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Label: Prime Vinyl 014   PV014
Country: Europe.
Released: May 12th. 2023.
Recorded: Hammersmith Odeon, London England.  December 26th 1979.
Sound: Probably professional recorded sound, but not as good as a multi-track live recording.
This might be a collection of the tracks which is from the television broadcast, and the raw video made out to be shown at fan club conventions (in late 80ies and early 90ies).
Some tracks are from a audience recorded tape.
Cover: Color cover.
Comments:  One more 2LP of this legendary Queen concert, at the Hammersmith Odeon in London on the boxing day in 1979.
This 2LP missing some tracks, so it isn't the complete concert. Might be some error in the tracks which is listed as well. I'll be back when I know more.

The concert was professional filmed and recorded, but only one track "Now I'm Here" have been officially released on the 2LP 'Concert for the people of Kampuchea' which was released in 1980.
A one hour TV 'Queen Special' with live tracks from the concert, has been broadcasted on television stations over the years. They have might use this live tracks on this album.
A raw video has also been made out to be shown on Fan club conventions. The sound on some tracks from this video, has probably been used on this 2lp.
I can see that all tracks her, are those which are on the 'Queen Special' television program and rest on the raw convention video.

I don't have this album yet, not sure I will buy it. Queen production hasn't officially released this great concert yet.
Might have to do with rights to use the master tapes, which seams to be own by Atlantic record. I'm not sure, but problems with rights are common in music business. Atlantic rec has probably paid the cost for the filming and audio recordings.
Queen might have to buy the film and audio tapes, and get rights to released it. I'm not sure on this, someone might know more. I would be glad to know. My email: (
Anyway, It's looks nice, but...  The sale price for this 2LP as new on internet are from UK £ 19,58 up to UK £ 30,- and more I guess later on.

Front cover

Back cover
 1. We Will Rock You 3:00
 2. Let Me Entertain You 2:56
 3. Somebody To Love 7:13
 4. Mustapha 2:46
 5. Death On Two Legs 3:08

 1. Killer Queen 1:55
 2. I’m In Love With My Car 2:05
 3. Get Down Make Love 8:20
 4. You’re My Best Friend 2:46
 5. Save Me 3:47
 1. Now I’m Here 6:35
 2. Don’t Stop Me Now 4:09
 3. Love Of My Life 3:47
 4. ’39 3:34

 1. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 3:36
 2. Tie Your Mother Down 3:44
 3. Sheer Heart Attack 3:17
 4. We Will Rock You 5:49
 5. God Save The Queen 1:22

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Review from sale page.

The Concerts for the People of Kampuchea was a series of live shows featuring top rock acts of the day, such as; Queen, The Clash, The Pretenders, The Who, Elvis Costello, Wings, and many more artists that took place at the Hammersmith Odeon in London during December 1979 to raise money for the victims of war-torn Cambodia.

Queen performed their set on boxing day ‘79, and as may be expected, it remains the most electric and dynamic performance of the entire series of gigs. Playing a 75-minute set that featured a mammoth 18 live cuts - plus the band’s customary ‘God Save The Queen’ finale - the show was unsurpassed and was recorded for live FM Radio broadcast across the UK and synched worldwide, at the time.
This stunning show however has never previously been released on vinyl until now.

Editor comment: There was NO full live FM radio or television broadcast as far as I know. But as mention above, parts was released on a live 2LP, and various television broadcasting contains live tracks from all the artists which performed at this benefit concert series.
And again, this concert has been released on a handful of bootlegs released over the years, on various labels and format.