'LIVE IN HOLLAND' Different titles available.  

1 LP

Label: RR 069   
Country: Europe  (Holland/UK ??)    
Released: 1993 
Recorded: Groenoordhallen, Leiden, Holland,  November 27th. 1980       
Sound: Very good audience recording  
Cover: Many different insert, with different titles available.   
Comments:  Around 500 copies made out with different titles, and different sleeves.      
All the same record. Also some different color vinyl's are pressed.
See under for track info, and list of titles etc.
Why it's released this way? I have no good explain for such release.  
Made out a disc, and made handful of inserts with different titles, and try to make as much money as possible out of it. Well.....
I would have prefer a nice deluxe cover. (ONE 'original' version only).
Roots: Original bootleg, but beware of all the different titles.   
CD released:  Not as I know about.

Front insert's

 Intro: Thunder & lighting  (tape intro)   
 Jailhouse Rock
 We Will Rock You  (fast)
 Let Me Entertain You
 Play The Game
 Need Your Loving Tonight
 Save Me
 Another One Biters The Dust
 Sheer Heart Attack

 Keep Yourself Alive
 Instrumental Inferno  (drum solo etc..)   
 Brighton Rock Solo
 Battle Theme
 The Hero
 Dragon Attack
 Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 We Will Rock You
 I'm In Love With My Car
 God Save The Queen...(tape)

Here is titled I know about.
Another 15.000 Bites The Dust  (
yellow vinyl)
Come On Baby It's Alright To Rock And Roll On A Thursday Night (
Gamemania  (
red vinyl)
Groenoordhal Leiden  (
yellow vinyl)
In Holland Live  (
red vinyl)
Rogers And Out
We Will Entertain You  (?) 

Conclusion: 500 vinyl disc made out on various color vinyl's, and packed with various 
inserts & titles.



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