2 CD

Label: Wardour 574
Country: Japan.
Released: August 2023.
Recorded: Live at Wembley Stadium, London, UK 12th July 1986.
Sound: Professional soundboard recording.
Comments:  One more recording from the Wembley concert on July 12th 1986. This time a collection from a handful of sources. See behind the songs and below for details.
Have in mind that this concert are released officially on 2cd, 2lp and dvd. The 25 years anniversary deluxe DVD released in 2011 also contains a DVD with the previously day on July 11th.  added. Both concert was professionally filmed.
The Wardour label has previously released this concert on CD, as well as other labels as well. Too many to mention.
The sale price on this one as new was US $ 40,- (tax included)
Roots: Various sources. See below for more information's.
Time: 60:55 / 56:03

Front cover
 CD 1
 1. One Vision ****/*
 2. Tie Your Mother Down */****
 3. In The Lap of The Gods... Revisited ****/***
 4. Seven Seas of Rhye **
 5. Tear It Up **
 6. A Kind of Magic **/*/***/****
 7. Vocal Improvisation * additional cut
 8. Under Pressure *
 9. Another One Bites The Dust */****
 10. Who Wants To Live Forever ****/***/****
 11. I Want To Break Free */****
 12. Impromptu **
 13. Guitar Solo ****/***/****
 14. Now I'm Here */****

 CD 2
 1. Love of My Life ****/*
 2. Is This The World We Created...? *
 3. (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care */****
 4. Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart) */****
 5. Tutti Frutti *
 6. Gimme Some Lovin' */****
 7. Bohemian Rhapsody *
 8. Hammer To Fall */****
 9. Crazy Little Thing Called Love **/*****
 10. Big Spender ***
 11. Radio Ga Ga ***/*****
 12. We Will Rock You ***
 13. Friends Will Be Friends ***/****
 14. We Are The Champions *
 15. God Save The Queen */****

 Live at Wembley Stadium, London, UK 12th July 1986 [soundboard recording]
 Pre-overdubbed Complete Merge

 * - Westwood One pre-FM CD
 ** - A DAY AT THE STADIUM silvers
 *** - 'Wembley Stadium 1986 Complete' (Wardour-204)
 **** - "Live At Wembley Stadium (2011 Edition) 2CD + DVD
 ***** - TZ Recording: 2x 90 MIN TDK Chrome Cassette

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Back cover

Review from the net.

Wembley Stadium in 1986, which is a symbol of late QUEEN and made Brian May say “the best show of my life”. A sound board album was born that will pour the live performance into the brain as it is unprocessed. It is a release decision with permanent preservation press 2CD. Engraved on this work is "July 12, 1986 Wembley Stadium Performance".
It is the stereo sound board recording.
This show is also super famous for its official CD / DVD that everyone loves, and you may be wondering what to do now. However, in fact, the official CD / DVD was also a processed work with corrections and overdubs. On the other hand, this work is a complete live album that reproduces the full show by making full use of valuable materials before overdubbing. Before the quality you care about, first check from the show itself.

QUEEN has stood on the stage of Wembley Stadium five times, all of which are left with pro shots / sound boards.
It's also a good opportunity, so let's organize the Wembley Stadium performance collection that overlooks the whole career.

 ● 1985: Live Aid
 ・ July 13: Official BOX, etc.
 ● 1986: Magic Tour ・ July 11: Official bonus DVD ・July 12 ← This work
 ● 1992: Memorial to Freddie Mercury ・ April 20: Official DVD, etc. 2022: Tribute to Taylor Hawkins

All five performances above.
Most of them were in the style of participating in the event, but the two performances in 1986 were one act of the “MAGIC Tour”. Currently, you can enjoy the images of both days on the official 2-disc DVD “LIVE AT WEMBLEY STADIUM”, but the second day was famous for its live board / video since ancient times. This work is also the second day performance.

Now, this work conveys the true appearance of such a symbolic performance.
It is a master produced by overseas enthusiasts, and five kinds of records are being used. Some of them are the main source that plays the core of the live, and there is also a sub-source to connect between songs. Let's check the contents here.

★ Main sauce (3 types)
 ・A: Rebroadcast version (Pre-FM-CD of WESTWOOD ONE)
 ・B: Live broadcast version (existing A DAY AT THE STADIUM)
 ・C: AUD recording (Our shop WEMBLEY STADIUM 1986 COMPLETE)
 ★ Sub sauce (2 types)
 ・E: Another AUD recording ... and it looks like this.

The two types of sub-sources are cheers between songs and MC only. The live performance itself is three main sources, and it does not cover the official version at all. "B" is especially important. It is a live broadcast version by “CAPITAL RADIO”, and it is the only sound board sound source before being overdubbed. However, this live broadcast version is about 77 minutes and does not go as a full show. Therefore, it is complemented by the rebroadcast version of the highest peak master “A” and audience recording “C” (In addition, “C” is our shop’s “WEMBLEY STADIUM 1986 COMPLETE (Wardour-204)”, which is considered to be the best recording. seems to have been adopted, but the editing work was done by overseas maniacs, not produced in our shop).

"And his editing skills are very good."
Not only is the pitch of each source accurately aligned, but the timbre is as close as possible, and the connection is seamless and beautiful. As expected, I can understand the difference between the sound board and “C”, but I do not know when the sound boards switched. The reason why the MC is reprinted from the official “D” is to minimize the discomfort by increasing the number of soundboards as much as possible.

The true appearance of the legendary concert is depicted with such gem quality.
On the second day of Wembley, Freddie is nervous from the first day as it is assumed to be broadcast on TV / radio. Brian also misses the tapping solo of “One Vision”. In the official work, such parts were replaced and refined as a musical work, but in this work you can enjoy the true live performance as it is. The more you listen to the official version, the more fresh you will feel.

Along with Kano's "LIVE AID", the 1986 Wembley Stadium performance was also a symbol of the late QUEEN.
It is a complete live album made so that you can enjoy a full show without overdubs while utilizing the live broadcast sound board. A press 2CD that permanently preserves the passion and precise editing techniques of overseas enthusiasts. Please enjoy it to your heart's content.

* Stereo sound board recording of "July 12, 1986 Wembley Stadium Performance".
Unlike the official CD/DVD that has been overdubbed in large quantities, it is based on an unprocessed live broadcast soundboard and reproduces the full show before overdubbing by making full use of all five types of recordings. The editing technique by overseas maniacs is extremely precise, and it is a full live album that pours “the second day of true Wembley” into the brain with super-superb quality.