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Label: Wardour 515
Country: Japan.
Released: May 2022.
Recorded: Live At Kennedy Center, Washington D.C. U.S.A. February 24th 1975.
Sound: Audience recording.
Comments:  As far as I know, this is the first time this recording has been out on a bootleg.
From the USA 'Sheer Heart Attack' tour.
Roots: Audience recorded tape.
Time: 76:34

Front cover
 CD 1
 1. Intro: Procession  (tape)
 2. Now I'm Here
 3. Ogre Battle
 4. Father To Son
 5. White Queen (As It Began)
 6. Flick Of The Wrist
 7. Medley: In The Lap Of The Gods ~
 8.              Killer Queen ~
 9.              The March Of The Black Queen ~
 10.            Bring Back That Leroy Brown
 11. Son And Daughter
 12. Keep Yourself Alive
 13. Stone Cold Crazy
 14. Liar
 15. In The Lap Of The Gods...Revisited
  - - - - - - - encore - - - - - - - -
 16. Big Spender  (short part) ~

 17. Modern Times Rock 'N' Roll  ~
 18. Jailhouse Rock

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Back cover
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Front cover with sticker.
From internet page.

Even now, QUEEN's live archive is constantly discovering new things. The latest excavation recording of "SHEER HEART ATTACK Tour" will be released urgently on the permanent preservation press CD!

It was "February 24, 1975 Washington performance" that was imbued with such a work. It is the first appearance audience recording. Speaking of the "SHEER HEART ATTACK" era, activities aimed at expanding into the world began in earnest at once, and along with that, recording was also enriched. First, let's look back on the schedule at that time and imagine the position of this work.

・ October 30-November 20: UK (19 performances) ← * Official
"November 8" SHEER HEART ATTACK "released"
・ November 23-December 13: Europe (11 performances)
・ February 5-24: North America # 1 (19 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
・ March 5th-April 6th: North America # 2 (21 performances)
・ April 19th-May 1st: First visit to Japan (8 performances)

This is the whole picture of "SHEER HEART ATTACK Tour". The most famous is the formalized "LIVE AT THE RAINBOW '74", but the invasion of the United States across the ocean began in 1975, when the year changed. The Washington performance of this work was in the middle of "North America # 1". Various recordings have been excavated from "North America # 1-2" divided into two. So far, we have introduced it as a masterpiece live album in our shop. It's also a good time to zoom in on your North American tour dates and organize your collection.

・ February 5-14: North America # 1 (7 performances)
・ February 15 "BOSTON 1975 LATE SHOW"
・ February 16: New York performance (early show)
・ February 16 "NEW YORK 1975 (late show)"
・ February 17-23: North America # 1 (5 performances)
・ February 24: Washington performance ← ★ This work ★
-8 days off-
・ March 5 + 6: North America # 2 (2 performances)
・ March 7 "MILWAUKEE 1975"
・ March 8-29: North America # 2 (13 performances)
・ March 29, "THE ROYAL AMERICAN TOUR 1975"
・ April 2-April 6: North America # 2 (3 performances)

This is the details of "North America # 1-2". It is divided into two with about a week off, but the Washington performance was a concert that was the "last day of the first half." This work recorded at such a show is a new excavation audience that is thrilled by the freshness. It's a vintage audience, not a type that mistakes for a sound board or competes for the No. 1 tour. However, the master freshness with almost no dubbing marks or deterioration over time is excellent and full of listening. The most wonderful thing is the powerful and thick core. Although it has a solid audience in terms of tone, it does not give a sense of distance and the details are clear. With a powerful rushing force, the thick core reaches through the hall noise. The peak may be distorted because it is so powerful, but it is a direct recording where you can feel four people "in front of you".

It is the "SHEER HEART ATTACK Tour" that is drawn with such a powerful sound ... No, it may have been a turning point in Freddie's vocalist life. The point is that "just before turning off" above. This off was not just a break, but a doctor stop. In fact, Freddie's throat got sick at the Philadelphia performance the day before this work. When he was seen by a doctor, he had nodules. Although the doctor said, "Please refrain from talking for about three months," Freddie, who does not want to disappoint his fans, decided to perform in Washington the next day (this work). After the show, we decided to suspend the tour with a second opinion and a third opinion, and decided to take eight days off.

It was a live that seemed to be painful just in such a situation I thought it was ridiculous! Freddie's singing voice did not show any fine dust such as upset, and if it did not wither, no pain could be seen. Regarding growth, I can't say that I'm No. 1 on the tour because there are other great shows, but I feel that strength, solid density, and a sense of stability that doesn't stagnate are quite good. Did he try to deny the doctor's examination with all his might? It has been praised by QUEEN specialized sites all over the world as "the best show" and "one of the greatest live concerts they have ever done".

In the second / third opinion, it was said that "it was just a swelling, so I took a rest for two weeks", but I returned to the tour in half of that. I ran through the tour until my first visit to Japan. In fact, the first examination, the "nodule," was correct, and Freddie relapsed over the next few years. He was also advised to have surgery, but he continued to refuse because he was afraid that his voice would not return. What would happen if I canceled the Washington performance (this work) and took a rest for 3 months as the first doctor said? Although IF is forbidden in history, the enthusiasm contained in this work has the potential to change Freddie's life / music history. The more you listen, the more you think about it, the more you will feel awe. An amazing new excavation live album where you can experience the scene. Please chew it carefully with a permanent storage press CD.

★ First appearance audience recording of "February 24, 1975 Washington performance". The powerful and thick core is wonderful, and it reaches as if it breaks through the hall noise with a powerful rushing force. There is no sense of distance and it approaches in front of you, and the details are clear. It is a powerful sound that makes you feel "in front of you". Freddie, who was upset by Nod the day before, interrupted the tour after the show, which is incredible.

★★ This is a new masterpiece where you can enjoy a full show that has been highly acclaimed as "one of the greatest live concerts they have ever performed" on the QUEEN specialty site.