1 LP

Label: QLS 1957  (matrix no: PLC-A / TAKRL 1957) 
Country: USA
Released: 1980
Recorded: Side A: BBC session 1977 with audience overdubs. 
Side B: Rainbow theatre, London  March 31st. 1974. (BBC-FM)
Sound: Very good & excellent soundboard, radio FM broadcasts.
Cover: Various color insert cover.
Comments:  Re-release of side A of "No News Is Good News", and of side A of  "Sheetkeeckers". 
Actually side A has a different matrix no. than the original disc. So here no original matrix plates has been used, so it's actually a copy of the source.
This BBC session in original form (without overdubs) was released officially on cd & vinyl in 2015 by Queen Production. "On Air" 2cd & 3LP.

On side B, original TAKRL matrix plates has been used.
The Rainbow concert was released officially on cd & vinyl in November 2016.
Roots: "No News Is Good News" & "Sheetkeeckers" vinyl bootlegs.
CD release  Many cd's is out with this recording. 

 Spread Your Wings
 It's Late
 My Melancholy Blues
 We Will Rock You  (slow ~ fast)
 (BBC session 1977, with audience overdubs)
 Intro: Procession  (tape)
 Father To Son
 Ogre Battle
 Son And Daughter
 (Rainbow Theatre, London, March 31st.'74)

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