The Complete Buenos Aires Broadcast - Volume One

  2 LP

Label: Round Records 17
Country: Europe.
Released: April 12th 2023.
Recorded: Live at Estadio Jose Amalfitani Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina  February 28th. 1981.
Sound: Excellent FM radio broadcast. Also on national television. Well, I haven't this LP's, but since it's a radio broadcast, it should be ok sound. It's also complete if you got the 'volume two' album.
Cover: Color cover.
Comments:  From Queen's first concert in Argentina on this tour in South America. This is the first part of the concert. Second part is out with same title, but with 'volume two' as extra title.
Well know concert, which has been released on a lot of bootlegs LP & cd's over the years, as well on DVD's from the television broadcast.
But this release on 2x2LP might be a good choice, if you want this concert in your collection on vinyl. The sale price as new released was UK 19,75

I guess the sound used on this release, come from a 2 CD with the same title 'Argentina 1981' released around December 2020. This 2cd has a identical track list.
I'm a bit unsure of the song 'Somebody To Love'. Previously bootlegs from this concert, doesn't included this track. It's also normally played earlier in the set, after 'Play The Game'. So I'm unsure the story here. Might be added, and comes actually from another concert.
I guess from the day after, March 1st. The band did play the song at that date. Also professional filmed and broadcasted, but not on pro-bootlegs before July 2023, as far as I know.
Roots: Radio broadcast.

Front cover
 We Will Rock You  (fast version)  (3:38)
 Let Me Entertain You  (2:53)
 Play The Game  (3:56)
 Mustapha  (2:42)

 Death On Two Legs  (3:43)
 Killer Queen  (1:56)
 I'm In Love With My Car  (1:58)
 Need Your Loving Tonight  (3:04)
 Get Down Make Love  (4:49)

 Rock It (prime Jive)  (5:06)
 Save Me  (4:36)
 Now I'm Here  (7:51)
 Dragon Attack  (4:10)
 Now I'm Here  (reprise)  (0:49)
 Somebody To Love  (5:46) (Not from this show, 100% sure)

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Back cover