17723)  Rio De Janeiro Jan 1985. Officially video sound.
Rogues And Scandals  1LP  (Aftermath 8)  Rainbow March 74 & Hammersmith 75.
Running Wild  1LP  (TMOQ Spain) Buenos Aires 81.
 Save Me   2LP  (KING A-D)  Cologne, Germany  February 1979.
Sartory Saal, Cologne  2LP  (TBP)  Live in Cologne, Germany 1974.
 Sellection Of Rarities Part One  1LP  (Not on label)  Copy of 'Her Majesty Secret Service' LP 1
Sellection Of Rarities  Part Two  1LP  (Not on label) Copy of 'Her Majesty Secret Service' LP 2
Sheetkeeckers  1LP  (TAKRL 1957)  Live at the Rainbow Theatre, London UK, March 31st. 1974.
Spaced Out  2LP  (Casino Records) Demos & out-takes from 82-91.
Stay Free Vol 1  1LP  (TMOQ-Spain) Live Mannheim, Germany, June 21st. 1986. Radio broadcast.
Stay Free Vol 2  1LP   (TMOQ-Spain) Live Mannheim, Germany, June 21st. 1986. Radio broadcast.
Super Bowl Sun City, Bophuthatswana, Africa  2LP  (TBP 040-041)  Live in Bophuthatswana, South Africa October 19th. 1984.
Tavaszil Szel  2LP  (L-109-2)  Live in Budapest, Hungary 1986. Sound from the officially released video.
Tear It Up In Tokyo  1LP  (Coda AAVNY 002)  Tokyo, Japan May 11th. 1985.
Tear It Up Tokyo 1985  1LP (Roxborough ROXMB 013) Tokyo, Japan May 11th. 1985
The Game Tour 1981  1LP  (Coda Publishing) CLEAR VINYL. Live in Buenos Aires 1981. Television live concert.
The Hole Story  1LP  (TMOQ Spain)  BBC session 74 & 77.
The Legendary Broadcast From Tokyo  3LP  (Coda) Tokyo Japan, May 11th. 1985. Picture disc's.
The Royal American Tour 1975  1LP  (WRMB 307) Live at Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica  USA  March 29th. 1975. 
The Ultimate "Queen" Back Catalogue  1LP  (Q 1833) picture disc.
The Works In Concert  2x10Inch  (Coda) Tokyo Japan, May 11th. 1985.
Tokyo Alive, Alive  2LP  Live at Hankyu Nishinomiya Kyulo, Osaka, Japan  October 24th. 1982.
Tokyo Rampage  1LP  (TKRWM 1801) Rainbow 74, Hammersmith 75, BBC.
Tokyo - You've Got A Beautiful Smile  1LP  (Not on label) Live in Yokohama, Japan 1975.
Top Fax Pix And Info  2LP  (TSP 500-36/2) Live at Earls Court, London UK  June 6th. 1977  Color vinyl.
Tornado  1LP  (TMOQ Spain) Live Japan  April 30th.1975.
Ultra Rare Traxs Volume I
   1LP  (later)  5 first demo tracks + more.
Ultra Rare Traxs Volume II  1LP 
Ultra Rare Traxs Volume III   1LP
Under Pressure In America  1LP  (Coda) Houston 77 + US 82. 
 We Will Rock Buenos Aires  1LP  (Coda  ) Live at Estadio Josť Amalfitani, Buenos Aires - 28th February 1981.
We Will Rock Rio  1LP  (Coda CPLVNY 300) Rio De Janeiro, January 1985.
We Will Rock You  1LP  Vancouver 78 Picture Disc.
What's Goin' On Round  1LP  (TMOQ Spain) BBC session 74 & 77.
Who Wants To Live Forever  1LP
You Made Us Feel Like We Could Fly
  1LP  (Roxborough ROXMB 024) Live in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil  January 1985.

Zoom Queen
  2LP  (LLX 314) Kosei Nenkin, Osaka Japan  March 29th. 1976.  Afternoon show.