Label: KWIN 101
Country: USA
Released: Not sure, end of seventies or early years in the eighties.
Recorded: Side A from a BBC session 1977 with audience overdubs. Side B from US tour 1977.
Sound: Side A excellent pro-recordin from a radio broadcast. Side B from a audience recording.
Cover: Generic sleeve with photocopied wrapper on blue paper. LP labels are blank white. Each side is pressed as one track (no track divider bands in the grooves).
Comments:  Side A is recorded at Maida Vale Studios on October 28, 1977 (and broadcast on BBC Radio 1  two weeks later). This recording comes from the King Biscuit Flower Hour who added additional crowd noise to the recording for a more 'live-feel'.
Side B is a copy of Side B of the bootleg LP Queen - P.N.W. March.
Roots: As mention over.

Front cover

 Spread Your Wings 
 It's Late
 My Melancholy Blues 
 We Will Rock You  (slow/fast)  
 (BBC session 77 w/audience overdubs)
 Medley: White Man ~
                 The Prophet's Song    
 Brighton Rock
 (Audience recording)

     Neutral label.

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Back cover